Selena Look-a-like Fucks her Fanatic Young Sister

Lana carefully brushed her shoulder length curly, dark hair and put on a bit of pink lip gloss then pulled on her pink tank over her bare little tities. She loved how hard her puffy nipples looked under the thin material. She looked at the pink thong. She couldn’t resist. She ran a finger down her pouty cunt lips so the material slipped inside. She trembled slightly and let out a moan. She mustn’t play with herself, not now, not with what she and her friend Alexis had planned for tonight. She pulled on her skin tight jeans. Then she smiled at her reflection. She hoped that Alexis would like the outfit. She was fourteen years old now, way past the age when she dressed like good girl. Tonight she was going to make love to her friend Alexis who was fourteen. They had been talking about it for weeks and Lana finally agreed that tonight would be the night.

Alexis was so kind, sweet, cute, and smart, she put her tiny feet in a pair of pink, flip-flops and quietly tiptoed past her Mother's room where she was asleep and snuck out. Her older sister Meg had come home for a visit and was already in her own room. She got on the city bus which drove her to just 20 minutes a stop near Lana’s place.

"Do you think I'm more of a Selena, or a Miranda?" Lana asked, thoughtfully answering a questionnaire in a teen magazine. Alexis, whose head was resting in Lana's lap, on the family room couch looked up and shook her head lightly, a smile forming on her lips.

"Selena, definitely," Alexis said, “Cause she is white hot and so are you,” Lana looked down, pouting her lips a little the way she imagined Selena might. She checked off the box on the questionnaire, she'd personally always thought she was more of a Miranda. Alexis couldn't hold back a giggle any longer. She found the whole thing absolutely ridiculous, and she loved how serious Lana would get over something so trivial. Lana rolled her eyes, and hit Alexis lightly on the arm.

“What about the day we were watching Wizards of Waverly with my sister Tanya and you were saying how hot Selena was and then you slipped your hand under your Lululemons tights with no panties underneath and started like moving your fingers up and down your pussy. I mean it was so nasty it was like you wanted my eleven year old sister to see how turned on you were!” explained Lana.

“Hey I was horney because you were snuggled against me. Anyway it was hot to see your sister sneak peeks and turn all red in the face. It’s you who turns me on.” Alexis sat up a little, latching her lips to the nape of Lana's neck.

Lana closed her eyes for a moment, "Mmm.. no fair," Lana said, Alexis knew exactly how to heighten Lana's senses. She continued to slowly kiss her girlfriend's neck, letting her tongue trace the soft skin, each kiss a bit more intense. Lana resisted the temptation, pushing her away for a moment, "Alexis, we can't do this yet."

Alexis looked up at her, and shrugged.

"Why not? Your mom won’t be home for hours and your sister Tanya is locked in her room obsessing about Selena.." She leaned closer to Lana, whose face was now inches from her own. Lana could feel Alexis's soft breathing on her lips, she leaned in kissing her lightly. Alexis reached her hand up to Lana's face, running her fingers through her soft dark hair. Lana slowly leaned backwards on the couch, Alexis following on top of her, not breaking the kiss.

"You're beautiful, you know that? I mean if Selena were sitting right here, right now I mean totally nude with her perfect tities and hard little nipples and two fingers up her wet cunt, I would still want you so much more," Alexis said, running her hands along side of Lana's body. Lana smiled, flashing her bright green eyes up at Alexis, who looked back at her with hunger in hers. She kissed her again, this time more intensely, Lana felt her body respond to Alexis's touch, she couldn't help it, she was at her mercy.

Alexis moved downwards, kissing Lana's neck, a small moan escaped from Lana's lips. Alexis smiled to herself; she knew Lana was enjoying this as much as she was. Something about Alexis had Lana completely captivated. She felt deeper for Alexis then she had for anyone, which caused Lana to be extremely susceptible to Alexis's touch. Alexis pressed herself closer to the girl's body, crushing her more full tities into Lana’s small breasts, as if trying to satisfy the need to be close to her.

Lana reached downwards tugging at the ends of Alexis's tank top, lifting it a little, looking up at Alexis for approval. Alexis looked back at her, grinning mischievously. Lana pulled the tank slowly over Alexis's head, Alexis leaned down again, Lana nibbled lightly at Alexis's collarbone. Alexis moaned softly, lightly bringing Lana's chin up to her lips, deeply kissing her again.. Lana pulled away and smiled.

"I think I love you," Lana said, Alexis hid a small smile, wrapping her arms around Lana's neck. She felt a burst of emotion at that moment, full of compassion, trust, and love. She slid herself downwards, lifting Lana's shirt over her head, kissing each puffy nipple slowly letting her tongue circle then taking the hard nipple into her mouth. She felt Lana reach behind her, unclasping her bra. She kissed Lana's stomach, moving downwards towards the top of her jeans.

Alexis kissed and tongued the firm flesh of her bellybutton, letting three fingers slide under the jeans as she did so. She felt Lana tense a little, she stopped, and looked up at the beautiful girl, giving her a chance to slow things down. Lana looked as if she might cry, and Alexis immediately moved herself upwards, stroking Lana's cheek.

"Lana?" Alexis asked, wrapping her arms around the girl tightly. Lana sighed shakily, and shook her head.

"I'm sorry," She said, a single tear escaping from her eye, she immediately wiped it off her face, taking a deep breath, "I want to, just go slow please."

Alexis nodded her head, understanding immediately. She wiped another tear off of Lana's face, kissing her forehead.

"Shh, its okay, whatever you want, baby" Alexis said, softly.

"Okay," Lana said, leaning her forehead into Alexis, " finding a new strength in her voice, "I want you to do me Alexis."

Alexis flashed a wild grin. “Do you want me to do you or do you want me to fuck you Lana?”
“Oh yes,” sighed Lana, her eyes half lidded, “Fuck me Alexis, please fuck me and make my little cunt come.”

Alexis stroked Lana's hair for a moment, and leaned in to kiss her. Lana kissed her back, giving a little bit of herself to Alexis as she did. Alexis let her tongue enliven Lana’s as she flicked tongue tips then sucked Lana’s tongue into her mouth. Lana moaned.

Alexis reached down. Letting the hard heal of her hand ride over the crotch of Lana’s skin tight jeans. She could feel the dampness of the girl’s pussy through the stretchy denim. Slowly Alexis unzipped the jeans and slipped them off Lana’s firm slender legs. Alexis took just a second to get out of her own jeans and panties.

Alexis moved kissed the inside of Lana’s thighs, the gentle movements caused Lana's body to shudder, she closed her eyes, allowing her muscles to tense.

“Your thong is so hot Lana,” sighed Alexis as she nuzzled her nose into the girl’s pussy through the thin material, “And your pussy smells so good. I want to taste it so bad; can I taste your cunt Lana, can I?”

A wave of pleasure coursed through Lana's body, “Oh yes Alexis, lick it, suck it, eat it, my cunt is yours please make me cum.”

Alexis slowly removed the pink thong and her eyes took in the beauty of the young teen girl’s wet pussy. It was sparsely covered with hair and her outer lips were thin and puffy just as she imagined them. Alexis let two fingers slip into the young pussy and part the outer lips to reveal the inner pinkness and in an instant her tongue was there exploring her friend’s wet pussy hole and then flicking over Lana’s stiff little clit.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good!” said Lana in a loud excited voice. She grabbed her friends head with both her hands to hold her mouth on her pussy. Of course Alexis had no intention of moving she continued to lap the inner folds of Lana’s wet pussy paying special attention to her sensitive clit circling it with the tip of her tongue then sucking it into her mouth as far as she could.

Without warning Alexis slipped her middle finger deep into Lana’s slippery cunt and pushed it in all the way rotating it as she did.

“Oh fuck!” moaned Lana, “Yeah, oh fuck me Alexis, just like that while you suck my clitty, this is so fucking good!”

Lana closed her eyes and moved her hands from Alexis’s head to her own small tities harshly twisting her puffy nipples with her fingers, and thrusting her pelvis against her friend’s mouth.

“Uh, Uh so fucking close…” she groaned.

These actions and words signaled to Alexis to move faster, harder with her tongue and fingers as she now rammed to fingers into her friends tight cunt. She sucked hard on Lana’s clit and for the first time let her teeth scrape its sensitive slippery flesh.

Lana's body exploded into waves of pleasure, she moaned, and lifted her ass off the couch. Alexis rode out every thrust of Lana’s shaking body as her friend came to a second climax cum spilling from her slick puffy cunt lips. Finally Lana collapse to the couch pushing her friends tongue away from her pussy as to indicate that she could take no more.

Alexis kissed her way back up to Lana's neck, looking back at her girlfriend lovingly.

"Lana," Alexis said quietly, as Lana's breathing slowed, "I love you too and if you really want to make me happy you will help me seduce your little sister.”

“What?” said Lana.

“You know I think Tanya is so hot, and it would be so much fun to be with both of you.” pleaded Alexis.

“Oh fuck,” her body still trembling, “That would be so fucking hot!”

Tanya was watching another Selena music video, feeling that itchy feeling in her little pussy, and was about to slip her hand ...

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