Seth slave trader p2

Over the next two weeks Rose learnt Seth's moods very quickly she had been on the receiving end of his bad moods and still carried the bruises from the last beating he gave her. She looked down at her arm at the almost faded bruised.
She had received the beating because she had got bumped into by a serving girl who knocked her into Seth making him spill his wine over himself in front of everyone at the table and some laughed which in return made Seth go into a rage. Rose remembered the first few hits then everything went black when she woke she was back in the bedroom shackled. Her eyes even thought they were open were almost slits and her body ached to move was pure pain. A tug on her leash made her come back to reality Rose started walking just behind Seth out of the bedroom heading down to the dining room for breakfast then it was off to watch the auctions which had Seth in a good mood.

Once at the auctions the first of the women to be sold were lead out buyers walked over to them looking them over then the bidding started this went on for the next hour. The auctioneer would come and talk quietly with Seth before he called out sold on bids for the women.
Twice during the auctions Seth put his hand up Rose's loose fitting gown and pushed two fingers into her each time he made her cum he would pull his hand away and lick the cum from his fingers. Finally the auction was finished and most people were heading to the taverns some dragging their slaves with them. Seth spoke to a few people then he also headed to one of the taverns.
As soon as Rose entered she could hear screaming and crying Rose looked to her right and seen a young girl beginning held down on one of the tables crying as the man who had brought her was fucking her and the two men holding her down where telling the man since they were holding her down they should get to fuck her also.
Seth walked to a large table in the back of the tavern and told her to sit on seat just behind him a few minutes later other men joined Seth and they all started talking business and drank ale after ale. Rose just sat quietly and looked around the tavern the young girl that had been on the table was now on her knee's sucking on some man's cock and stroking another and she was not the only one a few girls were sucking on cocks and two that she could see where bent over the tables and different men were taking turns to fuck them.

For the next hour Rose sat there while Seth talked business and drank more ale. Rose just watched the people in the tavern until Seth pulled her to her feet and made her sit on one of his legs. The men he had been talking to were still sitting there drinking and laughing but had their eyes on her and Seth.
Seth reached up and pulled the front of her gown down and took one of her nipples in his mouth and began sucking. Then she felt his hand push her legs apart and ran his hand up her inner thigh and moments later he had two fingers inside her Rose moaned as he fingered her getting wetter and wetter by the second. Seth lifted his head and held his arm around Rose tighter and started fingering her harder and faster.
“Lift your gown Rose so these men can see your cunt” Seth ordered Rose lifted her gown as soon as Seth started rubbing her with his thumb as well Rose let out a long moan and came over Seth’s fingers. Seth pulled his fingers out and put them to Rose’s mouth.
‘Oh fuck Seth let us fuck her” One of the men asked his pants bulging. Seth laughed and kissed Rose’s neck then made her stand up.
“Sorry not this time iam taking her home and fucking her for a few hours” Seth said and turned and walked away leading Rose by the leash out of the tavern.

It was three nights later Rose had just finished having a bath with Seth when she heard a sliding noise and a female walked in from the secret entry and walked straight up to Seth and grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him to his knee’s then she looked towards Rose.
“Alright pet shackle yourself this does not involve you” She ordered Rose looked at Seth who was still on his knee’s.
“Do it Rose” Was all he said Rose walked to her furs and shackled her ankle and sat down pulling the furs up around her self and watched with totally confusing.
The woman grinned down at Seth then sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs and forced Seth head between her legs.
“Make me cum you prick” She spat then hit him hard across the side of the head a few minutes later the woman let out a long yell as she came pushing Seth away she got back to her feet and looked down at him and the room suddenly filled with the sharp slap she gave him that made Rose jump.

“I have a punishment for you Seth for not coming to see me when you said you would you made me wait and you never showed now you will pay” She said and hit him again and walked to the secret entry and opened it and gave a nod four men walked into the room and began to undress.
The woman walked back to Seth and grabbed his hair and made him look at her.
“Ok big slave trader get to your feet.” She ordered and kept hold of his hair tightly then smirked at him.
“See these four men you are their pet you will learn Seth when you promise me something you carry it through” She said and nodded for the men to come to her.
“Do as you wish with him ...

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