Lillian Grey, a blonde hair, blue eye, sexy little she devil in skin tight jeans and itty bitty bikini top. Running along the fence with her little white pony,tiny titties bouncing, no idea in the world what she's doing to her fathers field hand. Big John, just as big as they come, huge dark and muscular; catches her eye. She thinks to herself, how huge his member must be and she feels that little shiver in her thighs. He thinks to himself, thats ten to 20 right there, as thick cock flexed in his overalls.
When Lillian finished her ride she took her pony to his stall and brushed him down and fed him some treat. She was just closing up the main stable door when she realized she had never done that before. She knew she had to shut it, she was the last one to leave. However she wasn't heavy enough to pull down the large door, she was just swinging from the rope, only weighing 82 pounds. When Big John's voice boomed from right behind her, she jumped and fell to the ground. She felt so embarrassed right away. He just smiled and held out his hand to help her up. She put her delicate little white hand into has giant black rough one and he pulled her to her feet.
"I'm sorry I scared you there Miss Lillian." "That's ok John, I'm sorry I got fightened. You really don't scare me at all, I mean I think your great, I mean your good to see. I mean I like seeing you." She stumbled over her words not knowing what to say and not wanting to seem nervous to him. "Don't you worry there Miss Lillian, you didn't o-fend me none, I like you too. But you do scare me some. I don't think Your daddy 'Mista Grey' would want me an you bein' alone talkin' like this. How 'bout you just run on and I'll close up this here door and be on my way shortly?" "Because my mother and father are off on that river boat trip they've been talking about and im the only 'Master Grey' on the estate for the next week. So I don't want you to be afraid to talk to me ok? Maybe we she spend some time together, we could get to know eachother and be friends?" Big John thought to himself that he'd like to spend to time gettin' to know her, mostly what it would be like to try to get his big cock inside her tight pussy. "Now that's right nice of ya Miss Lillian but I really feel like we ought not be gettin' ta know each other too close. I bin knowin' you since you was jus' a lil' girl an you all grown now. Ya know men have can't help feelin's they get. I think we shouldn't be tryin' ta get too cozy." Lillian didn't know what to think about what he had said but he is her elder and she didn't want to be rude so she just smile and said goodnight.
Later on that night Lillian was the only one home so she thought she would have a little fun. She locked her bedroom door, from habbit tonight since ther was noone else there. She ran over to her dresser and in the back of the panty drawer she got out her glass wand that she bought in Paris when her parents weren't looking. It was a tiny little smooth glass wand about 4 inches long with a small bulb at one end. The she plopped down on her bed and started to rub her sweet virgin pussy through her nightgown. She got wet right away, she was always so wet and she wondered if it was normal or if she was a freak. Then she heard a knock at the back door. She jumped up and his he wand under her pillow and ran down to the kitchen door. She could see by the porch light that it was Big John, her pussy flinched just at the thought of him.
Big John stood on the porch wondering why she was just standing there and not answering the door he hoped she knew it was him and not a stranger. Then the door swung open and she stood there in an old night gown that made her look like a little girl again. She smiled and said hello to him and he did the same.
"Miss Lillian I was jus' wantin' to tell ya I'll be Yur friend and we can spend some time gettin' ta know each otha." Lillians heart fluttered an her pussy flinched and flooded with juices once more. She really hoped he wouldnt notice the wet spot on the front of her gown. she said "That's great John, we can go swimming or we can watch television or we can go to my bedroom and play games." Blood surged to the tip of his cock at the mention of her bedroom, he imediatly said he wanted to play games in her bedroom with no second thought.
They sat on the carpet on her bedroom floor as she read off the list of games she had. He couldn't read and all of the games she had required reading. He didn't know what to pick. He told her to pick and when she desided on scrabble he didn't know what to say. She sat up the board and divied out the tiles. Lillian played a word and then they just sat there. He stared at the tiles with intent and then said he had nothing to play. She relized right then that he couldn't read. So she grabbed him by the had and led him to the family library. She pushed him down in her father giant leather high back reading chair.
She ran over to a book shelf and asked John what kind of story he wanted to hear, she said she needed to read aloud for school and she felt like doing it now. He said he didn't know what what kind and that she should pick. Being the sneaking girl she was she knew where her father had a secret book hiddin. She ran and got it from it's hidding place and ran over to john and push him back to relax in the chair and she sat on his lap and laid bad againsthis chest. He didn't know what do to do she was sitting right on his cock, she was going to feel it. She started reading aloud...
"The Lord said to his chamber maid to remove thine cloth from thine body an bathe mine own in the natural way. Do not sully my bath waters with thine peasent cloth."
Big John didn't quite understand just what she was saying but he got the jist of it especially when he noticed the growing wet spot between her legs. She kept reading he fathers ditry book and she started to grind he narrow little ass on his growning cock. The stary got out right graffic and dirty. He couldn't believe these words were passing though Miss Lillian's sweet virgin lips. He wanted to touch her and he was sure she wanted him to, she was grinding her ass all over his cock. His cock started to ache and jerk about, being restricted by his pants. She could feel his cock and she loved it, She coiuldn't believe what she was doing. Her father would kill her. Big John was completely taken aback when she grabbed his right hand from the arm or the chair and placed it right on her tiny little tits.
Big John knew how to take a hint so he put his other hand on her other tit and started to massage them as he rocked his hips a bit and listened to her read that filthy story. She was so thrilled at what was happening, she had never been touch like that by anyone but herself, Let alone a huge, bald, muscled, 300 pound black man. She wanted more so she grabbed his hand put it on her ass. Just one of his hands was big enough for her entire ass to fit in. He cupped her ass so his pointer finger could rub her clit through her night gown. She was so worried he would think she was a freak with how wet she got. He felt his pussy flood and shutter and soak his finger through her gown.she was loving it and needing more.
She jumped up unexspectedly and drug him by the hand back to her bed room, He walked there painfully with his hard cock trapped in his pants. She pushed him down on hed bed and her wand rolled out from under her pillow. He picked it up and she blushed. "Miss Lillian what is this here thing?" ...

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