Shopping Trip

(In the story the sub has been hypnotized, when she hears the words Purple Elephant her need to cum grows, but is unable to cum until she is released by the words Alanah Ruiz)

I’m waiting for you to get home. You told me we would be going shopping and had instructed me in what to wear. You wanted me in a mid thigh length black skirt, stockings, knee high boots and a tight singlet top and a thong. You also had told me to put my hair up in a high ponytail.

You came home and gave me a kiss and then led me out to the car. You blindfolded me and told me not to ask questions. Before you started the car you slipped your hand under my skirt, slid your fingers under the thong and pumped your fingers in and out of my pussy for a few moments. You say “purple elephant” and then pull your fingers from my pussy and slip them into my mouth to clean.

When the car stops you take off the blindfold and I see we are a pet mega store. You smile at me and tell me we are shopping for a new leash and collar for me. I blush and shake my head, but you just get out of the car and come around to my side, opening the door and leaning down, telling me that I either get out of the car or come inside now or else you’ll make me crawl around the shop. I step out of the car and you rub my chin calling me a good girl.

We walk into the shop and start looking at the collars. You pick up a red leather one with little blunt spikes on it and a D ring. You slip it around my neck and tighten it on to check if it fits. I whimper softly afraid that someone will see. You tell me not to move and walk away a little to see if you can find a matching leash. You can’t find a red one but you bring back a black one and ask me what I think. I look at you and whimper again. You shake your head, but take the collar off me.

You give me the collar and leash to hold and we walk around some more. As we walk down a toy isle you decide I need a squeaky toy to play with. You pick up several and then decide on a squeaky mouse for your kitten. You hand it to me as well. We pay for or purchases, and then you see a tag engraver machine. You pick a mouse shape and have Sex Kitten engraved on it.

In the car you put the tag on the collar and then you put the collar on me. You tell me to pull my skirt up and pull my thong off. I blush but do as you say as I see the look in your eyes. You say “purple elephant” again. I whimper and give you my thong. You grin at me, and rub it against my wet pussy soaking it in my juices, before shoving it into my mouth. You tell me to finger myself until we get home.

When we get home you clip the leash to the collar and lead me inside. You tell me to strip naked and get on my hands and knees in the living room and stay there until you come and get me. I kneel there waiting. I hear you coming and you tell me to sit back on my heels. You wrap rope around my breasts making them stick out, and then clamp my nipples.

You tell me to get on all fours again and you lead me out to the backyard. You have me meow as I crawl. In the back yard you have moved the heavy solid wood table away from the wall of the house so it is more in the open. You tell me to climb up on the table. I ...

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