Sister-in-law 2

The next morning was crazy as to be expected. I left to get our boys from my parents. When I back, our boys and their cousin went into the playroom to play video games. My wife called me from the spare room. She and her sister were hooking up our old baby intercom system. My sister-in-laws youngest was going to need a nap on the bed in the afternoon and they could not get it to work. The main boxes red light was on, but not the remote monitor. I told them the batteries were dead and I had some in my office. I adjusted the main monitor in the room to face the bed. I put it up high so that they could have the view of the whole bed in case the little one moved around a lot when she slept. I left them in the room talking and went downstairs to my office. I found batteries in the desk drawer and put them in. I turned it on and it was working. The monitor came on and I could see the bed and the tops of the ladies heads. The ladies conversation from upstairs was coming in loud and clear. I was going to shut it off, but stopped when I heard Nichole scoff and say, "So what was up with that last night?" Her tone was very upset. "What do you mean?", my wife answered innocently. "You know exactly what I mean Kat. You and your husband were having sex and you made sure I heard it by the fake moans you two were making!"

I leaned back in my chair, totally glued to the baby monitor, realizing this could get interesting.

"Yes. We were having sex. It was in OUR house in OUR room. We tried to stay as quiet as we could, but some noise slipped out. Even though this is none of your business, the moans were real. We have an active sex life that has reached a point where we know what each of us needs to get it up.", my wife shot back at her, now getting a little annoyed.

Her sister was taken back by this response. I thought the monitor went dead, as there was no sound coming out of it.

"I...I am sorry.", came out of Nichole's mouth. It was in a tone I never heard come out of her before.

"Can I ask a real personal question?", she asked my wife in a quiet and shaky voice.

"You can. But don't expect an answer.”

"You really were not faking your moaning? I thought that when we as women had sex, we moan as they are climaxing so it makes them feel better.”

I could not see my wife’s face as it was out of view. I don't think she would answer that question.
My wife did answer in a soft and gentle tone, "The moans are real. My orgasms are pretty strong and I can not help it. Jack knows how to use his tongue on my pussy, which gets me an incredible feeling. Then if I am really turned on, I can have another when his cock is inside me."

My mouth hit the floor. I can not believe that Kat what say anything on those lines to anyone.

Nichole asked surprised, “He actually will go down and lick you?”

“Absolutely! He loves to eat my pussy and give me pleasure. I would think that all husbands would want to give the same pleasure to their wives as we do for them.”, Kat said back.

Nichole took a bit to respond back, “No. John just likes to get in-between my legs, thrust hard, and orgasm. Then he may kiss me before he drifts off to sleep.”

“Since we seem to be staying on this subject,” Nichole said, “can I ask how it feels to have an orgasm?”

Kat came back rather quickly, “It is an incredible feeling. But is hard to put in words. Have you ever had an orgasm at all?”
Because the monitor was in black and white, and the picture was not large, I was guessing by her tone of voice and body language, that there was tears coming down Nichole’s face as she said, “No I have not. I really wish I could feel that way. When I heard you two last night, I felt so jealous. Which turned into anger. I am sorry.” She sat down on the edge of the bed, and Kat said down beside her.

Then what Nichole said next blew me away. “I…I….I can not believe I am asking this, but is there anyway you could show me how to get one?”

I could hear Kats surprise laughter over the monitor. “I do not know Nichole. I do not think it is my place for that.”

“Please”, said Nichole, “If you can, I will promise not to complain at all the rest of the week.”

I heard silence after that. Kat got up off the bed and left the room. Wow. She really thought Kat would show her. I realized that I had the monitor on the desk and no sooner that I dumped it in the drawer, Kat came in the office.

“Hey, do you mind keeping an eye on the kids? Nichole has broken down in the spare room, and we need some private time to get through it. Can you make sure no one goes up stairs till we come down.”

I could not believe my ears. I needed to say something without it sounding like I knew their conversation. “Sure, no problem.”

She left the room and went back upstairs. I immediately went into the closet, got the baby gate out and put it across the stairs. Thankfully, because of their conversation, the little one curled up on the couch fast asleep and never made it up stairs. “Good” I thought to myself “One down, three to go.” I told the other three that they could not go up stairs for any reason and to stay watching their movie. I went back into the office, shut the door, and grabbed the monitor.

I was able to hear Kats voice. It sounded like she was in the middle of instructing Nichole.
“Ok, now take your clothes off and lie on the bed.” A few seconds later Nichole’s naked body laid down on the bed.
My mind was ready to explode. What is happening up there. This really is not happening. I must be having a wet dream. Nichole was actually not that bad looking. And she definitely had big breasts. Then Kat came ...

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