Sister-in-law 4

The next day all the kids were running around crazy, but the parents seemed a little distracted. We hadn't spoken much, but our eyes said everything. We made it through the morning, and after lunch we all went out to the pool. I was in the pool with the kids, while the ladies were lounging pool side, and talking quietly. I eventually made my way out of the pool and walked over to the ladies. I sat down in the open lounge chair next to Kat. Nichole said she was going to go in the pool to cool off. Kat turned to me and said, "Nichole did not even hesitate when I asked her. She said she was hoping for another chance."

I reach my hand over to Kat, who discreetly put a towel over her waist so the kids could not see my fingers stroking her pussy.

"Boy, for someone who has not gone in the pool yet, you sure are wet." She looked at me with that "whatever" look, and then closed them as I stroke her pussy up and down. I soon could feel her pussy lips swelling up, and her moans were being drowned out with the yelling and splashing of the kids in the pool. I grabbed her clit between two fingers and slowly started to move them back and forth. Soon she was gently bucking in the chair. I looked over at the pool to make sure the kids were not paying attention, and noticed the only one watching was Nichole. I kept eye contact with her the whole time. I could see in her eyes she wanted to be in Kat's place. Kat's quiet moans got quicker and she started to try fucking my fingers. Soon she exploded and my fingers were covered in her cum. As Nichole stared at us, I to my fingers out of Kat's pussy and put them in my mouth and slowly took them out. Then I put them back in Kat's soaked wet pussy and then put them in her mouth. Nichole slipped in the pool when she saw this. Kat hungrily lapped my fingers up, still with her eyes closed. Nichole got out of the pool and came over to get a towel.

"You two sure know how to make me jealous."

"Anytime.", I said.
It was getting late, so we got the kids out of the pool and started in. After everyone was changed, Kat started to make dinner. As I came downstairs, Kat asked, "Can you go to the store and get a few things for me?"

"No problem.", I replied.

"Would it be all right if I go to? I need to pick up some more diapers for the little one.", Nichole chimed in.

Do not forget, we never could stand each other for as long as we have known each other, but after last night, we at least can be in the same room, just not sure about the confines of a car. The would be a silent uneasiness on the drive. I reluctantly said yes, and the two of us made our way to the garage. I decided to take my truck since it was only the two of us going. We jumped in and headed to the store. No sooner than we left the driveway, and my phone went off. I looked quickly, and saw it was from Kat. She sent a message with a picture saying, “Should I wear this tonight or……,” (The picture was her in a super tight teddy which had her boobs almost hanging out of the top and the bottom of it was high enough to see the bottom of her cameltoe.) My phone went off again “Or this,” Kat was butt naked with her long hair in pig tails and her fingers on her left hand in her pussy and her right hand covering her mouth with a surprise look. My cock went from limp to instant hard faster than two seconds.

Before I could even respond, Nichole’s phone went off. She looked at it and grinned. I then felt her hand start to massage my cock. I nearly ran off the road. I looked at her to say something, But she showed me her phone.

Kat texted, “He is all yours Sis. His cock should be ready to be sucked.” I almost ran off the road. I could not believe what my ...

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