A remote lake brings mom & son closer

by Oediplex 8==3~

This story is for Cassie and Danny, mother and son who shared their private, personal, and true tale of incest in the letter, which I have reprinted/posted under the title of “Blame It On Oediplex”. It is written at their request, and is a fictionalized account of what might have happened, before they actually initiated their adventure into incest, thirteen years after the start of when they both began to have desires for one another. They told me that they enjoyed it, and hope that you will too.

“OH! Look!” I exclaimed to my son, as I pointed out a plot of low vegetation, colored a bright jade tint, growing next to the building. “They have a patch of mint!” I plucked several sprigs of the aromatic plants. “Here, put a leaf in your mouth, you like mint, don't you?” Danny didn't have a chance to answer anything but a mumbled 'uhm-humm' as I popped a spear shaped piece of greenery in his pie hole. “It freshens your breathe and improves your mood and cools you down.” I passed on the folklore I had learned about the herb, as I stuck a big leaf onto my own tongue.

“Don't chew, suck.” I instructed. The flavorful foliage was already dispensing it's succulent, sharp oil in my orifice. The place where we chanced to encounter this unexpected piece of gardening, was an isolated fishing cabin by a small lake. We had stumbled upon the idyllic spot while hiking in the woods, some distance from our camp-site. It was just my son and myself, out on this expedition. My husband and I had divorced when Danny was sixteen, over two years ago. I was an active forty, my figure mature, but I could still turn heads, if I was dolled up. My son had been wanting to go on this trip, and I agreed to accompany him. I like the outdoors too, and was a bit of a tomboy in my time.

The sun was scorching hot, bright even in the mid-afternoon. We were both sweaty from the hike up hill and down dale, and through the thickets. The lake looked awfully tempting, but of course we had no suits. Well, we could take a splash in our underwear. There wasn't that much difference of exposed skin than swim-wear. After all, we had seen each other in just such a state of undress at home on occasion. Furthermore, we were mother and son, family – nothing to be shy about with each other. I had seen him lots of times when I gave him baths. Once he walked in on me while I was changing clothes. He had been about seven then, I think. He caught me completely bare assed, but I wasn't embarrassed, he was just a kid. What does a youngster that age know about sex?

“Danny, let's go for a swim!” I purposed.

“No suits, mom. Unless they are in your backpack, I didn't bring them.”

“Think outside the box, boy. We can skin down to our skivvies.” I decided to lead by example and started to pull off my tee-shirt. Dan looked at me in slight amazement, then shrugged and did likewise. I went for my jeans and undid the button and then the zipper. Kicking off my sneakers, I hooked my thumbs in the waist band over my hips and dragged the pants down to my ankles. My son followed his mother's suit and shed his long hiking shorts. But all the time his eyes were on me. I didn't mind, I was sure of my figure, and comfortable with my body. On the other hand I was being treated to some very fine beef-cake myself. In fact - - “Hey, don't mind your old mom, you can go skinny-dipping if you want. You ain't got nothin' I haven't seen before.”

“Really? You wouldn't mind?”

“Sure, once you're in the water everything's hidden, so what if I see your buns.”

“Well, the same goes for you, once you're submerged, I won't see much. Why don't you get nude too?”

“I know you look at Playboy, and all; but I think I'll keep some modicum of modesty.”

“Okay, but then you'll have to wear wet undies to hike back to camp in and that could be very uncomfortable, I'd think.”

That gave me pause. He did have a point. It wasn't as if the female form was any mystery to the youth, when you considered. I decided, what the hell, so let him see my stuff. It wouldn't harm him. I mean, it's not like I was in any danger of being sexually assaulted by my own son. What the fuck, right? “You know – your argument convinced me. But you look away until I get in the water.”

“Mom, don't be so much of a fuddy-duddy, I don't care that much about being naked in front of you, nor about you being nude with me. Let's just get in the water and get out of the heat, that's the idea right, and not worrying about being bare. There's a ladder into the water at the end of the dock, I see. That way you can get in without having to wade through the muck.” With that nonchalance speech, and having stripped completely, my handsome son hobbled down the dock, and turned to climb down into the lake.

First, I was treated to the sight of his hind-end. I realized viewing the firm haunches, that he had a terribly sexy butt. However, I admit I was unprepared for the swinging piece of meat he gave me an eyeful of, as he turned and lowered himself into the water. He was nicely hung, even if he was my son! It had been a while since I had gotten a gander at a guy's equipment. I always liked to look at male members, I found them fascinating, especially seeing them swell and get hard. I found erections erotic. I was a gal with natural inclinations toward the opposite gender, so of course I was thrilled by the sight.

Only - that flash of my kid's instrument was a highly charged moment. I shouldn't have reacted as I did, but I suddenly felt a tingle in my tummy and saucy sensation in my loins. I decided I'd better get into the water and chill out, and I meant more than my body, I was thinking that my libido also needing a calming down too.

“Coming, mom?” My offspring's voice brought me out of my un-motherly musings.

“Right behind you!” I called out answering him.

We swam out about a hundred yards into the lake, perhaps half way, and treaded water there. We talked about the hike and how good the water felt in this heat, and about what we might do when we got back to camp. But while I work out at a local gym in town, this exercise was not the kind I was used to. Besides we had hiked for a couple of hours prior to arriving at this deserted hide-away we discovered. I was quickly becoming tired. “Dan, I need to get to shore. You wouldn't want your dear mom to drown would you?”

“Don't worry, mom. I took a lifeguard course last summer at the Civic Pool, remember. “Here,” he took my arm gently and turned me in the water, so I was facing away from the cabin, “let me show you how I learned to pull somebody to shore.” He turned on his side and had his arm over my shoulder and across my chest with his hand in my armpit for a grip. Then he began to sidestroke with me floating on my back and having myself drawn through the water. It was relaxing, and if his muscular limb wasn't compressing very sensually against my boobs, I would have been fine.

But now, here I was naked, with cool liquid directly against every pore of my skin, my body in contact with a nude masculine torso, and he was pressing my breasts. I was flooded with sensations of a very arousing sort of nature, I was enjoying it too, perhaps too much, considering who my companion was! It had happened without planning, but the circumstance that I found myself in, was actually quite a romantic one. Despite the man being Dan. Then my little adventure was over.

“Here's the dock. You go up the ladder first, mom.”

I turned and grabbed the wooden rung of the structure and began to climb. As I rose dripping, I realized that this action gave my hero below me, a close-up of his mother's pussy. It couldn't be helped. But I guess that was his reward for the champion efforts, sparing me any leg cramping from over exertion. Yet, why did I get a buzz in my groin from my own son catching a glimpse of my privates? Was I perverse, or so horny from too long without getting laid? What was with me, I wondered!?

As I trundled down the boards to the lawn, I was aware of my boy in back of me, and somehow I just knew he was studying my behind, as it wiggle it's way before him. Okay, so let him ogle. I had my turn, hadn't I? In fact, as I reached the soft grass, I did an a slow about face. Now we both got full frontals vistas to make memories! Sure enough, as Dan pranced the planks of the pier trying to avoid getting splinters from the boards, sort of and odd dance down the wooden walkway, which was not so comfortable on bare feet, his dick dangled and jangled. A wet doodle of a noodle, with the hairy sacks of his scrotum drawn up to protect them from the cold. Yet still, a delicious sight for a lonely lady nonetheless!

My body suddenly felt the chill of the H2O evaporating off the skin, and I shivered. My son noticed and he was trembling to. He called out, as he traversed the end of the pier, “I think I saw an old blanket hanging on the clothes-line on the side of the cabin. Let me get it.” He was back in a minute, with a soft quilt with frayed edges, but clean and dry. ...

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