Spontanous Sex

I dropped my grandson off at summer camp, when I noticed Madison dropping off two kids. She turned back to her car, I said " I will call someone to open the door." She said " Thank you, I was going to get my phone." Madison went back to her car, I grabbed her shoulders roughly, forcing her up against the car. " Give me your keys...get in the car." I got in her car and grabbed her phone. I had her drive to behind a closed restaurant. We got out of the car and I pushed her into a trash bin area behind a fence. I gazed down at her. I tilted her chin up with one hand and brought my lips down to meet hers. Madison is shivering in fear of me looming over her. She tried moving her head away from me, but I only grabbed her again, shoving her against the fence. She brought her hands up to my chest and tried to push me away. My lips curled into a small smile as I grabbed both of her arms and raised them above her head and pushed her back. As I held her there, she glared angrily at me. I stepped into her and she feels my hardness growing at my crotch. I leaned into her and begin to kiss her roughly and passionately. Madison struggles to try and free her hands from my tight grasp to no avail. She feels my tongue searching for hers inside her mouth. I begin to grind my crotch against her and she feels her own growing arousal.

My tongue continues to flick against her own. I place my weight on her hands, holding both of her frail wrists with one hand as I begin to unzip my shorts with my other hand. My large hard cock protruded as I let my shorts fall to the ground. Madison feels herself growing wet as she looks down at my large cock. I paused momentarily and looked between her and my large cock. " You want to feel this inside you?" I questioned her. Madison cast her eyes downwards looking ashamed. " Do you want to feel every inch of it?" I grabbed her chin with my free hand and she looked deeply into my eyes once more. " Answer me." I glared at her. Madison feels the growing wetness between her thighs and fears admitting how much she craves letting out her animal instincts with me. My eyes are hard and carnal. " Give in. Give into me." I whisper in her ear. Madison can't contain herself. She lifts her head to meet me and pressed her lips against mine. I leaned on her wrists, reminding her that she is still my prisoner. I lifted up her skirt with my free hand, tearing at her panties, ripping them. I gazed down at her exposed crotch and stroked my cock.

I hoisted her up against the fence and she ...

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