Spring Break- part 1

I got out of the car, excited to spend Easter at my cousin’s place. I walked up, bag around my shoulder, eager. College was rough right now, and I hated the drive, but it went well. I definitely didn’t want to go to my parent’s place, because then I would have to go to the stupid mass, and see all of my damn great aunts and uncles that didn’t know who the fuck I was, and those terrible huge lunches at the restaurant. I loved hanging at Aunt Lisa’s. They were so chill, let me and my brother drink all the time and never seemed to notice any “smoke” coming from the basement. They had a sick hot tub too which we spent a lot of my past summers in with my cousins.

“Sean! How was the drive?”

I walked up to Aunt Lisa, gave her a huge hug, and said, “Great. I was too excited to see you guys. Am I the last one here?”

“No, actually. Jessica, Ed, and Courtney are on the way here still from the north shore, so it’s just me, Uncle Dave, and Stacy and Alice.”

“Wow, I haven’t seen Stacy or Alice in forever. It’s been what, three years?”
“Yeah, come say hi!”
“Where can I put my stuff, Aunt Lisa?”
“Downstairs, by the door to outside. You got the sofa this time.”
“Sweet. Thanks.”

I put my shit on the floor behind the recliner, and jogged back upstairs.

“Sean, buddy! Holy crap man!”

I gave Uncle Dave a hug, and said, “How’s New York treating ya?”

“Great! I love the city. How’s State?”
“Can’t get enough. Got stuff for you guys.”
“Nice, nice. Come say hi to the girls.”

Him saying that brought back old memories. Stacy was a year younger than me, and we had one Christmas when we really were like little best friends. We were like eleven, and after that, we never saw much of each other, the last big time was my cousin’s funeral. She got killed by a drunk driver, and Dave took it hard. She was his goddaughter, my mom’s sister’s eldest daughter. She was a senior at Penn. Her sister Alice hated my brother Thomas with a passion. He was an annoying little shit. As I turned the corner, I saw Stacy asleep on the couch in the den, facing the back of the couch. Alice was passed out on the other, remote on the floor from where her hand lay. “Long drive, huh?” I said.

“Yeah, Stacy’s driving now. She drove up here with Alice.”
“Really? Tough. That’s like five hours from here.”
“Yeah. You gonna go take a nap yourself?”
“I might, yeah. Hey, thanks man. I can’t believe I’m here for the break. Thanks.”
“It’s my pleasure, Sean.”

I pulled out my phone to check the time, reading 1:30. I killed time until Uncle Dave walked away, and looked back at the girls. Stacy was getting up, and I smiled, and whispered, “Hey.”

“Shit, Sean. How long has it been?”
“Three years, I guess. How’s it?”
“Great, come here.”

She pulled the blanket over, welcoming me on the sofa. I gave her a hug, and she kissed my cheek. I sat down on the other end, and she put her feet on my lap.

“How’s college?”
“Awesome. Better than expected, I guess. How’s senior year?”
“Hate it right now. Want to go away to college, bad. Is it as good as they say?”
“Yeah. You’d like it more than I do. I’m totally not partying, but that’s all that goes on.”

“Haha. Maybe I should go to school with you.”
“That would be sick. Living up the glory days, ya know. How long you guys staying?”

“Tuesday. You?”
“Same. Thomas isn’t coming, as far as I know. Alice’ll be happy.”
“Yeah. I’m gonna grab a water, you want one?”
“I’ll follow you.”

She got up, and I struggled to not check her out. She had an amazing ass, and her tits were noticeably awesome. I followed her willfully into the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle. No, this isn’t gross. We considered ourselves family, but there was no relation. They were just really good family friends. Dave and Aunt Lisa went to school with her parents, and you can figure out the rest. She got real hot over the time I hadn’t seen her. She was on the shorter side, maybe 5’3’’, not overly thin but not fat at all. Great body, I wonder if she was an athlete.

“Driving now, huh?” I stated.
“Yeah, got the card like six months ago. Nearly failed the test, but at least I got it.”
“Abusing the hell outta it?”
“You betcha. Such a bad kid.”
“I imagine. I’m gonna pass out, seriously. Wake me up in like an hour, will ya?”

I tiredly walked down the stairs, and fell onto the couch. I pulled on my sweatshirt before I put my head down, and when I did, pulled the hood over my eyes. I faded quick.

“Seannnn. Sean.” Stacy whispered, shaking my arm. I felt so damn tired, but I got up to see Stacy bent over the sofa, arms outreached to me. My eyes shuttered at the light, but were pointed at her boobs. I stretched out my arms, closed then opened my eyes, and said, “Sup.”

“Get up. We’re going to the hot tub, ‘sgo.”
“Nah, man. Too tired.”
“Come on, like old times.”
“Are you wearing a one-piece like old times?”
“Fuck you, perv.” She said, laughing.
“Gimme twenty, have to sleep off the z’s.”

I waited till she was upstairs, then I went to my bag, grabbed old shorts to wear, and my pipe and weed. I went into the bathroom to change, but took a small hit because I loved being in a hot tub high. I blew it into the shower fan, and I didn’t do a lot, I didn’t wanna smell or be obvious. I pulled on my old shorts, popped in a piece of gum, put my stuff away, and went up. I stumbled up, which was embarrassing as hell, and snagged a towel out of the air Dave tossed me.

“Thanks.” I said.

I opened the door, but no one was in the tub yet. She’s pretty slow, I thought. I hopped in, and the jets felt amazing. My body felt incredible, but I felt like a total stoner like this, smoking by myself before at a random ass time. I put my head back, and closed my eyes. I love spring break, I thought.

“You’re so damn slow, how did I beat you here?”
“I was on the phone with my friend, and her boyfriend broke up with her, so she’s coming up to chill. You look relaxed.”

“I love HOT TUBS.” I said, probably obvious. My vision was getting that blurry feeling, and everything got quieter as she walked over. I think I may have done too much.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” She asked.
“Nothing, nothing. Why?”
“Your eyes are red—shit, you’re high! Holy crap…” she said, in a hushed tone.

“Quiet.” I said, giggling.
“You’re kidding, right? When?”
“When I changed, in the bathroom.”
“That’s crazy. I happened to sneak my piece in my towel.”

My mouth went hysterically agape, and said, “Hide that shit! Hahaha. Be discrete.”

She looked at all the windows, and the stairs, but said, “I can’t. Too nervous.”

“Pussy.” I said, giggling still.
“So jealous. I bet the jets feel—“
“Wonderful? Yes, yes they do.” I said, laughing my ass off.

I laid back against the jet, and sighed, loudly. She kicked me straight in the gut.

“Ohhhhhh, shit. Why did you have to use the heel?”
“How else would I kick you underwater? Doesn’t really work. Are you high—wait, I take that one back. I should stop using that around you.”

“Once again, jealous. What don’t you do in college?”
“Haha, work. And awfully slutty sluts, hahaha.”
“Sounds good. You don’t play lacrosse, do you?”
“No, thank god. I have a stick in my closet if one female may be interested. And natural ice.”

“Not that into lax boys. What do you play?”
“Oh, so you dip?”
“Uhh, yeah, I guess. Guilty.”
“Haha, that’s gross. Why do you like it?”

I shrugged.

“Do you play anything?”
“I used to swim. Why?”
“I love the way you’re built. Wait what…”

She blushed after laughing, and looked at the house, ridding of any eye contact. I hope I didn’t screw up. She looked at me, in a weird way too. I widened my eyes to try and be stupid, in an attempt to break the tension, but she got out of the tub, and walked away. I was dumbfounded. Was she upset?

“Stacy. Yo, what’s wrong?”

She jogged away. And yes, I checked her out as she jogged. DAMN.

“Dave?” She asked, walking away. I couldn’t hear her after she closed the door.

“FUCK.” I said, slapping the water with fists. I got up, drying myself off quickly, and ran to the door. When I entered, Uncle Dave called for me.

“Hey, Sean?” Dave yelled from the other end of the house, at the front door.
“Let’s go, I need a hand at the store.”
“All right, gimme a sec.”

I ran downstairs, and heard the shower running. It wasn’t Alice, so I guess Stacy ran in for a shower. Alice and Aunt Lisa were out getting dinner. I pulled on some sweatpants, put my sneakers on, a shirt, and walked to the bedroom, and knocked on the shower door.

“Stacy, I’m sorry. Stacy.”

She didn’t answer. I ran back upstairs and out the door.

Dave and I went to the store, and picked up some food, beer, and soda.

“No, no natties this time, Sean.” He told me before we even walked in.
“Haha, I don’t drink that shit.”
“We’ll get some beer, don’t worry.”

We got way too much beer for the time I was there. I guess more company was expected. We got back, and I lugged in a couple of 24-packs, which wasn’t all of the beer. I love Dave and Lisa.

I threw the beer out in the screen porch, and walked inside. Stacy sat there, in pajamas, curled up in a blanket, watching jersey shore.

“Hey.” I said. I took off my shoes, kicked them aside, and sat on the other side of the couch, and stared at her, meant in humor. She looked at me a couple of times, looking away instantly as she did, until she couldn’t take it anymore, and laughed.

“Are you mad?”
“Mmmm.” She mumbled, incoherently.
“No. I kinda like you too much right now, but I have a boyfriend and I’m conflicted.”


“Really? Oh, well didn’t you just shit on my hopes and dreams…”
“Aww, Sean. Come on.” She said, laughing.

I put my head on her lap, and lay my body across the couch. She pulled the blanket over her, so my waist up was covered. I laughed, and poked her stomach.
“Stop i—it! I’m ticklish!” She struggled to not laugh.

I poked and tickled her all over, carefully. I didn’t be pervy or anything, until I yanked at her pajama waistband. Oops.

“What the—Sean!” she whispered.

I pulled harder, but she crunched up so it got harder to do it. Too bad I slid my hand in her pants. Oops.

“SEAN.” She sternly whispered.
“Let me pull ‘em down.” I whispered back.
“Not here?”
“Sean!” she almost yelled.

I got out from under the blanket, sitting up, and looked straight up at the TV. I smugly smiled, and she was still in shock, a mix of mad and happy.

“Where are you guys sleeping?”
“Alice and I sleep in the bedroom downstairs, taking turns on the bed. Why?”
“Curious. Who has the bed tonight?”
“She does.” She giggled.
“What does that means?” Giggling.

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