Stacy's Destruction

I will try and make this one better than the other so bear with me. I think i have improved a little so please do tell me.

Stacy's Destruction

Chapter One

I smiled politely to the Johnsons As they walked out of the house hand in hand. They looked like a beautiful married couple and they seemed so perfect. I closed the door behind them and looked at the kids I was expected to baby-sit. There was David who had Ginger hair and was at least fourteen years old. He was quite tall for his age around 5 ft 4 and he had a lean but athletic build. There was also Tony who was thirteen and on the chubby side. Okay he wasn’t chubby but he was very heavily built and had brown hair which was odd because his mother had blonde hair and his father had ginger hair. His eyes were a blue colour like David’s although they were slightly darkness and looked a little more sinister. Then there was Michael and he was the smallest of the bunch only eleven and he and ginger hair as well and bright blue eyes which seemed like an odd combination. All three of them looked at me with a small smile like they knew something that I did not. I pushed the thought out of my mind and said smiling brightly

“So what do you guys want to do?” David smirked and said walking into the front room

“Well I got to do some homework, so I’m going but I think Michael put a drink on the table for you, if you’re thirsty!” I looked at Michael and his pleading face and smiled and said giving into his innocent face

“Okay then, Thank you Michael!” He nodded eagerly and ran forward grabbing my hand and dragging through the house and into the front room and showed me the drink. I slowly picked it up and looked at it. It looked like plain water. I smiled nether the less and took a big gulp. My eyes widened in shock of the taste. It was tonic water and I hated this stuff, it always seemed like pills were mixed with it to give it its flavour. Michael looked at me with tearful eyes and I looked at the cup which was still more than half full and quickly drunk it trying to zone out the taste. David and Tony gave a small smile and Michael walked out the room saying

“I got work to do!” I nodded slowly slightly anxious and lightly headed and said looking at Tony and Michael

“So what do you want to do?” Michael smiled brightly and said happily full of such joy and innocence

“I want to play cops and robbers!” I smiled and said taking of my jacket revealing my 34DD breast which were covered in my lacy black bra and a white small vest top. I put my jacket on the arm chair and placed my bag next to it and said

“I’ll be a cop!” Michael whined loudly and said almost crying

“No, I want to be Cop, I’m always cop!” I smiled and nodded but inside I was kind of annoyed; the boy was a brat. He smiled happily and said

“Okay, me and Tony are the cops, so you have to hide, but only downstairs!” I nodded and took off my shoes and placed them with my other things and said

“Okay I’m going now, catch me if you can!”

I quickly jogged into the kitchen looking for somewhere to hide. I looked around the kitchen and found a small place to hid behind the kitchen sink. I sighed as I felt a wave of dizziness hit me again. I was getting to hot and my groin was beginning to ache. I looked around making sure no one was around and lifted up my mini skirt and itched trying to get the irritation out. I groaned when it got worse. I was feeling horny because I was touching myself in someone else’s home. I slide my panties to the side and slowly played with my clit like I usually did when I was on my own. I sighed in pleasure it rubbed it harder making me loose sense of my surroundings and continue at a more frantic pace. I slowly slipped my finger into my vagina and fucked my self slowly loving the feeling of my finger exploring my cunt. I couldn’t get enough of it. I felt my cum drizzle down my fingers and I could help it; I removed my finger from my cunt and liked it clean tasting my own juices and loving it. I returned to my handy work down below and put two fingers up feeling slightly fuller than before. I groaned In pleasure and collapsed to the floor feeling the pleasure overcome me. Something was wrong, I never felt like this before when I masturbated. My head was cloudy, my body was heating up and I felt like I would pass out. I slowly lifted my top and began rubbing my breast furiously. I pinched at my nipples and played with them until they were painfully erect. I slowly lifted my breast up and kissed the tip of my nipple. I moaned to myself and began sucking it furiously. My eyes were closed and I blocked everything out around me and continued fucking my self. It wasn’t enough. I sat up and when to the fridge hoping to find something long and round. I smirked when I found a long cucumber that was not too thick. I brought it out and lay on the floor and slowly positioned into the entrance of my cunt and groaned loudly in pleasure. I couldn’t believe how great this felt. The cucumber was cool and made me feel even hornier inside. I panted as I fucked my self harder. I was going to get my first orgasm. I fucked myself harder than ever and stilled. The most beautiful thing happened. I came. I screamed out in ecstasy and tensed as another one came over me. I could feel my cum flow from my sloppy cunt and unto the tiled floor. I smirked and forced the cucumber all the way inside until you could only see the head and crawled over to my cum that was like a massive puddle on the floor and licked it. I was dirty and I knew it but I hadn’t had sex in a year and I was near my reaching point. I slowly adjusted my clothing wondering what was taking the boys so long to find me although I was happy they didn’t. The adjusted my panties over the cucumber and smiled in satisfaction and was about to get up when my hands were forced roughly behind my back and cuffs were wrapped around my wrist. I shrieked in horror and said

“What is that?” Michael smiled oblivious to what had just occurred and said cheerfully

“It’s how the game goes!” I nodded understandingly and said

“Why did it take you so long to find me?” Tony shrugged his shoulder looking me over with a look that scared me and said

“Time to tae you back to the police station for interrogation!” I looked at him puzzled and then got what he was doing and said fake angrily

“What interrogation?” Tony had a wide smirk on his face

“You’ll find out soon enough!” I looked at him with curiosity and walked followed them out the room and ...

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