Starting a new family realtionship. Chapter 1

My name is Ashley; I am thirty-four years old, about 5'5” 135Lbs with D cup breasts. I have long brown hair and hazel eyes. I work at a large bank in Lexington Kentucky, I have two children they are twins both are eighteen. I was only sixteen when they were born, and I had both a boy and girl. James is my son, he is tall and handsome standing at 6'3” 210Lbs; not really muscular, but not fat either. Kimberly is my daughter, we call her Kim for short; she is very beautiful, she’s the same height and bust size as me but she only weighs about 115 Lbs. Their father left when they were three and never came back; he has sent the kids a Christmas card a couple of times but nothing else.

I was so glad to get home, being a Friday we were hit hard and I was tired from being on my feet all day. I walked up the steps and walked through the front door kicking my shoes off as passed the threshold. I sighed in relief and headed straight for the couch; I propped my feet on the small glass table in front of me and turned on the TV. The news was on, and they were talking about the same old stuff they always do, someone killed somebody somewhere and the President had said something about the sinking economy. The kids wouldn't be home for a few more hours; they were out with their friends having a good time so I decided I would have a little me time. I turned off the TV and walked over to the computer; which was sitting alone in a small corner of the family room. I wiggled the mouse a little rousing the screen from its sleep.

I always did the same thing Friday when the kids were gone. I check my email and numerous social network sites. Then I get on the dating sight I had been visiting for a while, I had four new messages all saying about the same thing, “Nice body, want to hook up?” I was really getting sick of this sight and of men in general; it always seems that the people who talk to you only want pussy and the actual good guys are too shy to say anything to you. I had no problem getting laid when I wanted; it was finding someone to actually spend some time with that was hard. “All well,” I thought to myself. “I'm sure I will meet Mr. Right someday.” Boredom is a single person’s worse enemy; my mind was constantly on the move, thinking of new things, and things that bugged me about my day.

I sat there for a good twenty minutes looking through various profiles all as hopeless as the next. Now that I was thinking about it though it had been nearly six months since I had felt the warmth of a man inside of me, I always did love sex, but I won't sleep with just anyone, and no one here caught my attention. I decided that I didn't need a man to please me and I clicked on the search engine, I typed in “Free Porn Videos” and hit enter. Many sites appeared before me; I made my way down the list, reading each description seeing if I could find one the intrigued me. I finally found a sight I liked and double clicked it. The screen turned black for a moment as several small square boxes appeared on my screen. I scrolled down the page looking at each tiny box and its thumbnail; many had women sucking big cocks, or getting fucked hard from behind. I finally came across one called “Son Catches Mother.” taboo porn had always been my favorite; I like the thought of someone catching me watching something really dirty. Truth be told I had thought about my son a lot as he was growing up, and it had been getting even worse as he got older. I know that I is wrong to think of you child in a sexual way, but I just couldn't help it. I would try to catch little sneak peeks of naked when I could; I was actually successful one time right after James’s eighteenth birthday. I had heard him getting into the shower, and I slowly walked over to the bathroom and waited until I heard the water stop. I slowly opened the door just enough to see inside, and I caught a brief glimpse of his flaccid dick. Judging by that I would guess he is about six inches or so when he is hard, “Not too big, and not too small,” I remember thinking.

I clicked on the video, as I waited for it to load I began getting really excited; my heart was pounding and I small hint of warmth began to build deep inside my pussy. I decided that this moment was going to be too much just to waste so I went into my bedroom and grabbed my favorite dildo out of the bottom drawer of my chest-of-drawers. It’s 7” long and a transparent blue, and it had made me cum many times since I bought it. I made my way back to the computer and sat down; I noticed that the video was fully loaded as I was sitting down. I unbuttoned my blouse, and reached behind me collapsing the clasps on my black sheer bra. I pulled the bra away from my chest and through it on the floor; then I stood up and lifted up the skirt I had worn to work. I let my thumbs slip under the thin waste band on my matching G-string and slid them down kicking them off my feet as I sat back down. I leaned forward and pressed the play button on the screen, and propped my legs on the counter and waited. The video started out with a young man in is twenties by the looks of him lying in his bed. He was watching a porn movie on his television and stroking his cock along with the thrusts of the gentleman on the TV. Up and down his hand went as he pumped his cum closer to the top of his large purple head; then right as he is starting to jerk harder and faster his door opens and in walks this beautiful woman with very large tits.

As soon as I saw the young man on the video's cock I immediately began rubbing my clit with my middle and ring fingers; the first touch sent shivers up my spine. I continued to watch and rub my pussy with my hand as the video went on. I had the volume down low so I could hear if anyone pulled up the drive, but I could guess what they were saying as the women removed her hands from her hips and walked over to her son’s bed, got on her knees and began to jerk and suck him off. This was sending me overboard; as she was sucking his cock on the monitor I grabbed my dildo and shoved it in my mouth; working it in and out with the same rhythm as the mom on the video. The mother then spit her sons cock out of her mouth and literally ripped her clothes off and straddled her son lowering herself down onto his massive meat. Again in unison I took the long rubber dong out of my mouth and slowly worked it deep into my wet abyss. As the women on the video slid her pussy down her sons thick shaft so too did I with my favorite fake cock. Pretty soon I stopped watching the video as was fucking myself as hard and as fast as I could; I could feel the pressure mounting inside of me as I started to have a very intense full body orgasm. “Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy gooooooooddddddd! OHHHHHHHH JAMMMMEESSS FUCKKKKK YOUR MOOOOTTTTTTHHHHEEERRRRR!!!!!! I froze; stunned by the word that had come out of my own mouth. “What did I just say?” I asked myself. I couldn't believe I had ...

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