starts as an ordinary day

It’s a beautiful spring morning and you wake early to the sunlight streaming in through your windows, you stretch and rub the sleep from your eyes, turn over and glance at the bedside clock hoping it’s not too early, but it reads 5.30am !! Oh god you think I wont go back to sleep now. You get out of bed and go to the bathroom and run your shower, go to the loo and clean your teeth, by which time the shower has come up to temperature, you step in and feel the fine jets of warm water wash over your body, mmmm that feels so nice and refreshing, gently soaping your arms and legs working your way to your breast and as always your nipples are tingling and hard, and as always you gently rub them, taking the hard nub between your thumb and middle finger and just everso slightly squeeze them, it makes you shiver in anticipation, for you know you wont be able to stop there, particularly as you have to shave your pussy this morning.

Taking the shower out of its holder you play the jets over your pubic area and its not long before the jets stray onto your pussy and that really does send s warm glow through your body, you put one hand down and spread your lips wide so that the jets of water hit your inner self, you cant help yourself, and you find your finger is gently probing inside your slippery pussy, first one finger then two find their way inside your love hole, you put your leg onto the side to give you easier access then slide a third finger deep inside you, oh god that feels sooooo good but you stop yourself in time because you have to shave it first and you really need a steady hand for that !!

So taking the saving foam and giving it a good shake (thinking to yourself I wish this was a hard cock I had in my hand, why cant I find one this big and this solid) you spray it over your pussy and taking the razor in your right hand you start to shave the little bit of stubble from around your lips and your slit, it takes longer than normal because you are enjoying the feel of it, but soon its done and you rinse off, taking hold of the mirror you put your leg up on to the side again exposing your now clean shaven pussy and admire your handy work as you get a perfect view of your shaven treasure.

That done and pleased with yourself you towel yourself dry and sit on the bed and put your feet onto the edge of it and spread your legs to help you add just a little bit of cream to your smooth pussy gently rubbing it into the whole area the trouble is your fingers start to roam again, you only wanted to check out the smoothness and add a little cream but its almost as if your pussy has a mind of its own and has grabbed your fingers making them do wonderful things to it, you lay back and open your legs wider to give you easier access and you start to play with your clit, and the tingles once again start to run through your body.

First one finger then two find their way into your now moist hole, you continue to play with your clit with your other hand, not being able to take much more of this you reach under your pillow for your vibrator and switch it on. Its gentle humming like a love song to your ears, you first put the tip onto your nipple which seems to react like its been hit with and electric current sending a wave of ecstasy through your tits. You still have your fingers up your cunt as you begin to feel a flood of womanly love juice spread over your hand from your first orgasm of the day.

Taking the vibrator from your nipple you then put it onto your clit taking your fingers from your cunt you put them into your mouth and lick your juices from them sucking them like you would a mans cock. The sensation of the viberator on your clit is becoming so intense that you take it and put it inside your cunt and push it as far as it will go still humming inside you, you start to flick and rub your clit pushing the vibe in and out of your cunt fucking yourself your body arches and you start to thrust up you can hear your juices make those wonderful squishy noises and you know your cunt is not far from a wonder cum.

With a deep shudder you reach your orgasm and your legs flop down onto the bed you take your viberator out of your cunt and switch it off and you can see your juices glistening on it, you bring it up to your lips and run your tongue over it tasting your sweetness and opening your mouth you gently put it in, you still feel high from your orgasm and you start to fuck your mouth like you would with a nice cock while gently massaging your cunt once more, oh this feels so good even if it isn’t the real thing it fits into your mouth like a real one. You continues to rub and flick your clit and then putting one finger inside yourself you fuck your mouth and finger your cunt until once more another wonderful cum spreads through your body albeit a more gentler one this time, but it still counts.

Rising up on the bed you look at yourself with a little smile on your face and think god you really are a sexy woman. You decide you need to get dressed and look at your clock, nearly 6.30, it’s only taken an hour and you’ve shaved and had two orgasms not bad for this time of the day.

As its early you think to yourself that you might walk to work through the park and have breakfast at that nice little place you noticed some time ago. Feeling the way you do you go to the wardrobe and select a short denim skirt which has a little slit up the front and a nice white blouse, that is a little to small for you but shows your nice flat tummy off and your little belly button stud, and who cares if it’s a little tight you like it and if the buttons strain just a fraction and people get to have a tiny glimpse of your naked breast because you really don’t like wearing a bra and today you are not going to wear one then good for them for looking !!

As for panties your not sure first of all do you wear them or not, deciding that you had better wear them for your cunt is still leaking your sex juices you select a nice white thong, hitching your skirt up you slide them up your long legs and arrange them over your nicely shaven pussy so that if you leak the panties will soak your juices up. Shoes, well if you are going to walk to work you had better wear something a little more comfortable than your stilettos so you select a nice pair of white sling back with a little heel on, and think to yourself that finishes of the ensemble well. Collecting your handbag from the hall stand you leave your little flat and go downstairs into the street, crossing the road and going into the park.

It’s a very big park and already there are people in it walking their dogs or just jogging, you’ve had your exercise this morning you think with a smile on your face as a young female jogger passes you, you cant help but notice what a nice figure she has dressed in her shorts and vest, lovely long legs and you notice her shorts have worked their way into the crack of her bum, that must be uncomfortable you think, I can think of easier ways to burn of a few calories !!! Like me being between your legs for instance licking out your pussy, shame you think as the young jogger disappears further into the park.

You finally get to the centre of the park where the children’s play area is, and all of a sudden it crosses your mind that it has been years since you had a play and wouldn’t it be daring to have a play on the swings, glancing round you check there is no-one around, you hitch your skirt up a little and sit on the swing and with a gentle push you start to move backwards and forwards, this brings a warm smile to your face as you remember your childhood and playing in the same park.

A voice suddenly asks if you would like a push and startled you jump of and turn around to find a guy who is dressed for jogging stood the other side of the swing, he’s wearing shorts and trainers and a vest, you are startled at first because you have been found out but he smiles and says that he has often felt like playing on the swing but has so far not dared too, you feel his eyes taking you in and you in turn notice he has strong muscular legs and a nice fit body to match, plus he has “that smile”, the one that makes you go weak at the knees, he tells you to get back on and he will push you like he did his little sister when he brought her many years ago.

So doing just that you hitch your skirt up a little just enough to show him more of your legs and get on the swing, expecting him to push you from behind he surprises you by coming round the front, he tells you that he used to push his sister this way so he could catch her if she fell off, then he gently pushes you back, you are aware that your legs have opened a little and that if he wanted to he would be able to see your panties, but he’s looking into your eyes as he continues to push and there is a big beam on your face as you feel the excitement of years gone by, go on harder you say push me harder. So he does and you go higher and as you come forward you can see him looking between your legs at your panties, you notice that this seems to be having an effect on him as the beginnings of a bulge are appearing in his shorts, you lean back on the swing and casually open your legs a little more just to give him the thrill of seeing your panties and yes it works the bulge is definitely getting bigger.

Suddenly you loose your grip and you tumble to the floor, he is quickly beside you helping you up, but you see you have grazed your knee and a trickle of blood starts to run down your leg, hold on to me he says there are some toilets nearby where we can go and clean you up, taking hold of his strong arm he guides you to the male toilets, you go in and he says you had best sit down so I can clean it for you.

Of course there is nowhere to sit except the toilet seat so you sit there while he takes some tissue paper and goes to the sink to dampen it, whilst he is doing that you notice there are two holes one each side of the cubicle and of course the usual drawings of men or girls sucking cocks and guys taking cocks in their ass’s, he comes back to you and takes hold of your leg and gently dabs at your graze and all the while he cant take his eyes from your panties which now have a little damp patch of their own.

He takes you shoe off to clean the sand out of it and puts your foot into his crutch, you can feel his hardness growing under you foot, more so ...

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