Staying close to my sister (and mom)

I sat at the breakfast table, staring at the off-white sheet of paper before me. My jaw hung open, as I was utterly mystified by the writing on the page. The paper didn’t have some special chemical formula for growing a bigger penis, nor did it have instructions for how to talk to a girl to get laid. With those things, I was still on my own. Nope, it was just a report card.

My eyes drifted down the page, passing my name, Ray Davis, and moved down towards the grades. My heart dropped in my chest. In my mind I heard the repetitive, monotonous symphony as every note was a plain B. Once again I pulled it off, without trying mind you. B’s in all five subjects, just like every semester. Sometimes I hated a teacher, and cut class fifty percent of the time. I got a B in those classes. Sometimes I loved a teacher, and I attended every class. I got a B in those classes too. Sometimes I even went to tutoring for classes I needed help in. Without fail, another B.

Now let me get this straight, there’s nothing wrong with getting B’s. In fact, I think a B is a rather good grade, considering D’s are acceptable in some places. The problem is that I’ve gotten nothing but B’s since I started high school, and now I’m twenty, keeping it real at the local community college, and I’ve yet to get an A, or a C, or anything else for that matter. When most people are in school, they tend to do well in some subjects, and tend to fall a bit short in others. But for me, I was eternally average: a jack of all trades, if you will. Hell, even my height was average, at just under six feet. Sadly, I just wanted to be good at something, or even bad at something. Not just average, I wanted to break the mold.

My sister Elizabeth sat cater cornered across the table from me, still dressed in her pajamas, or what she considered to be pajamas. She wore an enormous bright pink t-shirt, which was loose enough around the neck to display some of her ample cleavage, and long enough at the bottom to keep the mystery alive. Was she wearing panties? I’ve yet to answer that question. She had long, flowing, sleek brown hair that reached down to about the middle of her back, and matching deep brown eyes to complete her soft toned face. She was almost a foot shorter than me, and extremely beautiful.

She looked up from her own report card, and leaned over the table to see mine. As Elizabeth leaned, I got an incredible view of her cleavage. “No way,” she gasped, leaning further towards the paper. My dick twitched: anymore and I’d definitely catch a look at her nipples. “All B’s again? Are you some kind of robot?” I snapped back to reality: out of my lust, and into the shitty B world.

“I don’t know how; it seriously happens every time.” I’m solemnly sighed.

“No kidding, any more B’s and you could open a honey farm.” She responded with a giggle.

“Well, I’m done. I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m quitting school.” I decided I’d had enough. I just wanted to have one subject I was good at, or even bad at. I wanted to be unique, special, not just another cookie on the tray. I wanted to have my own color, and texture, and taste.

“What are you talking about? Plenty of people would love to make straight B’s. Sure A’s are nice, but lots of people make straight C’s or D’s, or even F’s! Hell, I’ve made my fair share of D’s.” Elizabeth and I were really close, and whenever I was feeling down she always tried to pick me back up. Usually, I’d try to return the favor in some way. I decided to give her an ego boost.

“Whatever, that’s bullshit.” I said. “The only D’s you’ve ever had are right there on your chest.” It was most likely true, since Elizabeth was freakishly smart, and probably made A’s like I made B’s. She smiled at the complement, and leaned in even closer. My eyes darted down to gaze at my eighteen-year-old sister’s glorious tits; her puffy pink nipples just cresting over the loose t-shirt fabric.

It may seem wrong, but we were just messing around. We had always been very close, and grew even closer during our parent’s devastating divorce. Sometimes we would tease each other, but we never got serious about it. Still, this nip slip was just what I needed to break my miserable mood.

“Bro,” Elizabeth breathed right in my face, “you’re perfect just like you are. You don’t need to get A’s to prove that you’re smart. I know you’ve got a good head on your shoulders.”

“It’s not about being smart.” I said. Since she was opening up so much for me, I decided I should open up a little for her. “I just don’t like being such an average guy. I’ve got nothing I’m good at, nothing I’m bad at, and no defining features. I’m just another average Joe.”

“That’s not true!” Elizabeth exclaimed. “You’re a great guy. You’re smart, funny, kind.” It was a pleasure to see her trying so hard to make me feel better, but a pain to see her so worried for me. I decided I should cheer up, more for her sake than my own. I didn’t want her to worry about me.

“Thanks Lizzy.” I said. “You always know just what to say.” I still harbored a bit of turmoil deep down, but on surface I felt much better. I loosed a small white smile for her, and to my surprise she jumped across the table she had been leaning over and enveloped me in a crushing vice-like hug.

“Don’t ever think you’re not special.” She whispered. “You’re the most special person in the world to me.” I didn’t know how I was supposed to respond to that, so I just held her tight and we hugged for several moments. I felt her breast firmly planted against my chest. My dick started to perk up, but if she noticed, she didn’t say anything. Finally, she spoke again. “Are you sure about quitting school?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “I’m just not happy going there. They make me feel so mediocre. The only upside is I get to have you cheer me up each semester.” Elizabeth giggled, then released the hug and sat back in her chair.

“Well then,” she said, “if you’re not going, I’m not going.” My jaw dropped, painting my astonishment clearly for her. “Wherever you’re going, I’m going too.”

“But you just finished high school,” I responded, “and you’re ultra-smart. You’d do great a college. And you weren’t even going to community college, you were going to go straight to university!”

“Exactly, I was planning on going to whatever university you were since you just finished up at community college. Now that you’re not going, I don’t want to go either.” She finished. Wow, I really didn’t know what to say to her then. It looked like she really wanted to stay by my side, but then I realized what her plan was.

“Nice try, you almost got me.” I smirked. “You thought you could get me to go to school by making me think that if I dropped out, you’d drop out too. But it’s not going to work this time Lizzy. I don’t even have a clue what I should major in, and I really am miserable in school. I’m not going.”

“I know. I don’t think you should go to school if it’s that awful for you. That’s why I’m staying with you, so we can both be happy. No way am I going off to university without you, and no way I’d force you to go if you won’t be happy there.” Elizabeth ended her speech and I just put my head in my palms and sat in thought for a moment.

Yep, I definitely ruined my sister’s life. She was going to forsake college for me, and there was nothing I could do to stop her now. What was I going to tell Mom?

“Morning guys!” Mom chimed as she ambled into the kitchen area. Great, perfect timing. I turned to wish her a good morning, but froze when I saw what she was wearing. At thirty-eight years old she could have easily passed for twenty-eight. Her enormous breasts filled her generously sized plain white bra, and her night black panties curved smoothly downwards in a V, ending her perfect hour-glass figure. No shirt, no shorts, and no words from me.

Elizabeth giggled, “Morning Mom!” through a smile. Mom returned the smile. She looked similar to Elizabeth, but a little more mature in appearance, and just a hair taller. Mom then directed her smile at me.

Upon seeing my confused face, she said, “Sorry, I was in the middle of changing when a coworker called and said she needed someone’s phone number.” She reached into her brief case, which was sat atop the kitchen counter. She brushed aside her dark brown hair, pulled out some papers, mumbled something about having it written down somewhere, exclaimed “Here it is!”, then turned back towards us. I was still giving her the same confused look.

We were usually pretty liberal with clothing around our house. We would sometimes go around with only a t-shirt on over our underwear, or even just a towel after a shower. But very rarely did we openly flaunt our bodies around wearing just our underwear. However, clearly Mom didn’t understand my confusion.

“What’s up Ray?” She chided. “Been too long since you’ve seen a girl in her skivvies?”

“I don’t think that’s it Mom.” Elizabeth said. “I think he’s in shock because of his report card.”

“All B’s again?” Mom asked. “How do you do it? Are you some kind of robot?”

“Well,” Elizabeth interjected nervously, “I think the real reason he’s in shock is because he decided to quit school, and I decided to quit with him.” I really wanted to mention that the reason I was ‘in shock’ was because of Mom’s rocking body, but that would have been a little inappropriate, and of course I never got the chance. Mom was already screaming, and Elizabeth clearly needed to look up the definition of ‘subtle.” Regardless, it took quite a while to talk Mom down. All we really did was go over our conversation. Mom seemed to take it much better than we thought she would. We told her about how I hated school and how Elizabeth wanted to stay with me. Mom was in tears by the end.

“You really hate school that much?” she whimpered.

“Yeah,” I replied, “I just don’t feel like I’m a real person when I’m there. I feel like some kind of robot that just answers questions. I can’t stand it.”

“And Lizzy,” Mom asked Elizabeth, “you really want to stay with Ray that much? You’d give up college for him?”

“Of course Mom.” She said. “I don’t want to be that far away from him for that long. Ever since I was born he was right by my side. During the divorce, Dad said a lot of hurtful things to all of us, but Ray always held me tight and told me things would be okay.” I had forgotten since it was so long ago.

Back when she was eight and I was ten, we used to snuggle up close and I would tell her that everything was going to be okay. I would say “Mom and Dad might break up, but we’ll always be together.” She would snuggle closer and we’d fall asleep. Ten years later those memories were refreshed in my mind, and I wanted to say something, but I was beaten to the punch.

Mom sprang up and grabbed us both, her left arm around me, and her right arm around Elizabeth. Pulling us into a tight hug, she crushed the sides of our faces into her tits as tears flowed from her sparkling brown eyes. “I can’t believe it. I always knew you guys were close, but I never knew you loved each other this much. You guys are so beautiful!” Elizabeth loosed a mischievous grin and gave me a knowing stare. She knew how much I was enjoying my face rammed right up against Mom’s tits, and I’m sure she was enjoying it just as much.

Elizabeth knew I was a pervert. She liked to tease me when I shot glances at her, Mom, girls on TV, girls in real life, or anything else even vaguely girl shaped. I’m pretty sure she was a pervert too, since she seemed to derive a lot of joy from constantly teasing me.

Mom finally released us from her vice grip. She wiped away her tears and bore a new, determined expression. “If you guys are going to quit school then you’ll need jobs. At work today I’ll talk to my boss. We need a couple of data intake positions filled and I think you guys will fit right it. The pay is pretty good for a starting wage, and I’ll be able to keep an eye on you two."

Elizabeth turned to me. “What do you think Ray?” She asked with a searching gaze. Frankly, I was ecstatic since Mom seemed to take the news so well. At this point, I really didn’t care what job I got, and working with my sister seemed like a pretty good deal to me.

“Alright, I think that will work. Go ahead and see if you can get us hired Mom.” The two girls exchanged ear to ear smiles.

Suddenly Mom jumped, and quickly said, “I’ve got to get going, or I’m going to be late for work.” Then she rushed upstairs to get dressed. Elizabeth and I ambled into the living room and took a seat on the nice comfy leather couch. As usual, she took her seat right next to me, even though the large couch had ample space. I never thought about it, but she really was very attached to me. As we settled in she leaned over and rested her head on my shoulder, then drooped her arm around me so it was resting on my chest. In return I rested my hand around her shoulder, and we sat in each other’s embrace. I thought about turning the TV on, but I decided to sit here and enjoy this for a little longer.

Mom came racing down the stairs, puffing a simple “Have a nice day.” as she walked towards the door. When she saw us she paused, eyeing us for a moment. “There isn’t anything going on between you two, is there?”

“Nope,” Elizabeth declared, “just staying close to my brother.”

Mom replied, “Hmm, it’s a shame. You two look cute together.” With that, she walked out the door.

“Did you hear that?” Elizabeth’s voice teemed with excitement. “Mom just said we were a cute couple!” Despite the fact that I was sure Mom was teasing, it still seemed a bit weird. Weirder still was my little sister’s obvious excitement at the thought of us together.

“Yep, I heard.” I said, treading lightly. “But I’m not sure she said the word ‘couple’.” I didn’t want to say anything I might regret.

“Do you think we’d make a good couple?” Elizabeth looked into my eyes, searching deep within them. Yep, I was pretty much fucked here. Saying yes would be weird and saying no would be mean. I did my best to keep the waters calm.

“Well, I guess hypothetically, we could theoretically be a potentially cute pairing.” Sweat rolled down my face as I juggled my words carefully.

“Is there someone else you like more?” she pried. What was I supposed to say? Once again if I say yes it might sound mean, but if I say no, as in ‘I don’t like anyone more than my sister’ it might be just a tad creepy. Elizabeth sensually suggested, “Maybe you like Mom. I saw you ogling her today. Are you a momma’s boy?”

My face flushed red with embarrassment. “Of course not.” I was trapped. I had no idea what to say, so I just stopped talking. Finally, Elizabeth pushed herself up and straddled me. She cupped her hands around my face and leaned in close.

“I think,” she whispered, “we’d be the cutest couple ever. Do you agree?” I opened my mouth to say something, but for the life of me I had no idea what to say. I felt her hot breath in my mouth, her warm hands on my face, and the weight of her body pushing down against my crotch. I think I opened my mouth to object, but that didn’t matter, because as soon as my lips parted, they felt the warm wetness of her lips push against them. We held that position for what seemed like hours, and while I was surprised, I made no attempt to push her away or break the kiss. My cock started to harden, and I’m sure she felt it, but she just kissed me harder.

Finally, my sister broke the kiss and said, “Ray, I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember. Sitting close to you and hearing your heartbeat are the best moments of my day. My heart races whenever I see you,” she paused, took a deep breath, and asked for a second time, “so what do you think? Would we make a cute couple?”

I knew I should talk her out of it. I should explain how incest is wrong and we shouldn’t kiss. I should end the feelings she had for me, and the feelings I had for her. But I didn’t want to, because at that moment I realized that I also loved her. I loved how smart she was, how pretty she looked, and how she was always there for me, especially when I’m at my lowest. “I think,” I finally choked out, “that we’d be the cutest couple ever.”

With that, our lips met again. We made out on the couch for several minutes, exchanging moans, spit, and our love for one another. I boldly snuck my hands up her shirt and groped her glorious breasts. My fingers delicately teased her nipples, and rolled around her areolas. She broke our kiss and leaned back so I could get my arms in at a better angle. By chance, her repositioning caused my rock hard cock to spring from the side of my gym shorts to straight outward, pressing hard against the elastic.

“Oh my,” Elizabeth gasped. “that looks really uncomfortable. We should let it out to relieve the pain.” She reached her nimble fingers into the elastic waistband of both my shorts and my underwear and tugged straight downward. I lifted my ass to allow them to slide down to my knees. My cock stood proudly between us, and my sister gasped, “It’s so big!”

I’ll leave its exact size to the imagination, but I will say that I was always very happy with my size, and apparently Elizabeth was too. All I will say is this: it was several inches longer than average, way thicker than average, and my balls were absolutely enormous. Elizabeth was letting out little moans of satisfaction as I was still playing with her tits, and she was apparently very excited to play with her new toy as well. She started slow, by feeling every bump and curve from base to tip. She tickled here and there on my balls, and finally said. “Alright, let’s see you cum.”

I only nodded as she brought her hand to her mouth and licked it several times, covering it with her juicy saliva. Reaching back down she said, “Cum whenever you want Bro.” She stroked slowly at first, grinding her hand across every bump and vein. “Oh yeah, these would feel so good inside me.” When she reached the top, she whisked her palm around the tip sending an explosion of pleasure up my spine, then she would descend down my shaft again. She kept going faster and faster until her hand was a blur. “Oh yeah, you’re so big. You’d fill me up so nicely, from my outer lips all the way to the lips on my womb. You can shoot whenever you want Bro. Shoot a nice big one for me. Splatter me with your thick baby goo.”

“Oh shit,” I interrupted, “I’m about to blow! Get a tissue or something!” Elizabeth just giggled and aimed my cock upwards right towards her face.

“Go ahead and shoot Bro! Cover me in it! I want to be covered in your thick baby batter. I want you to cum all over my face, and tits, and my whole fucking body! SHOOT IT NOW! COVER ME WITH YOUR FUCKING CUM! MAKE ME YOUR LITTLE SISTER CUM DUMPSTER WHO LIVES TO PLEASE HER BROTHER’S FUCKSTICK! I WANT IT SO FUCKING BAD! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH! MARK ME WITH IT!”

With that, I came the biggest load I had ever cum before. I had been proud of my size, but I always found the ejaculate amount to be annoying to clean up. However, now I was incredibly proud to shoot so much when I came. My first shot flew in a high arc well over my sister’s head, landing somewhere behind her. The next one left a huge white glob in her dark brown hair. Two more coated her face in my slimy seed. Another one hit her under her chin, then slid down her neck and onto her chest. I saw it slide down in between her tits and might have slid even further than that. As they grew weaker, several covered her pink t-shirt all the way down the front, leaving me hassling and staring into the eyes of my cum covered sister.

“Wow.” We said in unison.

“That was incredible.” Elizabeth remarked. “I’m literally covered in your jizz. You’re like a fucking firehose.”

“Yeah, no kidding.” I replied.

“Do you shoot that much every time?”

“Nah, I usually shoot a lot, but this is definitely the most I’ve ever done. I probably have you to thank for that.”

“Thanks Bro!” She said through a pearly white smile.

“I think you might have gone a little crazy there for a sec.”

“I was just caught up in the heat of the moment.” She gave me a sensual stare. “Anyway, we should probably get this cleaned up.” I checked our surroundings and found cum everywhere. Obviously Elizabeth was covered in it, but there were streaks here and there on the couch, and a massive puddle underneath us. Elizabeth climbed off me and wiped her face, congealing most of the goo on her hands. She brought her hand to her mouth and gave it a taste. My dick twitched again, even though I had just finished cumming.

“Hmm,” she considered, “a little bitter, and fairly salty, but overall I love it. You taste great Bro!” Once again I was speechless. My little sister was getting hotter by the second. I was on the verge of pushing her over and mauling her when she said. “Alright, let’s get to cleaning.”

I looked at the cum covered couch, then back to her cum covered body. “Why don’t you go clean yourself up while I clean up the couch?”

“I don’t know Ray,” she smirked, “I’m not the only one covered in cum.” I looked down to see little streaks of jizz running down the front of my shirt, and a fair bit on my gym shorts. “Let’s clean up the couch, then we’ll clean ourselves up together.”

It was quick work cleaning up. Just some damp paper towels and a bit of scrubbing. Afterwards we sprayed air freshener all over the couch to mask the scent. Upon finishing, we went to the laundry room to leave our clothes in the washing machine. As we undressed, we each snuck several peaks at the other. Despite the fact that we pretty much knew the other’s physique, I was still embarrassed to be naked with her. She was extremely sexy from head to toe. Her ample bosom and luscious ass were to kill for. On the other hand, I was neither muscular nor fat; just an average build for an average guy. My only prominent feature was my manhood, which at this moment was on the verge of returning to life. I had just caught a glimpse of her puffy pink pussy, crowned by a well-trimmed light brown bush. Finally, we both left the room red in the face, and walked upstairs to take a nice relaxing shower.

Except the shower wasn’t relaxing at all. First, getting the semen out of her hair was a nightmare. I seriously thought we might just have to cut it off. I also got hard again halfway through, and found it extremely difficult not to make a move on her, since she insisted that we get the cum out of her hair first. Finally, after we cleaned up every sticky drop, it was time to have a little fun.

“Alright, now I’ll clean the rest of you.” I said as I started wiping every inch of her body with soap and water. Despite the fact that most of the cum on her body had already washed off, I still wanted to be as thorough as possible, especially around her breasts. I even teased her nipples with my tongue, slowly circling her areole and then nibbling the center. This elicited some ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from Elizabeth. I continued to lick down her body, giving her belly button some generous attention, until I reached the grand prize. My upper lips met her lower lips and I was greeted by a light juicy taste. I dug my tongue inside and was greeted by another surge of moister, and another moan from above. I kept going until she moaned with every twitch of the tongue, and when she was getting close, I switched my attention to her small pink clit. I nibbled and bit until her moans turned into screams.

“God Bro you’re sooo fucking good at this.” She exclaimed. “I can feel everything. This is fucking fantastic! Keep going, I’m almost there! I’M… GONNA… CUM!” And with that she sprayed my face with hot refreshing juice, which tricked down my chin and was washed away in the shower. At this point my dick was fully restored and ready to go, and Elizabeth seemed to notice.

“Wow, looks like our little friend needs some attention.” She cooed, as she reached to take hold of the fierce purple head. Before her hand made contact, I changed her plans by grabbing her by the waist and hoisting her up. I was surprised by how light she was.

“You can take care of it if you want,” I said, “but I’m not done with your pussy yet.” With that, I flipped her upside down and continued gobbling away at her delicious pussy, only to fuel her moans further. I felt her hot breath run across my cock, and let out a tiny moan of my own when her tongue tickled my urethra, then her lips closed around the bulbous head. She tried to squeeze it into her warm wet mouth inch by inch, but the girth was giving her trouble. She only had it in about half-way when she finally gave up and started to bob her head up and down, creating a heavenly sensation along my shaft.

We held the standing sixty-nine position for only a couple of minutes, but luckily that’s all we needed. My arms were getting tired, and I’m sure the blood was rushing to her head, but this blowjob was so intense that we barley needed any time at all before I was ready to blow.

I pulled my tongue out of her soaking wet snatch to say, “Watch out sis, I’m about to cum!” To my surprise, instead of releasing my cock from her mouth, she tried to fit more in. “Don’t try to swallow!” I cried. “Don’t forget how much cum there was before!” I didn’t dissuade her at all. In fact, she tried even harder to fit more in. She opened her throat and tried to swallow, but still barely had more than half inside when I came. It might have been quick, but my little sister trying to swallow my cock was just too hot for me.

Once again in firehose fashion, my cock exploded like a cannon. This time however, the blast channeled right down Elizabeth’s tight little throat. She took the first few shots like a champ, but soon the buildup was mounting, and I felt her cheeks puff up as her mouth filled with cum. Finally, on my last shot, semen bubbled out from her lips and nose, dripping to the floor of the tub with a series of loud splats against the porcelain. I pulled her upwards off my manhood and shivered as my cock exited her mouth with a pop, and several more globs leaked from her lips as I flipped her over and put her back on her feet. Her lips couldn’t be seen past the white cream coating them, but just then I noticed her red flushed face.

“Oh shit!” I cried. “Are you choking?” I was worried since I didn’t know exactly how to do the Heimlich, but I figured I’d just have to wing it.

“Nngh!” She couldn’t get a word out, so she shook her head furiously. I guess she wasn’t choking, but she ...

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