Summoning a Demon

“Nomi is that you?” Naomi’s boyfriend shouted, from his garage, as she knocked on the front door. He used her families pronunciation of her name, rather than the normal one. Naomi had spent her whole live correcting people when they said her name the usual way, rather than the ‘Nomi’ of her family. Ian had picked up on the proper way to say it very quickly after they had first met at the school disco. That had been nearly a year and a half and they were still together. Of course they were both looking towards college, then university after. Or at least that was where Naomi was heading. Ian was not so sure he wanted university. His aim was college then heading out into the world to earn his living. Naomi was not certain that their relationship would last much beyond then. For now she was happy, in love even, hoping that she was wrong in her worries. But she was only in her mid-teens, worrying about the future was not what she was interested in now. At this very moment she was more interested in why Ian was in the garage.

“Yes it’s me.” She said heading towards his voice.

“I’m in the garage, come on.” He said, sounding excited about something. She walked into the garage, her interest peaked even more by his excitement. She found him carefully examining a strange chalk design on the floor. Comparing it to a design on a piece of paper he was holding.

“What the fuck is that?” She asked him.

“A pentagram.” He replied without looking up.

“A what.”

“A pentagram, you know.” He said to her, again not looking up.

“You’re kidding me, you called me over for another of your stupid demon hunts.” She said, not even trying to keep her derision from her voice. She had learnt early on about his interest in demonology. He was constantly looking for someway to summon up a demon. So far he had never managed it. Which was not surprising really. Demons were a creation of the Judo Christian religion and like everything to do with religion they did not exist. Even though Naomi was by birth a Jew she had very quickly decided to have nothing to do with the religious side of her race. She only believe things that were proven by science, not mumbo-jumbo faith. However as a interest it was not that bad. It could have been worst, he was not some porn junkie, or having cyber sex. Instead he searched repeatedly for ways to summon up demons.

“Yes, but this time it’s different. This ain’t some half assed idea for summoning one up. This is the real thing, it actually works Nomi.” Ian told her, glancing up from the design on the floor. She let her disbelief show on her face. “Trust me on this, this is a real life ritual to summon a demon.” Naomi nodded, still not hiding her disbelief. He shrugged and went back to checking the pattern.

“What are you doing.” She asked after a few minutes.

“Making sure I’ve got the symbols right. If they’re even slightly wrong then the pentagram won’t hold the demon.”


“It’ll escape and we won’t be able to order it to do stuff.” Naomi raised one eyebrow, even though he was not looking at her. About a minute later he stood up and nodded.

“Right, it’s perfect so we can continue.”

“Great, and why am I here.”

“Because the ritual needs a female to work. It’s to summon up a Incubus and that means I need a woman.”

“What’s an Incubus?” She asked.

“A male lust demon, like a Succubus only male. You remember when I told you about Succubus’s don’t you.” Naomi took a moment to trawl through her memories of the different times he had told her about demons.

“Aren’t they some kind of sex demon. Like a vampire only they feed of sex with men.” Ian nodded.

“Yeah, an Incubus is the same only with women. The one I’m trying to summon up is kind of a big shot amongst them.” Naomi gave him a look of complete disbelief. “Come on babe, for me please.” He shot her pleading look, the kind he knew she could not ignore. Naomi took a deep sigh.

“Ok, for you, what do we have to do.”

“Well now we’ve got to strip off.” She did not reply, her expression said it all for her. “Look this ain’t a way for me to just get you naked. If I wanted that we’d be up in my room right now. It’s what it says on here.” He pointed to the paper in his hand. “And I mean totally, no jewellery, no earrings nothing. It says anything like that can disrupt the energy and stop the ritual working.” Naomi glared at him for a second as he began to strip. Finally she followed his lead, taking her clothes and jewellery off. They piled the clothing on the floor. Ian pointed to a spot in front of the pentagram. “You need to stand there, while I stand here and chant.” Naomi glanced over at him.

“Ok, you want me to stand right in front of where this Incubus will appear. A demon which feeds off sex with women.” She said, part mocking part unsure. This whole ritual seemed a lot more complicated that anything he had ever done before.

“You’ll be perfectly safe, that’s what the pentagram’s there for. It’ll trap him so he can’t escape when he comes to get you.”

“Then what.”

“Then we make him give us something before we let him go.”

“Like what.”

“It’s a lust demon so something to do with sex.” Ian said with a shrug. “Like I could ask to be bigger, or for you to be able to swallow all of my cock when you suck me off.”

“Why not ask for me to love blow jobs while you’re at it.” He smiled.

“Or maybe you could ask for multiple orgasms every time, or for me to last longer or something. Hell you could even make it so you could attract any guy you wanted.”

“Or any girl you wanted.” He shrugged again, looking sheepish. She glared at him for a second. “Though I do like the idea of multiple orgasms.”

“Well I want to be able to not cum until I decide to. So we can do it longer.” He told her with a wicked look in his eye.

“It’d be nice if you could go more than a minute.” She said with a teasing voice. He snarled at her in fake anger. “Could we ask for more than one thing, assuming this works of course.” Which is would not, of course.

“It says we could but not to go for too many things. Keep the ones you want firm in your mind all the time so you can enforce the demands on the demon.” Naomi nodded, of course this was all fantasy. No demon was going to turn up. But hell, what girl would not want multiple orgasms every time. And, being able to pull any guy she wanted might come in useful at university. She glanced over at Ian, and just may be being able to give him a full blow job might be worth it. Just to see the look on his face.

“You ready.” Ian asked, Naomi nodded slowly. He began to read from the paper. Strange words that she had never heard before. It sounded a little like Latin, but seemed wrong, different to any Latin words she had ever know. Naomi let her attention wander as Ian chanted behind her, nothing was going to… She started in shock when she saw the thin wisp of mist appear in the middle of the pentagram. No way, she must be imagining it. She rubbed her eyes and looked again. No, there was definitely something there. Now it was a curl of white smoke.

“Oh my god something’s actually happening.” She said incredulously as the curl of smoke grew into a small column. It curled around in the centre of the pentagram. Twisting slightly as it did. Behind her she could hear Ian speaking louder, almost shouting the words. The smoke darkened sharply, twisted violently, then it moved. It curled upwards, over the pentagram, over her head. Naomi turned to watch it with a mix of amazement and horror. A horror that increased as the column of smoke surrounded Ian.

“Ian!” She shouted taking a step forwards. She froze at the scream he let out. A sound of intense pain and fear. Naomi froze to the spot as the scream suddenly ended. The smoke spread outwards, growing in size. It began to congeal into a shape, rapidly turning from black formless smoke into a solid form. Then, stood in the exact spot Ian had been was a monster, a demon. Ian had vanished completely. The thing that had taken his place towered over Naomi. It’s skin was black, it looked like leather. It glistened in the light. Two huge wings spread out from it’s back. It’s body was massive, muscular, terrifying. It’s feet had long claws instead of nails, as did it’s hands. It’s face was the worst. The sharp angular lines of it’s face seemed totally wrong to her. It’s mouth was filled with sharp fang like teeth. Two sharp tusks pushed up from it’s cheeks. And it’s eyes, it’s eyes were red like fire. They seemed to burn in it’s sockets.

Naomi wanted to scream, to run. Only her body was frozen by fear. The thing stretched, flexing it’s muscles for a moment. She could see them ripple as it moved. Knew that it could tear her apart with out any worry. It turned it’s gaze on her, looking straight at her. Naomi gasped in shock at the heat from that gaze. She could feel it on her skin, like standing too close to a fire when it was lit. The demon moved it’s gaze slowly down her body, then began to move back up. As it did Naomi felt her body react. Not with fear, but need and lust. Her skin seemed to tighten under the hear of it’s gaze. She shifted her legs, parting them slight. Felt her pussy grow warm, wet as it’s gaze flashed up passed it. Her breath grew deep, slowing down. When the gaze reached her breasts she felt the nipples grow almost painfully tight. She gasped at the sensation, as if someone has just licked over them. Then the demon was looking into her eyes. Instantly her fear vanished. Instead she felt need, it’s need and lust for her. Her body responded in reply.

Naomi had never deluded herself that she was sexy or anything. She had still got most of her puppy fat, which gave her a rounded appearance. Her breast were not pert, or large. Instead they were round, slightly downward pointing with small nipples. Her face was ok to look at, but she was by no means a stunner in the looks department. However, at that moment she felt like the sexiest woman alive. Her gaze flicked down to the rapidly growing erection the demon was getting. She licked her lips at the sheer size of him. It just added to her body’s lust for him. Unconsciously she tilted her shoulders back, pushing her breasts towards him. He smiled at her and stepped forwards. Naomi breath in deeply, heat already spreading between her legs. God she had never felt this turned on before, not even with Ian.

“I am Assurus, your name is?” He said in a deep voice that filled the garage.

“Nomi.” She told him softly.

“Umm, nice name.” He said as he stopped in front of her. Towering over her completely, she craned her neck back to look up at him. “And what is it you want from me Nomi.” He said slowly looking her straight in the eyes. “Let me see, ah yes multiple orgasms, to be able to attract any man you want. The usual then, oh this is unusual. To had the ability to deep throat a man, even though you don’t enjoy the experience you want to make it as good as possible for the man. Interested, but you will be glad to know I don’t require you to suck me off.” Naomi nodded, struck dumb by the sheer presence of this sexual being stood in front of her. The pure lust coming off him was overwhelming. She felt light head from it. She watched as he lifted one hand up. Hissed when he ran one claw across her breast. A thing red line appeared where he had cut her. He lent down and licked it, then circled his tongue over her breast. Naomi gasped, arching her back to offer her breasts to him. He took the offer, drawing her breast into his mouth. Sucking deeply on it. His tongue curling around her nipple. Naomi murmured at the deep sensation, feeling the heat growing between her legs. Slowly he lifted his head back up, watching her all the time.

“You seem very responsive Nomi. I think I might find out how responsive.” He said to her, as he spoke she felt his hand run down her stomach. She parted her legs as she felt him rubbing between them. For a moment she felt a slight stab of fear that he was going to push a claw into her pussy. He did not, instead he ran on finger along her pussy. ...

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