T-shirt and Shorts .....

She met me at the door, dressed in her t-shirt and cut off tight blue jean shorts. She sat with a cigarette in her hand she motioned me in. We sat on the sofa making small talk as we always did, the kids were in bed, and her husband was at work. We decided that night we would rent a movie and eat popcorn and veg out for awhile. She stood going into the kitchen to make some drinks. I watcher her get up and walk into the other room. Her ass was fit snuggly into those jean shorts, with just a hint of her ass cheek showing.
She sat back down beside me on the sofa handing me a drink. I placed it on the table beside me. She rose to turn the lights off. We watched a few minutes of some chick flick, but I was to busy trying to get peaks of her nice large breast through her t-shirt. Finally, I leaned in and put my arm around her, she snuggled closer to my breast. We watched more of the movie while I contemplated my next move. Finally, I decided to lean in to her face, closer, my lips brushed against hers, she turned her face up and looked at me with her beautiful hazel eyes. I held her face in my hand and kissed her lips softly and gently. I was not going to scare her this time, she had never been with another woman, but always wanted to be, and I wanted her a lot and had for sometime.
Her lips met mine the soft moistness of her tongue flicked mine repeatedly as our kiss became deeper. I turned to her and my hands held her neck I softly began to kiss her neck, behind her ear, and down to the soft spot in her throat. My hand started to wander I ran it along the curve of her back while I continue to keep my lips on her skin, her breath quickened as I kissed her . My hand rested on the top of her breast, I didn’t’ want to scare her so I moved very slowly and deliberately. I rubbed gently through her t-shirt, she moved my face toward her lips, her kiss became more determined and bolder. I knew that I was getting to her. I rubbed her nipples through her bra and t-shirt they were hard and I knew what I was doing to her.
I stopped kissing her and looked at her, and I whispered to her was she sure. She answered my question with a hard kiss. I held her tightly so I could feel her curves better. My hand made its way to the bottom of her t-shirt and I reached into it until I hit her bra. I went over the top to her nice hard little nipple. Her tits were big with nice hard pink nipples, that stood very erect when she was horny. I continue to pinch and pull her nipple while I kissed her neck. We had lost all focus that we were in the living room and the kids were asleep in their rooms close by. She suddenly seemed to realize where she was.
She stood and took my hand we walked back the hall to her room. Never taking my eyes off her ass we walked into the bedroom. She shut and locked the door and turned to look at me. I put my arms around her and kissed her again, she moved to the bed and laid down on it, inviting me to take my place beside her. I lay on the bed and immediately pulled her shirt up and over her tits. I began to kiss and lick the tops of them slowly, I reached into her bra and released them from their restraint. I began bite her nipples, I would suck one then the other then bite one and then the other. She began to gasp for breath thrusting her hips toward me as I continue to suck and bite. I kissed down her belly to the tops of her jean shorts. I looked at her, never taking my eyes off her face as I unbuttoned the top button. Her lip quivered in anticipation. I moved the zipper down I could see the tops of her black lace panties.
Sliding her shorts off her long legs, I bent between her legs kissing her thighs, rubbing her thighs until I reached that sweet center of hers. I could see the black curly hair through her panties, the sight made my pussy drenched and I knew I would have to have her soon. I rubbed slowly over her pussy through her panties, I noticed that their was a deep wet spot in the center, which was spreading rapidly. Her breathing had become more like panting, her hips thrust toward my hand. I continued to rub gently over her black panties. I ...

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