I made mention in my first story about a recent meeting with the woman who took my virginity when I was just turning sixteen, it had been many years since we’d last met and Linda, my first, was now seventy six years old and it had been ten years or more since our paths had last crossed. Linda had moved to the States to live with the older of her two daughters and was on her first trip home, accompanied by her great granddaughter Claire who would turn sixteen during their visit to Scotland, the first overseas trip for the young girl and perhaps Linda’s last ever trip to her homeland.
Claire was the image of what I’d have imagined her great grandmother might have looked at the same age, I say imagined as Linda had been forty six when we’d first met, I had been the sixteen year old. Now I was forty six and the chance meeting with the two had me feeling like a sixteen year old all over again. Linda had done her best during our conversation not to give her great granddaughter even a hint that our relationship had been anything other than purely platonic but her giggles and the blush in her cheeks at my feeble attempts at humour would have been obvious to anyone looking for the signs. Claire might have been young but she wasn’t stupid, I had offered to give them a lift back to the hotel they were staying in but Linda had declined, Claire on the other hand accepted my card and my offer to perhaps take them a drive in the country and around the coastline while they were visiting, in principal at least. Her smile as she told me she would persuade her great gran into accepting my offer had the same effect that her great gran’s mouth used to have, only her lips would usually be around my cock as it hardened, Claire’s lips on the other hand were just parted to show her teeth and the tip of her tongue poking out as she giggled, but it was enough to give me the same desire, the moment “I’d love to see those lips wrapped round my dick,” popped into my head, I was immediately hard, followed quickly by the second thought, “Oh shit, I hope she doesn’t notice, or worse still, Linda!” Not that I would have minded a roll in the hay with Linda for old times’ sake, so what if she was seventy six, she still looked great for her age, hell, she’d have looked great for fifty six, I just didn’t want her thinking that the first thing I thought of on meeting her was sex, worse still, I didn’t want her to think my first thought was sex with her sixteen year old great granddaughter.
I’d never been so glad of a shopping basket in my hand which conveniently hid my raging boner, not before I imagined a quick glance by Claire in the direction of my crotch, wishful thinking on my part I told myself, quickly trying to come up with something to say to cover my awkwardness. The only snag was that they were leaving and I was only entering the store, I decided that I couldn’t let the meeting end so soon, who knows, I might not get another chance to cross paths with them during the remainder of their visit and if so I knew there was a good chance we’d never meet again.
I made a show of pretending that I’d forgotten what it was I’d come into the store to buy and accompanied them out into the carpark making Smalltalk about the weather and local places Linda should show Claire during their visit, all the while looking for a chance to engineer another meeting. I again offered to drive them to their hotel, trying not to look or sound desperate, but hoping Linda would read into my offer my desire to prolong the moment, if only so I could spend a few more precious minutes in her company. This had a twofold effect, Linda relented, still blushing, that spark in her eyes which I remembered from years past was there for me to see and hopefully not misinterpreted, the way she ran her tongue across her bottom lip before acceding to my offer had me stifling a moan which I covered with an exaggerated cough. Claire on the other hand seemed a bit too enthusiastic about what was supposedly a two minute drive to the hotel. One way or the other I knew I had to make the most of this opportunity, one way or another I was intent on fucking one of them before their trip ended. Might seem a bit extreme, on the one hand I had a long history with Linda, a seventy six year old great grandmother, but on the other, here was the sixteen year old version of her, wrapped up in the beautiful face and body of Claire, tables turned, she was the sixteen year old virgin, I was the forty six year old potential teacher in the arts of sexual intercourse. Ok, so I might not have been an expert but I knew my way around the female body and I’d never had any complaints, I’d even had the odd compliment in the thirty years since Linda gave me my first lessons.
I guided the two ladies in the direction of my car, and it being a beautiful sunny day I already had the top down on my old jeep wrangler, not the most fuel efficient of vehicles but it was red and I liked it, I could even convince myself I looked cool behind the wheel, just as long as I didn’t try to give anyone else that impression, then that would have been an immediate failure on my part. “ I love your car” Claire squealed, clapping her hands, “That’s what I’ve been trying to get my dad to buy me once I’ve finished drivers Ed. and get my licence, so cool for going to the beach.” Linda laughed, “You wouldn’t have the top down very often on trips to the beach if you lived here, you’d be better off with a bus ticket and a good umbrella.”, now I laughed, “The soft American lifestyle has twisted your memories of long Scottish summers,” I replied, Linda laughed even louder, “Oh yes, I remember one summer when it didn’t rain for a whole three days.” I just shook my head and rolled my eyes at Claire, “What have they done to this poor old woman over there?” I asked her. “Not so much of the old,” Linda butted in, punching me on the arm, “You never used to think I was an old woman when I was…….” She caught herself just in time, leaving the end of the sentence hanging in the air, quickly glancing at Claire to see if it had registered with her. Too late, it had, although admittedly if she’d been paying attention she couldn’t have helped but notice that there was more between Linda and I than just a mere acquaintanceship, the fact that Linda had yet to elaborate on how exactly we knew each other, what hadn’t been said had been more important than what had, Claire might have been only sixteen but she wasn’t stupid.

Once into the jeep and out onto the road Claire suggested we stop at somewhere that served takeout coffee instead of heading straight to their hotel, “It’s a beautiful day, I think we should take a drive so you two can catch up, or should I take a long walk for an hour or two while you two go back to the hotel to catch up in private?” Linda grabbed my thigh with her right hand and squeezed, I knew it was intended as a warning for me to stay silent. “What could you possibly mean young lady?” she asked, doing her best to sound ignorant about the implication of Claire’s question. Claire laughed; I could see her in the rear-view mirror, her head back, young pert breasts jiggling, and mouth open as she laughed. “What is so funny?” Linda asked her, releasing my leg from her grasp with a jolt, only now realising that she’d actually been digging her nails into my thigh. “I hope you are not talking about what I think you are talking about” she continued, sounding just a bit angry, “That is not the way to be talking in front of someone you’ve just met, your great grandmother young girl.” Now she was angry, or at least I thought she was, and I’m sure she was hoping that Claire believed likewise. She did not, and if she did it didn’t stop her digging deeper.
“Come on gran, you’ve been acting like a schoolgirl who doesn’t want anyone to know she fancies the teacher ever since we met Scott,” I couldn’t help but laugh, even though I knew I shouldn’t, Linda gave me a stern look which had me apologising profusely. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh, it is a funny analogy, even if I have no idea what you are talking about, I only know your great gran because I used to deliver her milk when I was your age, I haven’t seen her in years, probably since before you were born.” I thought I better shut up, If I talked much more I might put my foot in it. “You delivered her milk?” Claire was laughing again, “Sorry to be blunt gran but when you saw Scott in the store I could tell that he used to deliver cream to you as well.” Her smart remark made her laugh even louder, but it hit the mark and Linda’s face was bright red, and she had a smile on her face that her great granddaughter couldn’t see. “Did someone mention coffee?” I announced, trying to change the subject, it worked and the short drive to the nearest shop that sold take out coffee was completed in silence, broken only by me taking coffee orders from the two ladies, what was said between the two while I was inside getting the order I was soon to find out before the afternoon was over. Rather than ask Linda if there was somewhere in particular that she wanted to go I just drove while they sipped their hot coffees, taking the road to a nearby spot which myself and Linda had often many years ago, I knew Claire would be oblivious to our goings on at this place but more importantly I hoped it would jog Linda’s memory of our visits there when I was in my late teens and early twenties when Linda’s younger daughter, Claire’s grandmother’s younger sister, had married and moved with her new husband to the States it meant that Linda was then alone in her home and it was easier for us to meet when we wanted with no need for drives to beaches and into the countryside for hurried fumbling car sex.

As I turned off the main road onto the single track leading down to the little sandy cove Linda finally spoke, “It must be nearly twenty five years since I was last at this beach” she commented lightly, “You didn’t have such a spacious roomy car back then, did you? “ Not the comment I was expecting, but I didn’t need to reply, “Eeeew, gran, that’s disgusting, were you taking Scott here when he was a young man so you could have your wicked way with him?” Now I thought I should speak, “What kind of programs and books do sixteen year olds see in the states, you’ve a vivid imagination young lady!” I was half hoping she might drop the subject and half hoping Claire might fancy a trip here with me by herself when her next statement made the day an even more exciting prospect. “While you were getting the coffees I got gran to admit that you and her had a thing going on back in the olden days” she was having fun with this line of topic now. “The olden days ? The fucking olden days ? ok so I might be your GREAT grandmother, but I could still show you and your age group a thing or two young lady, you make me sound ancient.” Now Linda was laughing. I thought I could see where this was going, after all, it was my idea to come to this spot, this scenario must have been in my mind, hell, who wouldn’t fantasise about getting it on with a sexy mature lady and a young nubile sixteen year old at the same time ? “Would someone please let me in the joke?” I asked as I brought the car to a stop.
Desperate for something to distract myself from the possibilities and the memories of past visits to this beach I reached for my coffee and sat quietly sipping the hot liquid, waiting for someone else to speak so I didn’t need to. I waited, several minutes passed in awkward silence, I lit a cigarette and practically inhaled it in one long draw, still there was silence, I’d had enough, rightly or wrongly I’d need to be the one to speak, “what’s the worst that could happen?” I asked myself, knowing that eventually they’d be heading back to the States and our paths would never cross again, the worst I could do was offend a woman in her seventies and disgust a sixteen year old mouthy American, a glance in the mirror showed me Claire sitting pouting in the back seat, brows furrowed as she weighed up the situation or maybe she was just trying to remember the words to some song or other, who can tell with teenagers? “Ok, this isn’t awkward, if the scenery is boring you I can always take you back to your hotel, or is there somewhere else you’d rather go or something you’d rather be doing?” I knew what I’d rather be doing but at that moment I was beginning to regret this whole road trip, this was beyond awkward and potentially embarrassing in the wrong circumstances.
“What age were you when you first had sex with my seventy six year old great grandmother?” Claire finally decided she would be the one to speak. Blunt, and to the point, even if it wasn’t exactly an accurate question.
“For a start I wasn’t seventy six, I haven’t always been this age” Linda replied for me, before continuing,
“I was forty six, if you really must know, not that it is any of your damn business young lady.”
“Oh well that makes all the difference then,” Claire replied, “You were forty six, what age are you Scott?”
“Forty six,” I spoke, deciding to get the charade over and down with, sensing that Claire was either teasing her great grandmother or intent on being cruel just to get a kick.
“You are forty six, the same age as gran was, so that must mean you were only sixteen when you slept with my gran? Same age as me, how’s that for coincidence?”
“You just get that idea out of your head this instant my girl,” Linda interjected, turning round in her seat to face her great granddaughter, “just get it right out of your head, your father would kill me, your mother would kill me, your grandmother and grandfather would kill me, and I’ll kill you!”
I had my head in my hands by now, wanting the ground to swallow me up, this was the least erotic scenario I could imagine, but Linda wasn’t finished, no, she had more to say.
“It might be more than ten years since I last saw Scott but if anyone is going to get to sit on his hard cock it is going to be me.” She was not looking at Claire now, she was looking at me, when I returned her gaze she winked at me, I had to smile although I was shaking my head in despair, “Bloody tourists.” I muttered under my breath and winked back.
“So you were fucking my great gran for twenty years?” Claire now asked me directly, you could tell where her forebears came from, especially in this town.
I was saying nothing unless Linda indicated that it was alright for me to do so, it was her great granddaughter asking the questions, I had no way of knowing what she’d do with the answers. I looked at Linda, shrugging my shoulders, she patted me on the thigh, giving it another squeeze, “She is teasing you Scott, she already knows the answer, it was a long queue in the coffee shop.” She moved her hand from my thigh and traced a finger along the outline of my dick, it didn’t have the effect it might otherwise have done if we had been alone, I knew she was in her seventies but I didn’t care, to me she still looked as good as she had that night before my sixteenth birthday over thirty years ago, her hairstyle still hadn’t changed, her face had one or two more lines but then so had mine and between the two of us she was the one who was ageing better. What was a man to do in such circumstances?
“If we are going to do this can we go back to the hotel?” Claire asked, I’d forgotten she was even there for a moment.
“Firstly who is we? And secondly, what is the this that this we are supposedly going to do?” I asked, addressing Claire.

“Well Scott, me and my nan nan are very close, we share everything and I’ve heard a few stories about her mystery lover from the past, it was part of the plan to meet you while we were here, it was just a coincidence we bumped into you today. I knew it was you before she’d even noticed you in the store, even if you’ve aged from the description she gave me when she first told me how you met, we’ve been planning this trip for two years.”
“That’s right Scott,” Linda added, “I wasn’t telling her about you when you were getting coffee, we were deciding who got you first.”
It seemed that Linda had first told Claire about me when she had been fourteen and Claire had thought it was a romantic story, I could see that, through my sixteen year old eyes, but I could also see that when roles were reversed and it was a forty six year old man and a sixteen year old girl it came across as being a bit less so. Hell, I was flattered, extremely flattered, fuck she was a beautiful girl, and of course I’d love to fuck her but I wasn’t going to come right out and say so, not with Linda sitting there, even if she was party to this scheme they’d dreamt up between them. Despite our history, if it came to fucking only one of them I’d be hard-pressed to decide, Claire was the hotter of the two by several country miles, even if I had always preferred older women but I wouldn’t want to offend Linda by not choosing her, even if it had been her idea, there was a large measure of “for old times’ sake” at the back of my mind, the knowledge that Linda was probably making her last ever visit to her hometown, I had nearly decided that rather than offend my old lover I would rather decline the invite altogether, what’s a fuck for the sake of a fuck, some men might not see it that way and would already be balls deep in fresh virgin pussy in the time it was taking me to formulate an answer, but I had more respect for both of them than that, it was their trip, their plan, their choice, I was just the cock owner in the plan.
“Let’s go back to the hotel Scott,” Linda had known me well enough to see that I was struggling with the whole scenario, “Unless you have somewhere else you have to be?” she added, I imagined she was referring to family and home.
“No, there is nowhere else I have to be, nor is there anywhere else I’d rather be, I am at your disposal for as long as you want me to be, or need me to be.” I answered, starting the jeep and swinging it round to head back to the main road and onwards in the direction of town and their hotel on the opposite side of the loch.
It was a small hotel, only thirty rooms, theirs being the only suite which was actually situated in the coach house adjoining the main building. Very private which was good, no prying eyes to see two American visitors entering their room with a middle aged local man in tow. When we got to the hotel the ladies took the bags they’d been carrying when I’d first met them out of the jeep and into the room, I’d forgotten all about the bags or given any thought to why they’d even been buying foodstuffs in the first place? It became clear when I entered the coach house, as well as having two large bedrooms it had a large lounge/dining room and a small kitchen so that the guests could prepare snacks or meals should they wish to rather than eat in the main hotel dining room or order room service. Not that they’d bought much in the way of food, a few snacks, bread and cheese, some fruit and three bottles of champagne and two bottles of wine. They’d obviously been stocking up for their planned seduction when they’d bumped into me earlier that day. Linda suggested I use the shower in the main bathroom while they got themselves more comfortable and opened some champagne, despite the fact I still hadn’t decided what I was open to I did ask asked, the two girls retiring to the bedrooms to make use of the en-suites in the two bedrooms. After showering I pulled on the white towelling robe that had been left hanging on the door and went back to the lounge, the ladies were nowhere to be seen so I opened a bottle of champagne and made myself comfortable on the couch.

I was still having doubts about this whole scenario, not because I found either Linda or Claire sexually attractive, on the contrary, under normal circumstances I’d have been like any other red blooded male and been only too keen to get stuck right in for a leisurely afternoon of sex, these were not normal circumstances. Ignoring the age difference between the two women there was the whole incestual angle, not the mother/daughter fantasy beloved of many a porn movie watcher, this was far more extreme, Linda was Claire’s great grandmother, I thought I’d taken my involvement in sexual shenanigans with this family to the greatest extreme, more than I had done some years earlier when I was in my late twenties when I’d hooked up briefly with one of Linda’s granddaughters, not Claire’s mother but her cousin, the daughter of Linda’s youngest, Anne had been a bit younger than me but only by a few years, and had spied on her gran and me during one of our trysts when she had been over here on holiday. Luckily Anne had taken her looks from her gran rather than her mother who was with the best will in the world, on the plain side and had been the daughter who’d answered the door to me all those years ago on the night when Linda had taken my virginity. If circumstances had been different, had I not been married at the time and her grandmother’s lover, and if we had lived on the same continent, then I could have seen myself and Anne having a long term future together. Our relationship had lasted only a few weeks but had been intense, it had broken my heart when her holiday ended and she had to return to the States. I’d never forgotten Anne and being re-united with Linda and meeting Claire brought all the old memories rushing back. I was still sitting, lost in thought, remembering my time with Anne when Claire and Linda entered the room.
I really didn’t know what to expect, what was to be expected of me during the next few hours. The last thing I expected was that they were going to double team me for want of a better term, but as I looked up I saw that both ladies were naked except for the presence of a short robe that Claire was wearing and in her great grandmother’s case a white towel.
“Oh shit!” the sound of my own voice made me aware that I’d spoken out loud what I’d been thinking when I saw them standing before me.
“How would sir like us?” said Linda with a smile, adding an exaggerated courtesy to break the ice. I just shook my head, what had I let myself in for? If I didn’t get thoughts about Anne and the whole family angle out of my head then the afternoon would be spent watching telly or playing cards, if the limp dick between my legs was anything to go by.
“Are you comfortable with this?” I asked, looking from one to the other and back again before continuing. “I mean to say, Claire is your great granddaughter, I know it would scar me for life if I saw my parents have sex never mind a great grandparent!” I was addressing Linda having decided that she was in charge, it certainly not up to me, if she didn’t want me to touch Claire then it would make no odds what I desired or Claire wanted. Linda looked at Claire, then back at me, then back to Claire who nodded her head and grinned from ear to ear.
“You know what I want gran” she said, “We discussed this with auntie Anne before we came here, I told both of you that I wanted to find out if Scott was the great lover you both claim that he is!” She was looking me straight in the groin as she said this, which was having an immediate effect on my cock which gave a twitch of approval, and momentarily side-tracked me from the actually implication of what she had just said.
Realisation suddenly dawned on me, “Wait a minute, did you just mention Anne?” both of them laughed out loud, dissolving into a fit of giggles. Linda wagged her finger at me.

“You don’t think I didn’t know about you and Anne did you?” a scolding shake of the head and more finger wagging. “You might not have known that she was watching us fuck all those years ago but I did, it was me that told her to seduce you after I caught her playing with her pussy in my bathroom after you’d left, if she hadn’t been so shy then you would have had a threesome with us instead of sneaking about behind my back the whole time she was here.” This piece of information had an even greater effect on my cock which was now at full length despite any reservations my brain might still have had.
“I think he would have liked that judging by what is sticking out of his robe right now,” announced Claire, pointing at my cock which had managed to escape the confines of my robe despite my attempt at modesty. “Looks like Scott has a liking for the women in our family.” She finished.
“I’m sorry Scott,” Linda said, “If you were as fond of Anne as she was of you then it must have been a pretty intense few weeks, especially if just the mention of her name can get you hard after more than fifteen years? I hope I had the same effect on little Scott when I was in my prime?” more laughter, but this time a bit of a nervous edge to it, as if the question was more serious than joking.
“Of course it did,” I replied, “I still does, just the sight of you after a decade,” my voice trailed off as I heard myself beginning to sound patronising towards her. I tried to get back to the original question, “Why you ...

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