Take Care

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Fantasy, Gays

“You’ve gotta take care of your cocksuckers, dude.”
Mike frowned. “What do you mean by that?”
Andrew leaned forward. “Listen: You’ve got a gay friend who genuinely likes your cock. Now I
know he doesn’t turn you on, and I know you feel weird about it, but the fact of the matter is he’ll
be there for you when the girls let you down. If you want him to be good to you, you’ve got to be
good to him, and that means letting him have it some of the time.”
Mike’s frown turned into an awkward grimace. “I dunno. He’s my friend, and I don’t want to just
use him like some kind of jack-off toy. Besides, wouldn’t that just make things awkward when
we’re hanging out normally?”
“It’s only as awkward as you or he makes it.” Andrew looked right and left and lowered his
voice. “Your brother and I had this buddy Chad a few years ago. We were friendly with him, let
him see us change clothes in front of him, and every once in a while we let him blow us. Then
that bitch Kristina played your brother to make her ex jealous and tried to pass it off as nothing.
He used Chad’s mouth for a solid week so he wouldn’t be tempted to hook up with her again.”
Mike’s eyes widened - he hadn’t heard that part of the story. “Chad never made a big deal out
of it, and he never told anyone. He was just grateful for a chance at some straight dick. The
three of us still go out for beer when your bro’s back in town, and it’s just buddies hanging out,
there’s nothing weird at all.”
“Hmmm.” Mike thought for a moment. “Maybe you’ve got a point. I wouldn’t mind having
something better than my hand on a regular basis. I guess I won’t know what could happen
unless I ask.”
Andrew agreed, and they finished lunch chatting about other things. Afterwards, as Mike
walked from the food court to his dorm, he thought about ways of broaching the subject with
Noah sat at his desk with a textbook open in front of him and his fingers on his keyboard. To
the rest of the world it looked as if he were deep in thought about some homework problem,
but he was much more distracted than that. Scenes from the previous Saturday night kept
flashing through his brain, and try as he might he couldn’t keep from obsessing over them.
The water cascading over Mike’s bulging pecs and chiseled abs . . . the throbbing erection,
longer than any he’d seen, pointing straight at his face . . . Mike’s drunken voice calling
him “cocksucker” . . . . Noah’s dick started to grow in his pants. Shit, he thought, It’s been
about 40 hours, and I think I’ve jacked off 40 times. He had lost count already by Sunday
morning. None of his work was getting done, and the pages in his notebook from the day’s
lectures were virtually blank.
He turned his head a bit and glanced at his roommate. Pete was doing something on his
computer and showed no sign of leaving. That meant if he wanted to take care of himself he
would have to go looking for a deserted bathroom somewhere, which was always gross and
awkward and best kept for last resorts. Turning back to his work, he sighed and tried very hard
to focus.
Work actually started flowing for a few minutes, and then, out of the corner of his eye, Noah
saw Mike walk into his room next door. All thoughts of productivity left Noah’s brain and his
cock throbbed almost painfully. Mike and he being neighbors in the dorm didn’t help his state
of mind any. At least Mike hadn’t brought up Saturday night in a negative way. The fact that he
hadn’t brought it up at all, though, just left Noah’s head spinning with the possibilities. Would
something like that ever happen again? Or would his friendship with Mike disintegrate into
awkwardness and avoidance?
Well, one thing was certain: Noah’s mind wasn’t getting any clearer by just sitting there. He
took a deep breath, tried to ignore his palpitating heart, and walked over to talk with Mike.
Mike arrived in his room a bit worked up as well. He had never had sexual desires for a guy,
but he was a horny 18 year old, and the mere thought of having someone else work on his dick
aroused him. His roommate was out playing frisbee that night, so he shucked off his pants and
sweater, started up his computer, and pulled up one of his favorite websites.
He had forgotten to check that his door was shut, though. Noah, being used to hanging out
in his neighbor’s room, thought nothing of walking right in. “Hey M-”, he began, freezing in his
tracks and letting his mouth hang open as he looked up. There in front of him was a computer
screen full of oversized tits, and in front of that was Mike in his undershirt and boxers and with a
hand on his crotch. He began to stammer out an apology, but Mike beat him to it.
“Oops, guess you caught me in one of those moods,” Mike laughed. “Sorry, I should’ve closed
the door.”
“No worries. I get distracted like that too when I have those moods,” Noah managed to reply.
Mike tried to joke around a bit to ease the awkwardness. “Oh? I thought you weren’t into tits
like this,” he said, gesturing at his computer screen.
Noah chuckled. “Even if I don’t get off to the same things, I still think getting off is awesome in
general.” As he spoke, his eyes kept dropping to the now uncovered plaid tent in Mike’s lap.
He began to feel a bit warmer, and the tube in his pants thickened.
Mike watched Noah eyeing his crotch and grinned. Deciding to play it up a bit, he leaned back
in his chair and put his hands behind his head, putting his raging boner on full display. As
nonchalantly as he could, he said, “I think I know what you mean. I’ve never wanted another
guy, but what you did for me Saturday night was pretty awesome, better than I ever do with my
hand for sure. I guess I should say thank you.” He smiled and looked up at his visibly sweating
and blushing friend.
“N-N-No problem, I mean you’re really- I mean, it was awesome for me too.” Was Mike actually
coming on to him? Everything from the bulging pecs and crotch to the toned ...

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