taking care of a problem

“God I hate that BITCH!” I told myself as I climbed through the window of my bedroom at two in the morning. “If she thinks that I’m just going to forget this, she has another thing coming” I thought as I crawled into bed to get some sleep before school.

Hi my name is Jack and I live out in the country on the outskirts of town. My father died in an accident at work and with his life insurance and the pay out from his job. It set my mother up so that she would never have to work or think about money for life. I was young at the time about nine or ten but old enough to be that person to hold the family together. I have a twin sister Cindy and life was about as normal as you could get it for a while after his death.

My mother never marry and really didn’t date much either. Life for me was going good to till my mother let my sister’s best friend Zoe come and live with us. Now I was always an athlete in school with my sister, so we both were in very good shape. I was 6’ 190 lbs and was blessed down below with a 7½” uncut thick piece of meat. My sister had a runner’s body at 5’9” 150lbs with very nice legs, a small waist, and B cup perky tits. We both had blond hair like our mother, but my mother was the only one to have long hair because I like the fauxhawk look and my sister real short hair that she would wear flat or spike up some times.

I had a few girlfriends here and there but nothing to long because I didn’t like being tied down to someone. My sister on the other hand never dated and some times I would think that maybe she was a lesbian with all the time she was with Zoe. Now Zoe was only 5’2” 170lbs with black short hair that she always had in two pigtails. She had large C cup tits that had to sag because when she wore her bikini in the summer they hung down little. She was a little chubby in the waist but not fat. I always had a thing for her but being my sister’s best friend I knew that that was a line I couldn’t cross.

Zoe came to us when we were all around fifteen because she was an only child and her parents both died in a car crash. Her only relatives lived five states over and being that she didn’t see them much she came to live with us and finish school here with her friends. We had the room and my mother was a very caring person so she moved in and my life was changed forever.

Now that we only had two more weeks of school till we graduate and I was so done with high school I would say out all night and come home through the back door so my mother would know. Last night was different because I know that Zoe locked the grate and I had to climb in through my window and cut myself on the rose bush going up.

It all started with me calling her fat or something because I was watching TV and she came in and wanted to do her yoga with the wii. I wouldn’t give up the remote and she called out to my mother and my mother told me to be a man and go up to my room and give her the room. I walked out calling her a fat fuck and left the house. I knew when I got home and the grate to the backyard was locked that was never locked that she did it.

This was a new day and I would get her back. I couldn’t get to sleep till around five and doing so over slept for school. When I got up no one was home and being that I was too late for school. I sat my computer playing games thinking about how I was going to get her back. As the morning went on I thought about things to do to her or things to spread around school, but with school ending that would not be as great. Till it hit me and I got up and ran to her room. She shared a room with my sister down the hall with their own bathroom attached to it. I went in and looked around in there room and bathroom. Being average teenagers their room was a mess and things were ever where. I went back to my room and grabbed my wireless web cam and placed it in there bathroom up on a shelf looking right at their shower. As I was heading back to my room to see if I had the cam in the right place; I saw that her laptop was still open on her bed. I went over and picked it up and opened her email to get all her friends address and headed to my room. I checked to cam and I was right in position to see her when she would take a shower and film it.

“This is going to be so good” I thought to myself as I head the door open and the girls come home. I logged on to the cam and kept it so I could record when I needed it. Today Zoe had work so she headed in to their room and into the bathroom. I saw her on the cam and started to record her.

Zoe walked in the bathroom and stripped out of her cloths. She had an ok body with a little belly and some meat on her thighs but as I thought as soon as she got the bra off her tits sagged down. I didn’t have sound so I couldn’t hear what she was saying in front of the mirror as she looked at herself. Maybe that she didn’t like her body because she was turning around as she looked at the mirror and poking herself. This was the first time I got a real good look at her ass and did she have an ass. It was a very nice plump ass that had a little bounce to it as she turned.

Next she started to mock someone as she made herself look like a monkey. Was she mocking me I thought? Boy she was in for it. I was getting real good footage as she danced around the bathroom as she waited for the water to warm up. Zoe got in the shower and started to wash herself. My mother had this thing for cleaning all the time and things to be very modern, so the glass door was like a window and I could see every thing. This is why I struck gold with what happen next and I would have it all on film. After Zoe soaped herself all up she started to rub her hand through her black public hair. She had a small bush of hair and was now running her fingers through it. She next grabbed one of her tits and started to squeeze it and she worked her fingers into her pussy. Zoe was masturbating and I was watching it all.

It was what happened next that sealed it for good. At the right of the screen I saw my sister walk into the bathroom naked and head to the shower. Now I never really thought about my sister in a sexual way but seeing her body made my semi hard cock go completely rock hard. With her perky tits, flat abs, and tiny ass my sister had a killer body. She entered the shower and wrapped her arms around Zoe and gave her a super hot kiss. I putted my cock from my pants and started to jerk myself off to this scene on my computer screen. I could see that my sister was completely shaved and as Zoe’s hands ran up and down her body I was getting very horny. They broke the kiss and Cindy got down on her knees as Zoe put one leg up on the bench and Cindy started to lick and suck on Zoe’s pussy. This was the hottest thing I every seen and as Cindy did this Zoe ran her fingers through Cindy’s hair and pinched her own nipples. This went on for about ten minutes till you could see that Zoe came and Cindy stopped and got back up to kiss her again. They kissed a little bit more and then Cindy left the shower and grabbed a towel as she headed out of the bathroom. Zoe finished up and followed behind Cindy and out of the room.

I looked down at myself to see that I blew my own load in front of myself and now was stroking a soft cock. “This was too easy” I told my self as I cleaned up my mess and shut off the web cam. I heard Zoe leave a couple minutes later and then Cindy popped her head in to tell me that she was heading out and wouldn’t be back till tomorrow evening. She was meeting our mother and heading to see our grandparents up state. I knew this and since I didn’t want to go I told them I would watch the house and stuff. This gave me time to put my plan into action with Zoe. She was going to be back around eight and then she would be all mine.

I made the edits to the video and sent a copy to Zoe with some of the email address I had. Eight o’clock came and Zoe came home and told me to go fuck myself as she walked passed the living room being that she still was mad at me calling her fat. She headed to her room and within five minutes was screaming down the stairs yelling at me at what the fuck did I do. I played dumb and ask what? To which she asked what was the video in her email and what was I planning on doing with it.
“I’m tired of being the one that has to do everything around here.” “I’m tired of you, who’s not even part of this family, getting me in trouble because you are PMSing that day” I told her. “But” she started to say before I cut her off.
“I have many copies of the video and I have a lot more people you know that I can email to if you don’t do what I tell you” I told her as she stood there dumb founded.

Zoe was silent as she stood there is shock of what was really taking place. “I’m sorry for everything, I’ll do anything just delete the video” Zoe said as tears started to form in the corners of her eyes. “No, I think I will keep it for insurance reasons” I told her. “Bit what about your sister, this would destroy her too” Zoe started to say.
I told her that I have her blurred out of the one I would send and all you can tell is that you are with another girl in the shower.

At this Zoe dropped to her knees begging for me to not do this to her. She was very sorry for everything and would never do anything to me again. I told her that it was too late for that and now she was mine.

“Stand and remove your cloths” I told her. “What are your fucking mad?” “I’m not getting naked in front of you pervert” she yelled back. I took out my phone and told her that if she wasn’t naked in ten seconds she would have her video emailed to not only all her friends but to all of the high school students. I raised my finger up and started to move it to the phone as to send the video when Zoe cried out to stop and she would do it.

She started to remove her uniform shirt and reveal a black pin stripe bra with pink lace that held in her big tits. She then unbuttoned her pants and pushed them to ground and she had on matching panties. She was in tears as she tried to cover her stomach as she stood there in her underwear. I told her to continue with removing everything and to make it quick. With her still in her bra and panties my cock started to get hard and then she reached back and unclipped her bra. She removed it and her tits fell out as they sagged down to their natural place. Zoe bent down and with her thumbs in the top of her panties pushed them down to her ankles and kicked them off too. Zoe stood up and I could see her thick bush of hair clearer then before and hidden in her public hair was a pair of big pussy lips. Now I know why my sister enjoyed sucking on that pussy in the video.

As Zoe know stood there naked and in tears I told her that she was now my slave. She would do any and every thing I tell her for now on. She was to address me as master and to be naked all times in the house unless I tell her that she can wear something. Zoe was stairing at the floor as I told her this knowing that she didn’t have a chose in the matter. As I told her the rules I could see that being naked in the cool room made her nipples hard and areolas darken. This was sexy for me as I looked over her body more. She had her hair in their pigtails and she had her finger and toe nails both painted black. The more I looked at her the more I was liking what I was seeing. I always had a thing for her but when I dated girls I dated girls with the body type like my sister’s. With this naked girl standing in front of me my cock was tenting my pants and needed to let it out.

“So, since I know you have been with my sister have you been with a guy?” I asked
“That’s none of your business Jack” she snapped back.
I got up from the couch walked over to Zoe and slapped her clear across the face. I hit her so hard that she fell to the floor and started to cry as she rubbed her cheek. “I asked a question bitch” I told her as she lay at my feet. She was balled up and didn’t answer so I had to show her who was boss.

I picked her up by the hair and as I looked her in the eyes before drawing my hand and slapping her across the face again.

“One boy, one boy” she cried out. “I’ve been with one boy one time and that was all” Zoe told me as the tears filled her eyes. She told me how she was with a guy from school and one night she let him fuck her in the back seat of his car and all he did was fuck her till he came and then drove her home. She didn’t get a lot of attention from boys in school because every one just wanted to fuck Cindy and never really looked at her.

This made me feel a little bad but my mind went to all the shit she put me through and all the times I got in trouble by her.

“So what are you going to do now?” she asked. “You are to address me as master” I told her as I slapped her on the ass. Zoe jumped a little as she asked the question again this time addressing me as her master.
“You will have to wait and see” I told her.

I told her to go and make me dinner as I was hungry, as she walked from the room I watched her ass bounce from side to side.

After some time Zoe called from the kitchen and told me dinner was ready. I enter the kitchen to two plates of food at the table and Zoe getting some drinks from the fridge. I sat at the as Zoe poured the drink and then pulled out the chair for herself.

“You can get under that table and attend to what you did before ...

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