Teen cutie gets her fill

Please note: This is not based on a true story, though I wish it was, it is simply a fantasy story based on what I sexually crave and dream of doing...

The house was still, quiet from the absence of my family, and all the lights were out. I was, sad to confess, a little scared of complete darkness so I kept a night light and the hallway bathroom light on. I was laying in bed with the covers pulled off. It was a hot night so I fell asleep in nothing but a silk Japanese nightgown that hugged my tight teen body. My family would be gone for the entire weekend so I had the house to myself, because of this I kept my bedroom door cracked open when normally it would be shut and locked so they could not hear me .
I had just fallen asleep when I hear a cracking that sounded like the breaking of glass. I shot up and peered from the edge of my bed to try to see what was outside my room. I heard movement and rustling and sat back on my bad and grabbed my teddy bear tight to my perky B-cup breasts. I sat quiet, curious as to what was happening.
Before I knew it my door creaked fully open. I could make out the silhouette of a buff man. I held tight to my teddy bear and called out to him.
"Hell..hello? um...Who's there?" My voice shook with both fear and excitement.
"Shhh...don't move and you'll be just fine." His voice was solid and deep with strength so I dared not make any sudden movements or sounds.
"Wha..what do you want?" My body tensed up as he moved closer to my bed.
"Well, I wanted money, but it seems to me like you have nothing that I can pawn in..so, I'll take the next best thing.." His lips curled up in a demented smile from under his ski mask as he sat at the edge of my bed.
"But..I..I have nothing to um..give.." I winced as he ran his huge hand up my smooth thigh and grabbed the back of my neck.
"Oh, I think you have a lot to give. Pretty little pixie such as yourself..oooh..trust me..I can take a lot from you." His voice was deep and warm against my neck and I could feel myself growing wet between the legs.
He ran his hand on the back of my head and grabbed my neck firmly. I had very short pixie hair so he could only grab my neck. He pushed my head down into his lap,the buldge of ...

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