Terror in Ibiza

The long flight from England was over and we had cleared customs after landing at Ibiza. I had been struck by how unfriendly the customs people were here. Not that they are all that friendly anywhere else. We had been warned that the police and government officials here did not pander to tourists. If you had something to say to them, you had best be able to get by in Spanish, because they did not speak English and had no patience with tourists.
We were received much more cordially by the staff at the hotel and check-in went quickly. We were anxious to do a little sight seeing, but it had been a long day and since we had two weeks we decided to get a little rest and a decent meal and start exploring tomorrow.
It was July, and hot outside. The air conditioning in our room was very welcome. Lynn and I explored our room and then unpacked. We decided to take a quick shower and a nap before finding a nice place for dinner. It had been a long day and we had both been so excited about our trip that we had not slept well last night.
I never tired of watching my beautiful girlfriend undress. Lynn is a youthful 45, strawberry blonde, and stands five feet, two inches tall. Her breasts are 36B-cups and she shaves her pussy, and we both like it that way. I think it improves the sex.
We are fairly ‘safe’, sexually, but not boring. I am the only man Lynn has ever had sex with. I have only been with around six women besides her.
I love her to wear low-cut or revealing tops and I like to flash her to other men. She was reluctant, but she knows how much it turns me on and she goes along with it. She is more apt to go along with it on vacation when she knows that there is no one around that knows us or will ever see us again. It still embarrasses her, but I suppose that is part of the thrill for me. I have noticed though, that though she goes along reluctantly, she is always quite wet afterwards. I think she enjoys it more than she lets on.
We are both considered to be attractive, Lynn works in hosiery and I work in an office. We are just your average adult couple. Well, a bit above average maybe. In fact, there is no doubt that Lynn is hot, she loves cock.
We took a nap and when we awoke we were both hungry. We dressed and went downstairs and got directions to a nearby restaurant. Since it was so close we were able to walk and do a little window shopping on the way. It was a little late for dinner and too early for clubbing so the streets were not all that crowded. It was a pleasant walk. We did notice something that we were not used to. There seemed to be a rather large population of black people out and about.
We got to the restaurant and were seated immediately. We ordered drinks and a light supper and both the food and the service were excellent. We had good time and stayed until almost closing time. I paid and left a generous tip and we walked back to the hotel. We went back to our room and ordered a bottle of wine from room service and when it came we sat out on the balcony overlooking the hotel pool and sipped our wine and relaxed.
As we drank I noticed that our balcony was almost, not entirely, but almost private. There were a few other rooms that had a view of us, but it didn't seem like anyone was in a position to observe us. Since Lynn had been drinking most of the day I thought that I might be able to talk her into taking her clothes off and relaxing naked, the way I like her best.
We drank half of the wine and decided it was time for bed. Both of us fell asleep almost immediately; it had been a great first day.
The next few days were spent exploring the island. We also did some shopping. We didn't buy much. We picked up some postcards to send back to our friends and family and a few to keep for souvenirs.
We finally started hitting the beach on the fourth day. Lynn took one look around and saw all of the topless women on the beach and took her top off immediately. It was not the first time she had been topless at the beach, but we didn't get the opportunity that often.
I had mixed emotions. I loved the way her breasts looked when they were that almost glow in the dark white and contrasted with her tanned body. On the other hand, I loved seeing them exposed and I loved the idea that the other men on the beach were checking her out and admiring her tits. I also could tell that, despite her apparent lack of concern, she was self conscious about being bare breasted, at least at first, and I got a kick out of that.
We had begun to fall into a regular routine. After breakfast we’d go to the beach. Instead of lunch we’d have a piece of fruit, an apple or a peach and around 4 pm we’d head back to the hotel for a shower then we’d get ready for our evening meal. Lynn would put on something light and sexy and we would head out for dinner and then to the local bars for drinks.
Halfway through the second week we were standing outside a bar, talking with another couple from the UK and they mentioned a great little club that the locals went to with one of the best bands that they had ever heard. They were actually raving about how great the club was and how much fun they had had there.
It was too late to go that night, but they told us the name of the club urged us to give it a try. Lynn thought it better that we stick to the tourist areas and play it safe. But I was feeling adventurous and talked her into giving it a try.
The next night we were in a taxi, on our way to Banana Man's. The driver had looked at me funny when I told him that that was our destination. But I didn't think anything of it.
It was outside of the city and all by itself at the end of a long dirt road. We heard it long before we could see it. We had gotten much more comfortable about being with the locals by now. Everyone was very friendly and we felt safe wherever we went. Still, I was a little uncomfortable when we went inside and saw that more than half of the crowd was black, far more.
But we were not the only white faces in the crowd and we looked at each other and decided to give it a shot. We struggled through the crowd and finally found a table and managed to order some drinks. We were surprised to see that the waiter was no more than 14 years old, I looked around to see quite a few kids of around the same age cleaning tables etc, things were certainly more relaxed here.
The band was as good as we had been told and the dance floor was crowded. I looked around and didn't see anyone else that looked like tourists, but everyone that we saw was happy and smiling and having fun and the music was great and soon we were really getting into it.
We danced a little and I saw all the attention that Lynn was attracting and I was feeling pretty proud. She had several invitations to dance in between our dances and at first she declined them but I tried to encourage her to accept. After she had finished her second drink and loosened up a bit a tall, very good looking black man came up and asked her to dance at first she said no but he wasn’t having any of that, without a glance at me he pulled her to her feet and lead her to the dance floor. He wasn’t rough he just showed her he meant business.
Lynn had never danced with a black man before, but he was very good and soon they were the centre of attention on the dance floor. Her skirt was flipping up and showing off a little flash of panty from time to time. She really looked hot out there, though it did seem strange to see her surrounded by black people like that.
They danced through three songs and then the band took a break. The man brought Lynn back to the table and somehow ended up sitting with us and talking, mostly with Lynn. It was kind of funny, he was not invited to join us, and he didn't ask, he just kind of was there.
Three drinks appeared at our table and the black man introduced himself, though it was so loud in the club that I was not sure I understood his name. It sounded like he said his name was Harold, but he didn't look like a Harold.
We drank our drinks and Lynn and Harold talked. I couldn't hear what was being said so I just watched Lynn. She seemed nervous about having him there; like she wished he would leave but couldn't bring herself to tell him that. She looked at me meaningfully several times, but we were in a club full of black people and he was a rather large black man, I was not anxious to offend him.
They finished their drinks and he pulled Lynn back out onto the dance floor for several more dances. He was apparently going to teaching her some of the local dances and there seemed to be an inordinate amount of touching involved. I tried watching them closely, but they seemed to get swallowed up in the crowd on the dance floor and, except for a glimpse now and then, they were out of sight, Lynn's white face lost in that sea of black faces.
They returned after several more dances and sat back down across the table from me, her face flushed. Her dress looked, I don't know, sort of rumpled I guess. She was showing a lot of cleavage, the front of her dress had been tied with a bow. This had somehow become completely undone and Lynn was showing more than she intended. She didn’t seem to notice and I certainly did not tell her, I was enjoying it.
More drinks appeared and two more black men suddenly sat down, one on either side of me, cutting me off from Lynn. They talked loudly with Harold in a language that we didn't understand. They were all smiles though and seemed very friendly.
All three of the black men seemed to be in their early to mid twenties. And all were large and muscular. They were very imposing.
I watched as Lynn and Harold drank and talked into each others ears, which, of course required that they sit very close together. I could tell that the drinks were starting to have an effect on Lynn, but she wasn't relaxed. She looked very nervous but she seemed unable to distance herself from Harold.
Harold had one arm around the back of her chair and his hand was on Lynn's shoulder, but casually. He didn't appear to be holding her so much as getting close enough to talk.
One of the men sitting next to Lynn said something to Harold and pointed to Lynn’s chest Harold grinned and nodded and suddenly reached up and curled a finger inside the front of Lynn's dress and tugged at the material. Lynn wasn’t wearing a bra so her nipple was completely exposed. The three of them laughed.
Lynn gasped, and slapped his hand away, eventually, he removed it and they resumed talking. I tried to stand up. It was obvious that it was time to get out of here, get away from these three men and all of these black people and back to a nice safe tourist club. But as I started to get to my feet the men on either side of me put their hands on my shoulders and pulled me back into my seat.
They smiled at me; they didn't seem to be threatening me. But I was unable to get up and I didn't know what to do. I looked back over at Lynn and saw the anxious look on her face. Just as I looked at her I saw her jump, her eyes wide and I noticed that one of Harold's hands was now under the table. He was sliding a hand up her skirt.
I yelled to Harold and Lynn that it was time for us to go and Harold just looked at me and went back to talking to Lynn, and moving his hand under the table. Lynn’s face was flushed and she was breathing heavily. Her arms suddenly went to her sides and she began gripping the sides of the stool she was sitting on with her eyes fixed on his.
One of the men beside me leaned closer and, in a thickly accented voice said, "You don't want to leave now. It's early, the fun is just starting." He nodded towards Lynn.
I didn't know what to do. I couldn't fight these men and they wouldn't let me up. I was forced to sit helplessly and watch as Harold continued to amuse himself with Lynn. She looked so helpless, and so humiliated. And I felt helpless and unable to interfere.
My feeling of helplessness increased exponentially when Harold leaned down and kissed Lynn. She struggled to avoid him at first, but he held her in place and I could see his large tongue explore her mouth, making her cheeks bulge. She suddenly let out a grunt and her eyes rolled, I saw her mouth widen as she gave in and allowed his tongue to probe her.
Over the next hour or so Lynn was coaxed into consuming several more drinks. I don't know what they were, but they were strong. Harold and his buddies however drank the non-alcoholic kind. Lynn was taken back out to the dance floor again and she was soon lost in the sea of black faces, but twice I was sure that I saw her, and I could swear that the top of her dress was hanging loosely and she was dancing those sexy dances that Harold was teaching her while she was virtually topless in that sea of black people.
While she was gone I convinced the men sitting beside me that I had to use the men's room and they actually escorted me there and brought me back to the table. Not long after we sat back down I saw Harold bringing Lynn back to the table. She had a look on her face that I couldn't quite decipher. Not until they sat down and Harold pulled her thong panties out of his back pocket and held them up and spread them out to display them like a prize to the men beside me. It was obvious that he’d somehow removed them while they were on the dance floor. Harold was looking at me, daring me to say something, which of course I didn’t
I was still getting over the shock of this when I noticed a black guy approaching the table from the dance floor. He was quite small, around 5’3” and around the same age as Harold, his name was, I learned Severno. He swaggered up to where Harold was sitting and Harold nodded and they did a sort of handshake, they obviously knew each other. The guy looked at the table and saw Lynn’s panties; he smiled and in English asked Harold if he could dance with Lynn. I called to him saying I was Lynn’s boyfriend. He barely looked me and said something under his breath. Harold slowly got off his stool and they spoke. I couldn’t understand what they were saying but every so often Severno would nod and give me a contemptuous glance which made me feel very uneasy. I turned to Lynn but she was looking to the floor.
Severno came over and took Lynn by the arm, pulling her to her feet, she looked up in a daze then looked around to me as he lead her to the dance floor where I saw two other black guys waiting for him. As they got to the dance floor the music changed to a slow, romantic tempo.
From my stool I could pretty much see what was going on. Severno had one hand on Lynn’s ass. He pulled her toward him, sliding a leg between hers so that she had to straddle his right leg. The hand on her ass lifted her dress, exposing her naked cheeks, while his other tugged at the front of Lynn’s dress, exposing even more of her breasts. They were now threatening to burst out the dress altogether.
I saw Lynn’s mouth open in a vain attempt at protest Severno began to gyrate his hips, grinding him between her legs. This silenced her immediately and I saw her hands, which had been on his chest, fall to her sides; I knew this to be a sign of her surrender, allowing him control over her.
Then they were masked by the other people dancing. I caught sight of them a couple of minutes later. Severno’s right hand was still exposing her ass while his left was holding her by the back of her neck. He was now very much in control and I saw that Lynn was grinding her hips against his thigh, which was still between her legs, their faces were close together and I could see he was holding her in an intense stare.
Severno began to kiss her, very deeply; she immediately returned his kiss, her hands still at her sides. Once again my view of them was obscured by the sea of black faces. I needed the bathroom again and was, as before escorted by the two guys either side of me. They laughed to each other saying that there was no way that I could satisfy Lynn with such a puny penis. I felt utterly degraded.
When I returned I saw Severno standing off the dance floor, talking to Harold. I looked around the dance floor and saw Lynn was dancing with one of Severno’s friends. The music was still slow and the guy was holding the back of Lynn’s head, controlling her in a deep, passionate kiss. The second of Severno’s friend approached Lynn from behind and spun her toward him, he held her tightly as he too took her mouth with his.
This continued for several minutes, Lynn being passed between the two, Severno then returned and spoke to Lynn and I saw him taking her towards a door, off the dance floor. I felt sure he was taking her to be raped but then I saw the sign on the door, it was a toilet. Severno waited outside.
A short time later Lynn emerged and was brought back to the table. After a quick conversation in which I saw Severno pass something to Harold, Severno left. I looked at Lynn, she was exhausted from the work out Severno and his friends had given her, I tried to catch her eye but she wouldn’t look at me now. Harold plied her with more drink and began to kiss her; her eyes were closed as she returned his kisses
I watched in shock now as they kissed. His hand came up and slid into the top of her dress, cupping her warm, naked flesh as if he owned her. The realisation hit me hard.
I started to struggle to my feet again, with the same results as my last effort. I was slammed back into my seat with ease and the two large, smiling men beside me just shook their heads at me and went back to watching Harold molesting Lynn.
Harold finally broke the kiss and took his hand away and I saw the desperate look on Lynn's face. I also saw that one of her breasts remained exposed after Harold removed his hand. She reached up to straighten her top and Harold stopped her, pushing her hand away and shaking his head He picked up her drink and thrust it to her and as she took a large gulp, Harold leaned forward and pulled at the material so that now both of her nipples were exposed, not just to us, but to the large press of black men that were standing around our table, many of them watching us instead of the people on the dance floor. The guy next to me leaned forward and whispered something to Lynn and I saw her whimper and push out her chest, pushing her breasts forward, they sort of burst out of her dress, completely exposing them.
I didn't know how we were going to get out of this and I was getting really scared. I enjoyed seeing Lynn flash the guys from time to time. I will even admit that, in my most secret fantasies I found the idea of her having sex with another man while I watched to be very exciting. But we were in a situation now that we had totally lost control of and there was not a sympathetic face in the place. And for some reason it seemed so much more threatening because they spoke among themselves in a language that we didn't understand. We knew that they were talking about us, or at least they were talking about Lynn, but we had no idea what was being said and it was scary.
The guy next to me had moved so he sat right next to Lynn, with Harold on the other side, both were now reaching under the table, in front of Lynn. I saw her jump and let out a squeal. The other black guy next to me pushed me backwards and leaned across me to see what his friends were doing. I turned to see Lynn’s legs had been spread wide, the guys either side had put one of her legs over their knee, completely exposing her pussy. Lynn was forced to grip the sides of the stool to stop her from sliding off.
I watched as Harold reached down and started toying with Lynn's nipples, making them hard, pulling on them. The other guy winked at me then began to slide his thick fingers between Lynn’s pussy lips. They were obviously very wet from her workout on the dance floor. Lynn could only sit there panting helplessly, looking from one to the other and permit them free reign over her. Harold called to one of the young waiters who was standing close to our table. Harold said something to the kid who smiled and took Lynn’s camera phone from her bag, he flipped it open, activating the camera and began to take photos of Lynn’s pussy with it.
Lynn let out a sob and turned her head away. She has always been conscious about the inner lips of her pussy which are quite pronounced and here they were, being laid open and photographed.
Harold and his two friends spoke among themselves again and then they gulped their drinks down and stood up. For just a second I thought that it might be over. They were leaving!
But it wasn't over. Harold pulled a still panting Lynn to her feet and with her breasts still exposed, he led her towards the door. I was pulled to my feet and with a large black man on either side of me, was forced to follow. I turned to see the kid waiter had pocketed Lynn’s phone and was emptying the contents of her bag onto the table top, taking what he wanted. He picked up her panties from the table and sniffed the crotch. Then in a mocking farewell gesture began to wave them at me before putting them in his pocket. I turned to see Harold guiding Lynn with his large black hand on her ass. His hand was under her skirt which was raised to her waist as we walked outside.
I tried to tell them that we had to leave and I tried to get between Lynn and Harold, but I was just as much under their control as Lynn was. We walked slowly out into the parking lot and gathered around a passenger van.
I could do nothing as Harold pulled Lynn close and kissed her passionately once more, all the while his hands explored her body at will. She struggled for a second, but she knew that it was useless and she let him have his way.
While he was kissing her, his hands went to her shoulders and he began to slide the top of her dress down, automatically Lynn slid her arms out of the dress as her top half was exposed. Her breasts had been uncovered anyway, but still it made both of us very uncomfortable, although it obviously pleased Harold's friends.
Lynn was going to get raped tonight, and I realized finally that if I was going to have any chance to stop it I had to do it here. There was the slightest chance that if someone saw me struggling they might come to our aid or call the police. I didn't believe for a moment that would happen, but once we got in that van Lynn was theirs.
I suddenly rushed Harold, but I didn't even get close. The two men beside me grabbed me and then one of them held me while the other one hit me in the stomach so hard that I threw up. I dropped to my knees and my stomach emptied itself. Then I had the dry heaves for a few minutes. When it was all over I just wanted to curl up in a ball. But I was pulled back to my feet and one of the men said quietly, "Have you learned your lesson, or do we need to tie you up?"
I saw Lynn looking at me tears in her eyes. Harold was holding her, apparently she had tried to come to my assistance and he stopped her. I looked at Lynn in anguish; there was nothing that I could do. I told them I would behave and they let me go. I stood there holding my aching stomach. Lynn gave me a disgusted look as Harold took her back into his arms. Immediately, Lynn began to return his kisses pushing her breasts ...

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