Thanks for the Show

Ive been a writer for officially a year! Who would've thought. This is my first story with a non-incest theme, had an idea and decided to run with it. This is from the female POV, as well as my first one-part story. I've decided to take this time now and write a few stories I had written a while ago but never got round to typing. Don't worry, I'm still working on Incest Birthday Chapter 15 now, I didn't put that off. I would appreciate any feedback you have to give on this story, good or bad, and as usual if you have anything you wanna ask send it in a PM, i away answer those. Thanks again

“Oh fuck yes baby fuck me! Fuck my tight pussy!” I screamed as my boyfriend Jeff drove his cock into my pussy over and over.

“Damn Sally, its like your pussy gets tighter and tighter every time we fuck!”

I could only moan a response. Truth was he was right. I was 26, 125 lbs, and in my prime, and I wanted to stay that way. Having a 28 year old boyfriend who's hornier than I am makes it hard, so I take extra measures. I do kegels every day, yoga every week, and take baths with vinegar often (yes it works, and no it doesn't leave a smell) to keep my pussy as tight as possible. Jeff was always commenting on my body, whether it was my 5'6” frame, my blonde hair with brown highlights, my blue eyes, 36b tits, or plump ass, he always had something good to say about it, so I know the hard work was worth it. Jeff's cock slamming back into me snapped me from my thoughts long enough to know that I had my legs behind my head for too long, and I was starting to cramp up, not to mention get a slight rugburn. I pulled my legs free and sort of kick pushed him so he fell on the bed sideways. He grinned as I stood up and did a little sexy dance for him, which was really me just stretching my legs, but hey, he didn't know that. His body was glowing in the dim light of the lamp on the nightstand, shining directly on the lower half of his body, and at that moment the most important half. I crawled my way up the bed and right over him, took his cock, and slid it back into me.

“Oh yes baby that's it, now its my turn to have some fun,” I grinned.

I started off slow and built up to a rhythm I knew we both could appreciate. I wasn't going wild and crazy on him but I was bouncing off him pretty fast, and every time I would come down a little vibration would shoot through my body that made me tingle all over, which made for a better ride for both of us. He grabbed the side of my hips and helped me slide down his wonderful 7 inch cock that filled me up completely, that stretched me so wide, and made me cum on several occasions. I was lost in lust and pinched my nipples which added to the already immense pleasure I was feeling.

“You liking this cock baby?”

“I'm loving this cock baby! God I never get tired of you stuffing my pussy!”

“Well its a good thing you do, because I'm gonna be in it a whole fucking lot babe!”

Hearing him talk about fucking me while actually fucking me made me hotter for some reason, and I felt the need to grind my pussy on him, so he could “accidentally” brush my clit over and over as much as I wanted him to. I flicked at his nipples with my fingers, causing him to thrust up into me in a hurry, giving me those nice little vibrations I love so much. I had to grab the headboard to keep it from banging the wall. I was riding him just as good as I wanted to when out of nowhere I saw a brief flash out of the corner of my right eye. I jerked my head looking over at the three windows to the right of me, but I didn't see anything, so I shrugged it off and went back to fucking Jeff.

“What you looking at over there baby?” Jeff asked.

“Nothing, I thought I saw something, guess not. Why? See something you like?”

“Fuck yeah, but once you get on all fours I'll see something I love!”

I giggled as I got off of him and got on all fours facing the windows. I loved the anticipation of waiting for his cock to plunge into me in this position, so I never look back until he shoves it into me. In one fast motion I felt his hands on my hips and his cock being shoved back into me, and I groaned and lowered my head as the overwhelming sensation came over my little body.

“Mmmmmmmmm fuck Jeff, fuck my tight pussy till it cums all over you!”

He wasted no time pulling me back into him as his cock lurched forward into my hungry pussy. He was really giving it to me good, fucking my pussy hard and deep, and I was loving it. I flipped my long hair back and began to meet him thrust for thrust as the sound of our clapping skin filled the room. I gripped the sheets in my hand and groaned when I felt his hand slide over my cock filled pussy and attach itself to my clit, fuck it felt so good.

“Fuck me Jeff, fuck me! Make me cum all over your cock baby! Make me fucking cum!”

He grunted and squeezed my clit as he fucked me, forcing me to squeeze my eyes shut as I focused on the pleasure my pussy was getting. It was getting so intense every time I tried to open my eyes they would close back on their own, and my lip would bite itself, so I just went with it. I was in heaven, I was getting fucked good and hard and could tell I was gonna have a good orgasm, but I wanted to drag it out as long as possible, that way it would feel even better when I did cum. I was moaning and just totally lost in the moment when through the crack of my eyes I could swear I saw another flash. I wasn't completely sure but I felt like I saw something, like a tiny light slide into my vision. It might have been my brain registering an orgasm because I didn't even have time to debate it, I had reached my boiling point and was convulsing from the force of Jeff's cock deep in my pussy and his fingers wrapped tightly around my clit. It hit me the way I like to be fucked, hard and fast.

“Fuck fuck fuck Jeff! I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming! Oh my fucking god!”

In an instant my body had become a human vibrator as I came. My body took on a mind of its own as my pussy pulsed around a cock that kept fucking me through my orgasm, and after as my arms gave out, leaving my ass poking up in the air. As I rode out the last little bit of my orgasm in bliss, I heard Jeff start to grunt and his strokes into me became more urgent.

“Oh shit Sally I'm gonna cum! Turn over,” he gritted as he pulled out of me.

I used my little bit of strength and turned over on my back as he grunted and jacked his hot sperm onto my chest. I was never one for swallowing cum, but I loved it on my chest, tits, and face. When he had no more to give he fell down next to me and caught his breath as I rubbed his cum into my skin.

“Wow babe, whatever you're doing to keep your pussy so tight, keep doing it,” he grinned.

“As long as you keep fucking me like that baby it'll be as tight as you want.”

I climbed over him and kissed him for a while before he caught a look at the alarm clock. “Oh shit babe I lost track of time! I have to go, I have a big presentation tomorrow.”

I sighed. “Ok, but you have to make it up to me, you don't stay over like you used to.”

“I know. The hours they give me are crazy and its easier to leave from my house. I have to go, but I'll make it up to you, I promise,” he said as he finished dressing, kissed me, and left out the door.

I got up, glanced out the middle window in my apartment room, then turned on the tv. I thought it was on when we were fucking, maybe we hit the remote or something. “That must have been the flash I saw, no one saw us. What else could it have been?” I asked myself. I put it out of my head and went to take a shower, then sat down with my favorite ice cream, cookies and cream, and watched a couple movies. Halfway through the second I felt too tired and full from the ice cream, so I called it a night and went to sleep early, still buzzing from the great sex.

The next day at work was pretty normal, except for a small situation that reminded me of the day before. A co-worker told me someone had been cutting corners to print ads faster (I'm in advertising) and our boss found out. She told me he said he would be keeping an eye on us. That last statement had me thinking again that maybe someone was watching Jeff and I have sex, I mean yeah I live on the 16 th floor and it was a little dark outside, but the curtains were open and they do have all those gadgets where you can zoom in and set it to night mode and stuff. Then again maybe I was reading too much into it. Who would go through that much trouble just to get a free show? I convinced myself I was right and went about the rest of my work day normal as can be and incident free.

I got home, checked my messages and sat a minute, tired from walking in heels all day and warmed up some leftover chinese food from yesterday. I went into my room and opened my curtains (I only close them when I'm gone or sleep) and sat down to a rerun of Sex and the City as I thought about how Jeff was going to make up leaving me last night. I finished eating and was finally relaxed, but I still had about half an hour before Jeff got off work, so I decided to pass the time by channel surfing. I called the few people who had left me messages back and told them I was spending the day with Jeff, and just as I hung up from the last call, I flicked to one of those sex channels you have to order to get. I thought the satellite company screwed up and gave me them for free, but then it became obvious, Jeff. Men and their porn. I figured what the heck and left it on the channel, just as the man penetrated the fake-titted blonde. He was pounding her hard and squeezing her silicone breasts so hard they could have burst inside her, but I have to admit, I was getting really turned on. I shed my work blouse and skirt and slipped my hand inside my panties and fingered myself to the rhythm the girl on tv was getting fucked. It felt good, but not as good as a live cock would feel stretching out my pussy. I grabbed my cell phone off the night stand and dialed Jeff's number one handed as I kept fingering myself with the other.


“Hey honey, when are you getting off? I'm feeling horny and I need you right now.”

“I'm really sorry baby, but I gotta work late tonight. My boss just came in with some new figures and I have to pull an all nighter. Nobody gets to leave until its done.”

“What? You promised you'd make it up to me! What am I supposed to do now?”

“Don't you still have, you know, accessories? I'm sorry, but I'm stuck here. He said we wont have to stay late tomorrow, I promise, I promise I'll make it up to you.”

“You damn right you will! I'm really horny and you're not here to help me me. I guess I can take care of myself tonight, but you better be here tomorrow, or there will be hell to pay!”

“I will baby, I promise. I have to go, I'll talk to you later when I get off work tomorrow bye...”

“Bye hon...” It was too late, he had already hung up.

I went to my drawer and pulled out my trusty (but unwelcomed) 7” dildo I haven't used in over nine months, courtesy of having the real thing. Pleasuring myself had almost been a thing of the past, but thanks to Jeff and his job, it was the only option tonight, and I'd have to tough it out.

I cut off the lights so I just had the glow of the tv and ran the dildo over my pussy. It nudged against my clit and caused me to shiver, instantly cupping my breast and squeezing it. By now the woman is on top of him riding him with her big breasts bouncing in his face, and hes thrusting his huge cock into her. I slowly slide my panties down my legs and run the dildo over my pussy, teasing myself as I watched the on screen action play out. I could feel my pussy throbbing with anticipation waiting to be filled, so I ended the torture and put the dildo at my lips and pushed it in. I couldn't help but let out a sigh of pleasure as I pushed it in me all the way up to the fake balls. I bit my lip on instinct as I pulled it out to the head and slid it back in faster and faster. I closed my eyes and concentrated on pumping myself and the woman on tv screaming every curse word as the guy now fucked her ass. I scooted the bra down my chest and pinched my nipple as I thrust the dildo in my pussy at full speed. My eyes shot open when I grazed my clit and caused me to jerk the dildo out of me. As I sat up to get it I saw a quick flash jump across my eyes. Thoughts of being watched again entered my head, but under the circumstances I wasn't gonna think about it too much. It stunned me for a second, but not enough to deter me from an orgasm. I blamed it on the tv and quickly shoved the dildo back into my waiting pussy. It didn't take me long to work myself back into a frenzy, stabbing my pussy over and over.

“Oh fuck. Jeff you idiot, you could be fucking this pussy right now,” I moaned.

The man on tv did the all dramatic cumshot on the woman's face, and she scooped it off with her fingers and sucked them clean. I don't really like to swallow personally, but seeing her do it made me really hot. I let my tit go and slid my hand down my body until it was right over my clit and rubbed it furiously while I pumped myself full of fake cock. I looked down at my pussy as I assaulted and abused it to my satisfaction. My right hand was going up and down with the dildo and my left was choking my clit with its fingers. I was building to a really good self induced orgasm and was fucking myself for all I was worth, moaning to no one as I frigged myself silly. My orgasm was fast approaching when it happened again, a quick flash of light caught my eyes. This time there was no denying it, someone was watching me! I couldn't blame it on the tv because it was on the black screen with the credits rolling, so I knew it was someone outside. There are three windows on the wall directly across from the one my bed was on with the tv next to the middle, and the middle one had the best view, but they all could show a great view of my bed from outside the windows. It may have been the fact that I was horny as hell, but the idea of being watched didn't put me off at all, it excited me. I began fucking myself even faster than before and pinched the holy hell out of my clit, breathing heavier and heavier with each thrust in my pussy and squeeze of my clit.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god, fuck! I'm gonna fucking cum,” I gasped to no one at all.

The pressure in my pussy built and built until I felt the walls of my pussy shut tight against the dildo and I came, hard. I closed my eyes and let it run through me as I came; legs shaking, arms twitching, unable to speak. I was hit with what was the greatest orgasm I've ever given myself, but deep down I knew I couldn't take all the credit. I left the dildo in my pussy and fell back on the bed and lay there. I just orgasmed big time to possibly a live audience, but definitely at least one person, but to my surprise I wasn't mad or ticked off at all, it made me horny again! The thought of being watched as I fucked myself sent chills up my spine that usually only happened when something really turned me on. I came so good to the thought of being watched that I just have to do it again, but this time I want a real cock, not a cheap imitation. Tomorrow, I'll make sure Jeff fucks the living hell out of me, and I want whoever saw me to be watching me as it happens, you want a show, I'll give you a show.

The whole way to and at work I was thinking of my little peeping tom. I sat at my desk trying to figure out who it could be. That was the best solo cum I've ever had and I don't know who to thank for helping me with it. I never thought something so little as being watched could make me so sex crazed and horny. If I'd worn stockings like I was going to I'm sure they would be sticking to my legs from my pussy leaking through my panties. I wondered who it could be. Is it someone I know, really close with? Somebody I met somewhere, took an interest in me? Is it a complete stranger? Is it someone who just happened to be looking out their window at the moment I was having sex and caught a free show and wanted the picture instead of the thousand words? I had no idea who it could be, but the mystery made it all the more exciting. Since there are other ...

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