That Wasn't in Her Description

That Wasn’t in Her Description

Jeff was upset. His parents were leaving on a week trip and he had to have a babysitter the whole time, 24/7. “Jeff, get down here,” called his mom from downstairs. “Come meet Brittney.” ’Ugh,’ thought Jeff. ’This is going to be a long week.’
Jeff slumped down the stairs. When he saw Brittney, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. She was extremely hot! Standing about 6” exactly, she had quite a large chest and a perfectly round ass. She was wearing a loose, pink tank top and really short shorts. “Hi,” she said. “I think we’ll have fun.” ’Yeah, lot’s of fun,’ thought Jeff. But all he said was, “Hey, nice to meet you.”
His mom quickly went over the instructions with Brittney. She nodded at everything. “Bye,” called Jeff’s mom. “Be good.” “Okay,” Jeff replied. Brittney smiled. “So, Jeff. Do you want to go swimming at the public pool?” “Sure,” Jeff said. ‘Starting right off with the good stuff, umm,’ he thought to himself. “Okay then. Let’s get changed.”
Jeff quickly changed and went back downstairs. “Ready?” Brittney asked. “Yeah I’m…” He stopped mid-sentence. The sexiest girl he had ever seen got even sexier. Brittney giggled a little. Jeff snapped out of his trance as she pulled a cover over herself. “Alright, let’s go.”
When they got to the pool, Jeff and Brittney got into the water. They splashed each other playfully until a group of people came over and asked them to play a game of Marco Polo. “Marco!” shouted a girl who was it. “Polo!” everyone replied in unison. Jeff got tagged a few Marcos later. “Marco!” he called. “Polo!” everyone else said. Jeff reached out and touched someone. He opened his eyes and found himself starring into Brittney’s eyes. He looked down and swallowed hard. His hand was on her breast. “I’m going to go dry off,” Jeff said and quickly walked back to the towels.
On the way home from the pool, Brittney said, “Do you want to talk about, you know.” “Nah,” muttered Jeff. When they got home, Brittney went up to take a shower. Jeff thought a little to himself. ‘It wasn’t my fault, was it? No, of course not, my eyes were closed.’ Just then Brittney came down. “Want some dinner?” she asked softly. “Sure,” Jeff replied.
After dinner, they decided to watch a movie. It was a comedy, rated PG-13. There was a scene where a couple was having hard sex. It gave Jeff a raging boner. He heard a moan and looked over to see Brittney slightly rubbing her pussy. This made Jeff leak a little pre-cum. Brittney saw him looking and said, “I’m going to bed. Come up soon.”
Jeff went up a little bit later and heard intense moaning coming from the guest bedroom. He realized that Brittney was masturbating, in his house. ...

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