The Adventures of Julie Grey 3

As we left outpr heroine, Buddy and Eric were working on a plan to get in her panties. With Buddy's new gadget, they planned to do just that.

Part 3

"That was truly unbeliebable with your sister. I tell you, dude, she is hot So, how are we going to get one of these deals into Ms Grey's pussy?"

"Produce the prize"

Eric reached into his backpack and pulled out the ruby red panties. "Now, we're going to slide these back into her purse unnoticed and then wait for her to wear them again. Which I feel sure she will.

So in the afternoon class while Julie was making her rounds in the class, Eric made a pass behind the desk and deftly slipped the panties back into her purse on his way to the restroom. Now it was just a matter of time.

Each day when Buddy came into class he would wait for an appropriate moment when he could tell if there was an effect and give the knob a twirl. He was beginning to get discouraged after over a week when Friday she was writing on the blackboard and he spun the dial. In the middle of a word the chalk just slid to the side. A big stripe appeared on the board. He turned the dial back down. She gathered herself, erased the mistake and finished the sentence. As she was writing the next sentence he tried it again with very similar results. Only this time, he left it on high for a moment. He watched her brace herself against the board. He smiled broadly before turning it back down to a lower level. She recovered nicely but was obviously fidgety the rest of the class.

She came to the front of the desk and leaned against it, then crossed her ankles, then crossed them back. Then she sat on the corner of the desk. It was apparent to him that she was trying to 'scratch an itch' on that corner. She tried walking around the room but had to walk at a faster pace than was practical. She stopped to help a boy with his assignment and leaned over as far as to brush her breast against his shoulder. Ahhhhhhhh. She squatted down and this seemed to increase the discomfort but felt good at the same time. Buddy called her for a question and then whispered so she would lean over and give him a view of her tits, which she did nicely. while he was directing her gaze to the paper he reached up and tweaked her nipple that was very prominently poking the front of her blouse. She hardly noticed. But she couldn't stand still and was off in a moment. Her final stop was back in her seat before the bell rang and he felt sure she had her hand under skirt before the bell rang.

As the boys left class Julie pretended to grade papers but was too preoccupied with the constant buzz in her pussy to think of anything else. God this was driving her crazy. When the last boy left, she got her fingers under her panties and slid them into her cunt to rub it vigorously. And then suddenly the buzzing stopped. She dropped her head onto the desk.

Buddy knew as he got out of range the effect would lessen. But he couldn't wait to tell Eric of his success. He found him in the lunchroom.

"It was great. She was buzzing all over the room. Even gave a nice boobie shot and then tweeked her nipple, she hardly noticed."

"So now what"

"So, you have her for last period. Here's the box. Play with her and get her warmed up and when class ends I'll come in and we can work our plan."

Eric grinned. This is going to be fun.

Julie was flustered. She was going on a date with Dan tonight and she hadn't had sex in the weeks since her first day, but she didn't think she was that excited just for this date. Her panties were nearly soaked and she still had her her afternoon class. Then dinner and a movie and maybe a little something to make this itching stop.

She was sitting at her desk when the boys filed in for the afternoon class. Everyone seemed very behaved. She was telling them about the assignment and writing the first lesson on the board when it hit her again. Her hand slipped on the board. Oh! She closed her eyes to concentrate then tried again. Another jolt. Ugh! Concentration was very difficult. She felt the moisture from her pussy running down her thighs. She was feeling hot. She unbuttoned the top button of her blouse to get some air. Better. It subsided for a moment. She answered some questions and left them to work on their assignment. She walked back to help Larry with a question. She was about to respond when she got another jolt. She lurched forward and put her breasts in Larry's face. He was stunned. She held his head there while she tried to right herself. Larry waited patiently. Now Eric had a question. She tried to understand what he was asking but had trouble understanding. She leaned over to see if she could get it and saw him learing at her boobs. She watched him snake his hand into her blouse. His small warm hand on her soft white breast. NO! She bolted upright. She shakily made her way back to the front of the class. She ...

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