The adventures of Julie Grey - Schoolteacher

As the morning sky started to glow with the rising sun Julie was up and getting ready for her morning run. She was starting her new job, teaching English at the boys prep school. It was her first teaching job and she was a little nervous because she had not been the best student in school herself, getting less than average grades and struggling to graduate. She had played volleyball in college and it was really hard to get good grades and lead a D1 school's volleyball team. At 5' 10" she was built for the sport - tall, with long arms and legs. She had started filling out a little in her Junior year, her breasts blossoming and her butt fleshing out a little. She may not have been the smartest girl in school, but she certainly turned the heads when she walked by.

She tied her shoes tight and took off at a trot out the front door. As she ran she started thinking about where she was headed on her first day. She would be reporting to St James prep to teach English to 12 year olds at an all boys school. She felt lucky to get this job since she really did struggle to get out of college at all. She wasn't really concerned about teaching in all boys school. The had grown up around boys and felt she could handle herself but there was the concern that many of these boys were pretty smart and that was really not her strong suit. Well, she would just report to duty make the best of it. As with other pursuits, confidence could be a big factor, and she was going to be confident.

She finished her run and grabbed a power shake before hitting the shower. She dressed pretty but conservative without too much makeup, took a glance in the mirror, satisfied that she looked good and appropriate for work - black pleated skirt and a white blouse , no hose and high heels. She needed to get used to the heels since she had not worn them much in college. Yes, very smart indeed.

Her first stop was the office of the dean, Ms Bain. Julie knocked on her office door and entered. Ms Bain was a rather imposing woman in her own right. Although not as tall as Julie, she was still taller than most women and not slight in build. She wore her black hair tied back and generally wore dark clothes which many said made her look match her mood. Ms Bain was not what you would call a jovial person. . Ms Bain greeted her somewhat warmly and asked her to sit down.

"we're very happy to have you here, Ms Grey"

"Please call me Julie"

"Very well, Julie. It's good to have you here, we're expecting big things from you. As you are aware, most of these boys are here to get their grades up so they can get to the next level either in sports or to satisfy their parents desire to get into a better school. Many are, shall we say, high strung. Many are very sharp but need a little guidance. My advice is to be careful around them and don't be too trustful. They will take every advantage given and very often to your disadvantage. Don't be naive about what they are capable of. And don't be afraid to ask for help from any of the staff. Nurse Finch has been at the school fro 12 years and has proven very effective in dealing with the boys."

Julie took a deep breath before asking, "you make it sound sort of, well, imposing. They're just little boys"

"It's that kind of thinking that puts you at a disadvantage right off the bat. You just need to be aware and keep your eyes open and your wits about you." Ms Bain rose and guided Julie to the door. "I'm sure you'll do fine and I'm here if you need anything, anything at all", she said with a smile. As they got to the door Ms Bain reached out her hand to shake, which Julie took somewhat cautiously. Ms Bain took her hand and pulled her in for a warm embrace. "Yes, we're very happy to have you here."

Julie was surprised at the firm embrace she found herself in. Ms Bain was indeed a powerful woman.

Julie backed away with a little blush,working to regain her confidence. It will be okay, she just needs to keep her wits about her. As she left the office a tall good looking black man walked in and reached out to shake her hand.

"Hi, I'm Joe Wilson, history and football. You must be Ms Grey. I heard you were coming," he said with a smile, and she thought maybe a sly wink. Julie wondered to herself what that might mean.

"I followed you in college, you know. Big sports fan. And there's nothing much better to watch than long legged girls playing D1 volleyball. Truly a pleasure. Some of these boys can play fairly well, we hope you'll join us for a friendly game. Maybe you can show us your, er some pointers."

Julie was starting to like this guy. "Great. I'd really enjoy that. I miss the competition. It would be good to get the juices flowing again. I don't want to get stale."

"Yes, indeed, Ms Grey, let's get those juices flowing."

She continued down the hall to her classroom. She was luckily starting with a light load this semester. One class in the morning and one in the afternoon. As she opened the door to her classroom she was greeted with the sounds of chatter and laughter but as she entered the room got quiet in a hurry. All eyes were on her and many of the boys were staring with mouths open. She was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

As Julie took roll she tried to gauge who she was dealing with as each boy responded to his name.

"Adams, Jerry?"

"Baker, Charles?"
"yes, ma'am, most people call me buddy if you don't mind"
"No, that's good, if you have a nickname that you prefer, please let me know."
"Brown, Larry?"
"uh, some people call me Lance, ma'am. "
"ok, Lance it is."

And so it went, very smoothly through the class. And as the boys filed out she headed upstairs to the lounge to take a break prior to lunch hour where she has to monitor the lunch room. As she headed up the stairs she was surrounded by a group of young boys who seemed to hover around her skirt. Keeping her head down to mind her steps she almost ran into someone standing in front of her on the steps. She came face to, well face with a nurse in a traditional nurses uniform. Coming to an abrupt halt she was caught between steps, on foot above the other.

"hello, my dear. You must be Ms Grey. I'm Nurse Finch"
"Nice to meet you ." Standing there looking at the nurse she suddenly realized her escorts had stopped too. All were looking at the schools nurse. She was very pale an appeared to be in her early forties. Her lips wore brilliant red lipstick and were in sharp contrast to her pale skin. Julie also noticed that her breasts protruded in a very cone like fashion. In fact she looked like something that had returned from the forties. Julie noticed that the boys standing around her seemed to crowd a little close around her, as if for protection.

"So Ms Grey, you should come down to the nurses office so that we can become better acquainted. I can provide some important guidance for dealing with 'our little friends' here." As she said this Julie felt the boys grow even closer.

Julie reached up to shake hands with the nurse and as she did so she suddenly felt a hand slide up the inside of her thigh all the way to her pussy. She jumped and squeaked in surprise, completely missing the nurse's hand and grabbing her breast instead. The nurse grabbed her hand and held it at her breast with surprising strength.

Ms Grey, you seem a little nervous. Perhaps you should come down for some tea."

As she opened her mouth to speak the hand on her pussy quickly slid down the length of her slit up her clit. already a little unbalanced and with the nurse holding her hand firmly against her breast, Julie lurched awkwardly, spilling her books onto the nurses feet. Nurse Finch grabbed her other wrist and held it firmly to keep her upright.

"Whoops! I...whoa!"

The hand continued it's pursuit of her clit and a chill shot up her spine. She had always been shall we say sensitive but this sudden attack had really caught her by surprise and she felt a tremendous shudder go through her body. With her hands trapped there was nothing she could do to stop the assault.

"I...oooh, Please let me get my books!"

Having found perfect opportunity the hand continued it's assault and rolled Julies clit between thumb and finger. Julie shook like a fire alarm and lucked forward almost tackling the nurse. Nurse Finch reached down to pull Julie up, mistakenly grabbing her breasts, but helping her up nonetheless. She looked sternly at the boys surrounding Julie and they scattered like flies.

Julie looked up at the nurse, who still had her hands on Julies breasts.

"Uh, thank you. I don't know what came over me." as she gazed into the nurses eyes she felt her gaze locked as though she couldn't look away.

"Yes, my dear. Please get your books."

Julie fought to turn her gaze and as she did the nursenwas suddenly gone. As she bent to pick up her books she felt someone smack her ass. As she spun to catch the culprit she lost her balance on the heels and fell unceremoniously onto her ass. She was now staring at the faces of every boy climbing the steps and they were staring at the now sopping cunt between her splayed legs. As she snapped her legs shut so closed the mouths of a dozen young boys who had been staring in wonder.

"Hey, let me help you there. Take a fall?"

She felt a strong hand around her arm helping her up. As she rose though, she lost balance once again and he reached to grag her other arm but came up short and grabbed her left breast. Boy, a girl can't go two minutes around here without being groped, Julie thought.

" I'm terribly sorry. I appear to have popped one of your buttons."
Julie looked down and noticed that, indeed her top button was gone providing more than a glimpse of her gorgeous cleavage. She looked back up and caught him gazing at her breasts before he caught himself and blushed.

"I'm really sorry. Dan Gentry, math. You must be Julie Grey. I heard you were coming" He blushed again although Julie wasn't sure why. "Yes... so"

Julie looked down at the hand that was still clutching her breast.

"Oh, gosh! He stammered as he jerked the hand back, then reaching out to shake her hand. "Let's get-together at lunch and chat, I'd like to get to know you."

As he went down the stairs Julie thought - This must be the strangest day of my life.

By her afternoon class she had started tom regain her confidence and strength. She had been joined at lunch by coach wilson and Dan, who both seemed to hang on every word. She was delighted to share stories with them.

She was waiting in the class, leaning against the desk, when her students started to file in. She called roll, scanning the young faces, discussed the plan and then gave them a writing assignment to learn more about them.

She then wandered about the room looking over their shoulders waiting to answer questions.

"Ms Grey?"

She looked down at a little boy with thick glasses. "Have I spelled this word correctly?"

She bent over to check and was having trouble reading his writing. "This word?" she bent over a little more and in doing so provided the young man with a wonderful view of her breasts. As she stared at the page she suddenly felt a hand slide up her leg almost to her crotch. She spun to catch the culprit but was met by a pair of innocent eyes.

"Yes, Ms Grey?"

Now she was truly confused. She felt sure that hand had movedmup her leg but she wasn't sure anyone here was capable of doing it. She turned back around bent over to correct the boys spelling, this time being careful to keep her hips low. As she did she still provided a good view of her breasts and caught the boy across the aisle stealing a good long look.

"Joey, is it?"
"Yes, ma'am. "

"Perhaps you should keep your eyes on your paper."

She smiled as she returned to her desk. These boys are horny little tikes, aren't they?

A couple of the boys brought up their papers and left and as they did so Julie bent over the appers to grade them. More of the papers were turned in and some of the boys crowded around her desk to see what grades were being given.

Eric, one ofnthose boys with a mischievous smile removed a small box from his pocket and opened it, showing it to David. There were several ants crawling around in it. He stealthily emptied the box down the back of Julie's blouse and stood back a step. It didn't take long.

Julie felt a tickling down her back and under her arms. She shuddered. Down her breasts they went, causing a more violent shudder. She shook and pushed the chair back, rising and shaking. She pulled at the buttons on her blouse trying to get it open.

"oh, please help, there's something crawling all over me."

Pulling the blouse open, several of the boys saw the ants and tried to brush them off. Others simply took advantage of the situation to grope her large breasts. Hands were all over her body and the ants were crawling lower.

"Dear God" she yelped. "they're in my panties. She raised her skirt and pushed out her ass to gain access, or truly to provide access. One of the boys pulled her panties down and pushed her over the desk to get to the ants crawling on her wet pussy. She shuddered again, hands everywhere. Small hands climbing up her legs and into her moist pussy, finding ants in every crevice. One hand slid down the crack of her ass and circled her asshole. This caused her to start and shoot upright scattering the boys.

"Ok, that's enough. Thanks everyone, please give me room."

Two hands were still on her breasts and another was on her pussy. As she struggled to regain control as the hand at her crotch found her swelling clit and rolled it causing a violent shudder. Julie felt her knees buckle slightly. He rolled it again causing another violent shudder. Her pussy was now sopping wet. She struggled to get her balance but felt a hand push her down into her seat. As she plopped down the hands at her breasts crept down into her bra and tweaked her nipples causing yet another chill down her spine. The hand at her pussy was gaining entrance and moving for her G-spot, flipping her clit as it entered. She was sweating now and feeling completely disoriented. The little thumb flipped her clit once again. Her head lolled back and her body weakened when she heard a voice.

"Hey, what's going on here. Break it up. Give her some air."

It was Dan, thank god. boys scattered like marbles.

"Julie, what happened.?"

"I don't know" she sobbed. "I was just sitting here grading papers when suddenly I was crawling with ants. Luckily the boys were here to help. I couldn't get them off but the boys got them all brushed away. They were everywhere, even in my...oh my gosh it was awful."

"Yes, thankfully, the boys were there, indeed. Julie, don't you realize it was the boys that put those ants on you? Probably that ornery Eric Moffit unless I miss my guess. That boy is always prepared for trouble. You need to try to control them better. Don't let them group around you. That's nothing but trouble. Let's get you straightened up."

He helped close her blouse ...

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