The Beginning Of A Great Summer Part 5

*We left off with Mike and Jeff had just fallen asleep. This one will be a little longer because ive included a story after they get back to Mikes house*

Morning. I woke up with a ragging hard on. I was so hard it was making a tent in the sheets. I really wanted to jerk off because usually I just fuck or get fucked. So I knew Jeff wouldn’t care if he woke up. I opened his nightstands draw and pulled out the lube. I lubed up my cock nice and slippery. I began jerking off slowly but picked up pace. The sound lube made against my cock and hand was so pleasurable for me. My balls were slapping against my fist. I was moaning and groaning loudly. I shut my eyes and kept pounding my cock.

“Your horny too huh.” I opened my eyes to find jeff looking at me and I gazed down to his cock which was also hard. Can I have the lube. I passed him the lube and he lubed up his cock. Soon we were both jerking off and moaning. We jerked off each other. We were jerking off for awhile and I knew the orgasm was going to be great and I knew the load was going to be huge. I felt a tingling in my balls and knew I was going to cum. I got up on my kness and starting grunting almost yelling and shot my load on my cousins chest. 7 ropes of thick white cum splattered across his chest.

I was actually sweaty and out of breath when he said, Im not even close, can I fuck you. Your ass looks so nice and hairy. Mm I said, Sure. Doggy Style though. I want you to fuck as hard as you can, I want to feel your boy balls slap my ass. So I got on my knees and spread and got my ass ready for his cock to pound me. He lubed up a little bit more and lined his cock with my hole. He pushed the head in and it didn’t hurt. After an 11inch cock rips your ass, smaller doesn’t hurt. He got the rest in and began fucking me. He was pounding as hard as he could and as fast. His balls slapped my ass and I began moaning. He didn’t last long at all and soon enough his cock swelled and released his teenage cum deep in my ass.

Shower now please? I asked. He still had my wad all over him and he just shot his cum in my ass. We got in the bathroom to find my dad and uncle in there already. They were spread out all over the shower floor and fucking each other really hardcore. We decided not to interrupt and instead went into uncle marks master bathroom and took a bath. The bathtub could fit at least 10 people so we filled it and got in. We embraced each other and starting making out. We stopped and just cuddled. He was so much smaller than me so I held him tight and we relaxed laid back and shut our eyes. I heard dad and uncle mark come in and said Alright guys were gonna leave as soon as we bathe so after this get ready. They got in the bathtub and my dad sat next to me and I noticed as uncle mark got in he got hard. He sat next to his son and cuddled. My dad quietly whispered to me, Let them be alone.

We got out of the tub, dried off and left the room. We laid down on uncle marks bed and I noticed a lot of cum stains. Well looks like you had fun, I winked. We were gonna start something when we heard moaning coming from the bathroom. We heard things like Uh dad that feels so good, your cock is so big. Mm yeah you like that whose your daddy. So instead of fucking we decided to take all the sheets off the beds and clean up a little. It took us 5 minutes and uncle mark and jeff were still fucking. So we decided to pack everyone’s bag and they were still fucking when we finished. I was so horny and my cock was throbbing now. But the doorbell rang. The people to fix the floors were here. I wasn’t going to answer the door nude. My dad couldn’t wait any longer and was jerking off on the couch. I grabbed a pair of Jeffs underwear laying on the floor and they were way to small. My balls felt like they were being smashed and my cock was barely contained. I ran to the door and answered. The guy eyed me and this guy was pretty hot. Nice body, great face. But than he saw my dad jacking his cock on the couch and that’s when I knew he wasn’t wearing underwear. and I saw I called for uncle mark and he came running down the stairs naked and they talked for awhile. I found out he was a long time family friend. I grabbed lube and a robe. I waited for the guy to go out to the truck and I asked him, You like what u see?

He was facing the truck and turned around. He looked shocked. Well I sure do, He came close to me and gave me a big kiss. I rubbed down to his cock and put my hands inside and jerked him off slowly. He said follow me. He had one of those huge black vans and he opened up the back door. It had a sheet with a pillow. He told me he had to set it up so he could sleep there at night when he was on the job. I got in and so did he, he shut the doors and took off his boots and shorts. He kept his socks on which was a fetish of mine. I took off the robe and underwear. He told me to bend over. He lubed up his cock. I forgot to mention. His name was nick. He had such a great body. Nice lean 6 pack muscular but not very hairy. Except his legs and thighs. Now his cock was another story. It had to be like 9 inches but very very thick. Thicker than uncle marks. And very veiny. Anyway he lubed it up and popped his head into my ass. He saw how easy I took it and slammed the rest in. He began fucking and pounding. I was yelling grunting and moaning. His cock was so thick, more pleasurable than my dads. He leaned over and rubbed his hands through the hair on my chest and down my abs to my cock. He jerked me off. This was one of the best hand jobs ...

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