The Business - Chapter Seven

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March 28th, 2002
The slaves gathered early the following morning, in the same room which had been used the previous Sunday. They were all on edge, curious as to whom the new master would be. Would he be as vicious as Jack, or a man who showed care? Winter looked around at the group, seeing interest in their eyes. Basil and Dazzle were side by side, their shoulders brushing. Lotus stood near the back of the room, his arms crossed across his broad chest. Breeze, Pink, and Fauna stood near the wall to Winter’s left, glancing at each other. Beside Winter stood his closest friend, Rusty.

After several more quiet minutes Jack entered the room, holding open the door for the Grand Master, Hector Petrovsky. The man nodded hello to his slaves and waved a new man in, a stranger. Everyone realized who he was.. the new master. He looked Indian, with dark skin and a thin beard. His eyes were soft, and he didn’t have the normal demeanor of a master. “Hello, my slaves. I would like to introduce you to the new master, Amos Vidal.”

Vidal. The name rang in Winter’s ears and he exchanged glances with Rusty and Breeze. Breeze looked thoughtful, staring at the young man. “He is the son of Cadiir Vidal, and is here to learn the business of becoming a master and to run our website. I expect you all to treat him as well as you treat me, Master Jack, and Mistress Demi.” Petrovsky looked at each slave, staring them down. “Master Vidal.” He turned to the newest member of the house. “Please choose two or three slaves for the first scene which will be posted on the new site. Include performance photos to add to their profiles.”

Vidal looked at Breeze, his eyes staring into hers. “I would like her..” He pointed at Dazzle, then Lotus. “And those two.”

“Fantastic choices, Master Vidal. That is Breeze, and the other two are Dazzle and Lotus.” Petrovsky nodded to the slaves chosen that they should move forward. “If you go to the foyer you will find Mistress Demi. She will help you decide on a filming place on the grounds, and the outfits you would like for them to begin with. If you desire and props don’t hesitate to ask her.” And with that Master Vidal led Breeze, Dazzle, and Lotus from the room. “Jack, take Basil and Pink to Viper. Perhaps two can persuade her.”

Winter looked around, nervous. He knew that he had failed twice with Viper, but hadn’t he been gathering a repertoire with the girl? Winter was scared of Petrovsky, and afraid the next two to be sent out would be Rusty and Fauna, leaving him alone with the master. “Rusty. Winter. Take the day off. Get out.” Master Petrovsky ordered, his eyes on Fauna. Winter hesitated only a brief second before moving towards the door, glancing back at Fauna in pity. Whatever the master wanted with her, it couldn’t have been good.

After they had left Fauna looked up at Petrovsky, startled. “My Fauna.. my darling Fauna,” He sighed with adoration. “You love your master, don’t you?” He asked, stroking the side of her right breast. Her breath caught, but she nodded furiously.

“More than anything else in the world, my master.” She agreed. He quickly back handed her, the force throwing her to the ground.

“You’re a terrible liar, Fauna. There is someone you love more than me.” He muttered, annoyance seeping with every word. “Lotus.” He said, watching her eyes widen. “Don’t think I don’t notice how you look at him. How you lick your lips when his dick is large. Or how your skin blushes when his shirt is removed. I see it all, you dirty whore. You think I will let him fill your mind? You think he will replace me?” He scoffed. “You belong to me Fauna, and you betrayed my trust. On your hands and knees, skirt off.” He growled, unbuckling his pants.

“Please.. master, none of that is true. I love you. I love you.” She pleaded, only to be kicked hard in the side. She cried out but slipped the skirt off, revealing red panties. She went to her hands and knees, her head bowed as she wept.

Petrovsky dropped behind her, patting her right ass cheek and rubbing furiously, as if prepping her. “Oh, Fauna. You fucking, lying bitch. I am going to make you hurt.” He soothed oddly, then took hold of her hips, rubbing his hardened dick against the crotch of her panties, pressing at her pussy but unable to get through the cloth. She was terribly wet, soaking through her panties. Petrovsky reached around, twisting a nipple and causing her to cry out. He flicked it several times, making it hard and causing her breath to heave out heavily. “You want me.” He whispered, leaning over into her ear.

“I want you.” She repeated, and she did. She grinded back against him, moaning as his dick tried to push the cloth into her cunt.

“You want me to fuck your pussy.”

“I want you to fuck my pussy.”

“You want to suck my dick.” He slipped her panties aside, rubbing the large head of his dick into her wet folds.

“I want to suck you dick.” She nodded, gasping as his member connected with her bare, heated skin.

“You wish I was Lotus.”

“I wish you were Lotus.” She confessed, sobbing. Petrovsky thrust into her in one push, slipping his entire shaft easily into her soaking channel. He felt her walls tremble around him and attempt to suck more in, but he was as far as physically possible.

“That is right, whore. I knew it.” He said, grunting as he thrust in and out, her wetness leaking down both their legs. He had never seen the girl so turned on, so willing to accept him. Usually, during the few times they had been intimate, it felt forced, as if she were simply hoping to please him and leave. This was different, she truly wanted to believe he were Lotus.

“I’ll be your whore.” She groaned as their bodies slapped together, causing him to bottom out within her. “Oh.. Lotus.” He hardly heard her rasp.

“Lotus is fucking your pussy.” Petrovsky murmured and he bucked, feeling his cum boil within his balls.

“More, Lotus. Harder. Fuck me harder.” She cooed, rearing back to meet his thick strokes. Petrovsky took hold of her breasts, rolling her nipples between two fingers. Suddenly he grabbed her by the back of the neck, pulling her hands from the floor and forcing her into his lap, fucking her in a fury from behind. “Lotus. Lotus. More.” She gasped, but he pulled completely out, a string of her juices connecting his dick to her cunt. It lasted only briefly before he plunged her back down, stabbing into her cunt. He put his hands on her waist and continued do this multiple times before finally ejaculating deep within her, causing a warmth stronger than the sun to flow through her pussy. They breathed heavily together, staying joined for some time before he slipped out, limp.

“Such an ugly slut.” Petrovsky laughed, grabbing her by the hair to pull her head back. Their eyes met, and he saw immense shame and terror flash through her eyes. She had been lost in the moment, and was only now coming to the realization of what she had admitted.

“You will never be allowed to fuck Lotus. I so much as see you blush in his presence and you will end up like that bitch Viper, dying in the basement and living only because of my cum and piss. Do you understand me, whore?” He asked, wrapping his hand around her throat and squeezing. She coughed, her face turning red as she nodded furiously. He let go and pushed her from his lap, moving to his knees.

“I don’t think you do, so I am going to give you a little taste.” He watched as she crawled over, pulling his semi-erect dick into her mouth. He laid one hand on her head and released his bladder. She sputtered briefly but quickly drained the piss down her throating, tears springing to her eyes. It was disgusting, sickening, vile.. but he was her master, and she agreed the punishment was proper.

“Before you go you need to know that I have scheduled a new client for you tomorrow. It is at eight in the morning, so be prepared. Now get the fuck out of my sight.”


Jack exited the initiation room, leaving Pink and Basil standing above the sleeping form of Viper. She hadn’t been beaten in several days, causing her bruises to lighten up immensely and her cuts to scab over. She was still frail, however. Viper probably couldn’t remember the last time she had had a real meal, and it was causing her ribs and hips to jut out, showing off her sickly frame. “Wake up, Viper.” Basil demanded, nudging her shoulder. Viper groaned, stretching out and looking up at the young boy. He was staring down at her, his face grim. It was obvious to both Pink and the disobedient slave that he did not want to take part in this, but his commitment to his master was stronger than anything else.

“We are here to convince you to submit. If you don’t…” Pink shrugged, glancing at Basil.

“We will have to punish you severely.” Basil finished, his stare cold.

Viper looked down, appearing defeated. Several deaf moments passed, Basil and Pink more hopeful than they had been about the situation. Perhaps she would finally give up, her starvation and torture too much for her to withstand. They waited, and gave her time to consider. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Viper looked at them smiling in triumph. “Go ahead. Punish me. Hopefully you’ll accidentally kill me ...

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