The Camp Nurse

Fbailey story number 679

The Camp Nurse

When I was thirteen my parents were separating to see if they could save their marriage. I got caught in the middle so they shipped me off to camp for the entire summer…all twelve weeks of it.

Camp Butterfly in the Rainbow Mountains…what a crock of shit.

They seemed to offer just about everything that a boy or girl could want…as long as the girl was a Tomboy.

They offered a lot of team sports, a lot of water sports, and a lot of individual sports. I always did better on my own. I hated to depend on someone else. I guess I got that from my father.

Most of the kids were there for just one or two weeks. There were a few of us that were stuck there for the full season. There were six of us boys and two girls. We were put in a double bunkhouse with the camp nurse as our counselor. The cabin had a main room with two bedrooms off to the sides and each bedroom had its own bathroom. The camp nurse slept with the two girls.

In the first week us ‘lifers’ as we were know, stuck together. We did all of our activities together. The girls wore their bikinis almost all of the time. We boys wore shorts all of the time. In the water we got paired up and I got Cindy. We were both thirteen and the youngest of the group. When we went canoeing Cindy was in the front and I was in the back. I got some great views of her ass crack. She knew it too because she would reach back, poke a finger into her exposed crack, and then try to pull her bottom up to cover it. It didn’t work. When we went swimming we were buddies and had to stay within six feet of one another. She would tie her top when it was dry and then it would be loose when it got wet. Cindy was good at tightening her bottom under the water. However, her top was a different problem. One of her boobs would fall out whenever she tried to get her top tighter. I got several looks at her wonderful hard pink nipples. She knew it too and eventually she realized that it just didn’t matter if I saw them or not.

During the second week she just let me look. That was when I started telling Cindy how pretty she was and how much I liked her butt crack and her breasts. She seemed to enjoy the complements. She also let me see her goodies more often. At the campfires we sat together and shared a blanket like some of the other couples. That was when Cindy placed my hand on her knee. When I didn’t move it up, she did. When my hand was touching her pussy she opened her legs up for me. I was a virgin and I thought that she was too but she was a lot more aggressive than I was. When she tried to push my hand down inside her bottom I just went with the flow. That was something that the camp nurse had told me to do. I wondered if the camp nurse had told her to do this. Anyway I got my finger into her slit and explored her pussy a little. I found her clit because she jumped when I hit it. I also found her hole and it was wet. After that I had a great time until we sang the final song ‘Kum Ba Yah’ and had to go to bed.

On the way back to our cabin we held hands. I lifted my finger up to my nose to smell of it and Cindy giggled. I watched her slip her fingers down into her bikini bottom, finger herself, and then raise those two fingers up to my nose.

Cindy whispered in my ear, “I thought that you would like to smell me now that I’ve had an orgasm. I know that I smell and taste different then.”

I asked, “Can I taste you?”

Cindy slipped her two fingers into my mouth. Then she said, “If you want to compare my taste to Donna and Miss Jones I can arrange it.”

I asked, “How?”

Cindy replied, “How do you think? I’ll poke my fingers in them and then let you taste.”

I asked, “They’ll let you do that?”

Cindy replied, “I’ve done a whole lot more than that with them.”

I said, “Tell me.”

Cindy giggled and said, “Later. Wait in your bunk for about an hour and then come over to the girl’s room. I’ll be waiting for you. Don’t let the other boys know what you’re doing.”

I got a kiss in our common room and the other boys teased me about it.

I waited the full hour and then I slipped out unnoticed. Cindy was waiting for me at her door. She looked cute in her camp T-shirt and nothing else. She pulled me inside. The other two girls said hello to me. They had a night-light so I could sort of see them.

Cindy went over to Donna, reached under the covers, and then Donna started to coo. After a while Cindy pulled her hand out and let me smell her fingers, and then she let me taste them. Donna had a deeper musky aroma and a much more tangy taste.

Miss Jones let Cindy finger her pussy too and she really enjoyed it. When I smelled of Cindy’s fingers they smelled really nice, like mangos. The taste was very pleasant too.

Miss Jones said, “Cindy, take off your T-shirt and get on your bed so that he can taste you properly.”

Cindy pulled her T-shirt up over her head and tossed it on the floor. She got on her bed and pulled me down into her crotch. I then smelled the source of her arousal. I pushed my nose right into her slit and started licking her girl juices.

Miss Jones said, “He’s hard. Let him fuck you now.”

I looked at Cindy and she smiled at me. She ...

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