“I have to go to the bathroom before we leave.” I told my (somewhat) boyfriend. He was looking like he was ready to leave without me, but I had to do this before we went. Once I closed the bathroom door behind me I opened my bag and took out my pink vibrating egg and the remote. It looked similar to an egg except that it was quite pink.
I still remembered when I used it last, walking on the streets shopping, I had so many orgasms during that day. I was soaking wet from all the come, I could barely walk. But that is another story.
Since I was already wet from the thought of what I was going to do it was easy to get it in, once it was deep inside of me I opened the remote and started the softest setting. I felt the vibration go through my body, pulsing inside of me and arousing me. From the horny feeling I was getting I really wanted to get fucked in the ass and cum like that. I flushed the toilet to give him the illusion of having used the bathroom.
“Lets go, I am all ready now.” I smiled sweetly at him and took his hand to leave.
Once we were at the cinema, I was close to coming for the 2nd time. I was soaking my thong and I hoped no one could see it through my skirt. Since it was summer I was wearing a short light blue skirt with a white low cut tank top, while Pete wore a red shirt with jeans shorts. Once we were settled in the last row with hardly any people around, only filling up some seats in the front.
The movie started and I could barely focus on it because yet another orgasm was starting to build inside of me. I couldn't contain any of my moans since I had to silence them the entire way there. I hoped that Pete wouldn't notice since I wanted to keep as a secret for a bit longer. But I was out of luck, Pete noticed and looked at me suspiciously. He could tell that something was up, but he had no idea what I wanted to really do. At that moment a sudden urge took me and I pulled him close to me and kissed him passionately on the lips, they were soft and warm, slightly moist. I blindly sought his arm and caressed it. Slowly I guided it to my skirt, stroked it up and left the rest to him. He obviously had similar plans to me since Pete started massaging my clitoris with two fingers and even full force.
The touches of his fingers were driving me higher and the sensations overcome my body. My nipples hardening even more against my bra, caressing against the texture. Every moment was intensified. My moaning started up again, but it they were stolen by Pete's soft lips. My body started trembling because he kept going at it and my egg hasn't stopped either. I was going beyond what I expected. Now I could officially say that I have completely wet my thong and that even in public.
All this wasn't enough for me I wanted more. So I reached over and started unbuttoning his jeans, I have always thought that buttons are so much sexier. But at this point they annoyed me slightly since it was taking too long.
“What are you doing?” Pete asked me as I reached his second button. He sounded surprised.
“Well I thought that maybe we should have some fun, I mean did just have an orgasm thought I might return the favour.” I replied in a soft voice, right into his ear. I could feel him shivering from my breath against him. He was excited that was for sure.
“Thanks, but what if someone sees us, I mean we are not alone here.... What we just did was already a bit noisy as it is.” He responded weakly. I knew that he already liked the idea of getting it on here, in the cinema around other people. But I had to persuade him to accept it.
“Isn't the idea so thrilling that someone might catch us doing naughty things?” I whispered back. By then all the buttons were open and I pulled his boxers down with my hand and freed his cock, it stood proudly for me. Slowly I stared stroking it up and down, giving him some time to adjust to the fact that his cock was out, for anyone to see.
After about one minute I leaned forward and took the head into my mouth. Savouring the taste of his pre-cum with my tongue and twirling it around in hope of having some more. He tasted slightly salty, but so good. Lowering myself onto his cock I took as much as I could and used all the sucking forces that I had within me. I pumped me head up and down for a bit, then he took control, he gripped my head with his hands to accommodate the speed that he wanted. The fist he made in my hair hurt slightly, but I was not going to complain. I could feel his cock slowly throbbing in my mouth and I loved the sensation of it. He kept building up the speed until I knew he was close to coming in my mouth and I couldn't wait for the explosion.
It always gives me great satisfaction knowing that I am able to do this, driving him crazy with my mouth. With that thought he came in my mouth, completely filling me up. I savoured the taste for a bit it was slightly sweet but yet also salty. I eagerly swallowed all of it, I couldn’t even get it down in one go it simply was too much.
“Would you like to repay me the favour again?” I asked softly teasing him.
“Oh I think that would be a good idea. Why didn’t I come up with it?” He replied with a great smile on his face.
As I am wearing a skirt it was quite easy for him to crouch in front of me and push my thong out of the way, though I still had the egg vibrating inside of me and demanding attention. I presumed since it was dark he was unable to see the sting attached to it, but I wasn’t about to tell him. The second I felt his warm tongue touch my clitoris I was ready to have my next orgasm. He circled it for a bit and I put me hand in his hair and forced him to stay there for a bit longer. By now he must have felt the string of my egg, but he gave no indication of such. I guided his head further down to my opening so he can lick me there and enjoy my come. He slowly stuck his tongue into my pussy, hesitant of the string, which seemed to have been in his way. At that point all I wanted was to cum again, to have my body take over my actions and give me the pleasure that I craved.
So I blindly reached over to search for my bag, which was on the seat next to me looking for my remote. That was the hardest task that I ever had to do in my life, it was all the way at the bottom hidden under my wallet. Once I found it, I put it on full speed, not really caring about the noise since the movie was quite loud. The new vibrations seemed to have surprised him and he tried pulling away, but I pushed his head back to where he belonged. Finally I had what I wanted, my body trembling from the feeling of being over powered. I felt his tongue going deeper into me and playing around a little more. The more he did this the harder it was to contain my moans so I just let them free, though I tried to keep them soft.
“Oh ….. God..... Please …. Oh.... More....Mmmhhh...” I was panting.
I lowered my shirt, pushed my bra to ...

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