I awoke for my host lust level was very high, I saw who had triggered his lust, I became aware of his fantasy, he wanted her but would do nothing about it, his way was too slow so I took her despite the struggle she put up, there was no hot passionate kisses, no caresses to excite us, no soft words of sweetness in praise of her beauty and splendid figure, it was lust in the raw essence, I am not my host, I am not the romantic. I am the BEAST.
It could of been different if the elevator had gone to the sixth floor before it went down to the basement, but no it had to go to the basement first, there would be no one down there, not at two-thirty a.m. on a Saturday.
As we rode down my host had time to get a massive hard on, it strained against his pants, it bulge out disgustingly in his pants. The scent of her perfume was design to attract men like the flowers attract the bees, her low cut tight blouse proudly showed off two magnificent mounts of tanned flesh of her over sized boobs, her micro mini skirt freely advertized her perfectly shaped ass and skimpy panties that covered less than half of it, her long shapely legs and thighs screams for the attention of men, she had eyes that were filled with lust and lips that were made to embraced the member of men.
She should of step off the elevator when he told her that he was going down to the basement, she knew what a dark lonely place it was, she should of seen the way his hungry eyes striped away her clothing and fed on her naked body, she should of seen the lust in his eyes for it was there for all to see, she should of felt how he fondled her in his mind, she should of felt the heat of his lust for it burned with the intensity of a volcano.
But no, she didn't care, she stayed to flaunt her fabulous body, she came and teased him with all her charms, shit, she saw the look of lust he gave her, she saw his hungry eyes devour her body, she saw his fist clench in an attempt to control himself, she saw the sudden rise at his crotch, but did it stop her? Noo.
She enjoyed it, enjoyed seeing him in his moment of weakness, she enjoyed knowing that he was hot for her, it boosted her ego and confirmed her sexual attraction, so she step into the elevator and the door rumbled shut, dam, if only it was one of those with accordion metal door, when the door closed it closed us off from the rest of the world, it was then that I reach out and took over my host body. In such a confined space her body seem to magnify its greatness, I saw her blouse disappeared to leave her standing beside me in her mauve coloured bra, a half cut bra that exposed more of her firm round breast than it covered, breasts that were evenly tanned and smooth, of course I saw her shoulders and her flat stomach and narrow waist, I felt the heat rush through my body, felt every pore on my body open, felt every bead of sweat that appeared on my skin. The elevator should of been fast. I hate elevators that makes me feel as if I left my stomach behind but at that time, I wished I was having such an experience, it would of broken the spell I was under, I would of had time to escape her magic, but it weren't meant to be, the elevator was slow, too slow, seconds became minutes.
I saw her skirt disappeared leaving her standing in panties that match her bra, if her bra failed to contain her breasts then her panties failed much worse for every where her body was pouring out of the panties.
The trip from the second floor to the basement was like a ten block trip in a taxi at the height of the rush hour. Things could of turned out differently if there was some one on the first floor that needed the elevator, no such luck, our destiny was written and changes couldn't be made, so we crept down to the basement to meet our fate.
Finally the elevator came to a stop. I was aware but helpless to stop my hand from going to the emergency switch, I thought of how easy it would of been for me to push the first floor button, I thought of how easily it would of been for me to step off the elevator on the second floor, it was easy to think of the many actions that could of been done to avoid what was about to happen, it was impossible to perform any of those actions, the script was written, the stage was set, the performers had their roles, there was no time for further delay, the curtains were open, the invisible audience was eagerly waiting for our performance.
I felt rather than saw her facial expression change from lust to horror when I flip down the switch and the elevator stop, I saw her hand reach out to the switch, she was fast but I was faster, I grab her hand and swirled her around and drew her in against me, my other hand covered her mouth and nose.
Busy as I was with her I was still aware of how wonderful it felt to feel her ass against my groin, my right arm against her huge breasts, my left arm across her flat belly as I pined her arms to her sides, an image of her heel imbedded in my foot flashed through my mind and as I quickly spread my feet I felt her thigh rise and smashed down with enough force to break off her heel, with her struggles and not being able to breath her energy was soon spent, I felt her relaxed.
Freeing her hands I quickly unhook and unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor, next went her panties, the sight of her bare ass made my head spin and I felt as if I was the one whose mouth and nose was ...

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