The Field Trip - Part I

PART ONE -------------------------------------------------------------

“I’m telling you, I’ve seen him stare at us. He’s got a thing for us, I’m sure”, whispered Regina, a 18 year old blonde school girl as she sat down on the bus seat beside her friends.
“But he’s our teacher! And he’s like 45 years old! Doesn’t he have a wife or anything?”, replied Clarisse, a pretty little brunette who was having a hard time believing the fact that their history teacher, Mr Brown, who was taking them for a field trip, was attracted to them sexually.
“I don’t know. Maybe he’s one of those weird ones. You know, who like girls much than them”, commented Ashley coldly.
“Maybe”, replied Regina, contemplating.
And so the argument continued.
These were three of the sixteen girls, of the senior most class of Benet High School, who were being taken on a field trip by their history teacher. All of these pretty young ladies, in the ages of 18 to 21, were sitting in a small yellow bus, wearing white shirts, red ties and a red skirt which ended at their knees. They were going to some suburban area to visit a really old church and learn something about it; no one really knew the specifics. They all hopped in to spend time with their friends.
A recently popular topic of conversation amongst a little group of girls was that their teacher had a thing for all of the students in the class. Some girls claimed that they had caught him staring and noticed some pretty decent tents. They also claimed he attempted to brush against their bodies, seemingly “by accident.”
During this discussion, the girl who was by far the most popular and the prettiest in their little group, Rachel, was only listening. She finally spoke, “Well, if what Regina’s saying is true, then we have a problem that needs dealing with. But there’s only one way of knowing whether Jack Brown really wants to have sex with us or not.”
The other three girls simply stared back at her, not knowing what she had implied.
“Well, I’m going I girls. I’ll just sit next to him and talk. I’ll try being a little flirtatious to see if he responds. Let’s see what happens.”
Regina replied, “Oh please be careful, darling, we don’t want you to fall in some kind of trouble!”
“Oh for God’s sake, please don’t be a sissy, Reg, I know what I’m doing”, said Rachel as she applied red lip stick on her pretty lips. She looked at her self in the little mirror she had. She let her dirty blonde hair fall to her shoulders. After adjusting it a bit, she was satisfied.
She got up and slowly walked towards the last row, where the teacher was sitting.
Jack Brown was pretending to read a book, what he was really trying to do was get a good look at one of these girls. Oh how he loved young ass! He loved their supple bodies and their pretty faces. It was one of the reasons his wife left him, in fact, because his fantasies were too weird. He noticed one of the girls, Rachel, doing some makeup. He found her to be one of the hottest of the lot. He involuntarily licked his lips as he saw her smear lip stick on her juicy red lips. She suddenly got up and turned around. He looked down immediately, pretended to be buried in his book. He thought Rachel might have seen him in the mirror.
Rachel held on to the seats as she made her way to the back. She had an idea. Just before she reached the last row, she let go of the seat handles and “accidentally” fell across Mr Brown’s lap – causing the book to fall to the floor.
“Oh I’m so sorry, sir”, she muttered with a smile as she tried to get up. She definitely felt something poke up at her stomach.
“No no, it’s quite alright”, said Mr Brown, who was positively flustered. After Rachel sat down beside him properly, he picked up the book and dusted it.
“Are you alright, Rachel?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. By the way, what’s that you’re reading?”. She asked as she peered down into his book, breathing down his neck.
Brown didn’t reply instantly, she noticed. She heard him gulp before murmuring something about the Incas. She wasn’t really looking at the book, she was looking at the increasingly prominent erection in this pants.
“Interesting”, she murmured, withdrawing.
For the next half hour, Rachel was subjecting Brown to a kind of a test. She would look out of the w window, giving him the opportunity to ogle at her and then suddenly look inside. She almost always caught him staring.
She fished her cell phone out of her skirt pocket and texted Ashley – “It’s confirmed. The sicko hung like a pole. What do I do?”
She noticed a wave of excitability where her friends were sitting, and after a minute got a reply –
“Push him further. Do the Dozer or something.” Rachel smiled.
“Great idea! Love you : * !”
She put her phone back in and sat back. She had no trouble in pretending she had fallen asleep. She only kept her eyes half open, just to see what was happening. In her pseudo – sleep, her head nodded and rests finally on Jack’s shoulder. He looked sideways at her, made no attempt to straighten her up, and continued reading.
Then Rachel started drooling, dropping thin, slimy drops of saliva which fell near his crotch on his pants. With her half closed eyes she saw the erection become bigger.
It was becoming too frisky, she thought, because then jack pushed her up and finally her head rested against the window. Rachel tried something else. She adjusted her posture such that her ass was poking into Mr Brown’s side as she slept. And, luckily, this caused her skirt to ride up so that a fair amount of her smooth flesh was visible.
Mr Brown was having a tough time. He was becoming increasingly flustered and horny with Rachel. And now, her ass was practically lying there for him to spank!
No one was looking back, he thought. Even Rachel was slightly snoring, she was in deep sleep.
He slowly placed the palm of his hand on her back of her bare thigh and kept it there.
Nothing happened, he felt so excited. No one noticed, and even Rachel was still asleep. Pushing things a little further, he moved his hands around a little bit, caressing her ass.
Still unnoticed, he was really having a bit of fun here. Although his erection was rather painfully pushing against the front of his pants. He moved his hands further inside and finally felt her panties. He gulped; this was a tad too much. He quickly withdrew his hand and pretended to read again. After a few seconds, Rachel got up and rushed back to the front seat to her friends.
Brown felt scared – had she noticed? He felt a sinking feeling of guilt in his stomach.
Then the bus stopped for a petrol refill. Jack immediately climbed out to use the restroom.
When Rachel felt his warm hand on her cool skin, she was shocked! How dare he feel her up! As soon as he was done, she waited a moment before abruptly rushing away to her girlfriends.
“That bitch felt me up!”, she exclaimed as soon as she reached.
“What? How? Where?”, replied Ashley, who seemed rather cool about it.
“My ass! As I was doing the Dozer, he caressed my butt! I feel violated!” she said, seeming more angry than vulnerable.
“I told you he was a sick bastard” said Regina with a humourless smile, “what do you suggest we do about it?”
“But that’s just disgusting”, was all Clarisse said. She was the nerd in the group, Ms Goody two Shoes.
“Well, it’s true. Now you don’t go around flashing him or something unless you want to be raped”, replied Rachel rather ...

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