This is a fictitious story which I have based on true accounts from friends, along with personal experience. This is not a hard sex story; it is the commencement of a romantic tale of first experiences and the feelings experienced by many, many people, when confronted by sexual situations and sensations for the first time. It includes masturbation and the thoughts of a couple who are sexually inexperienced, yet desperate for their first time to arrive. I hope you enjoy.

James Horton was an ordinary sixteen year old lad. Living in England, he loved football, rugby and cricket, although he was only proficient when on the football field. At five feet ten, with short light brown hair and brown eyes, he was a good looking young man, only he lacked self-confidence around the opposite sex. He had never had a proper girlfriend and longed for the day that the girl of his dreams walked into his life, lighting it up with passion, love and understanding. He knew many girls at college, and had plenty of female friends on internet chat sites, yet no one to hold and kiss.

He awoke on that Friday morning with the usual erection, and put his hand down onto his favourite body part, gently rubbing. A face appeared in his mind. He smiled. He saw the girl every morning, whilst on his way to the college. She was not what one would describe as ‘beautiful’, yet she evoked emotions within him. She had long dirty blonde hair, and a face with somewhat square features. Through the glasses she wore, he had noticed that she possessed blue eyes, which he liked. James had never seen her smile; nevertheless, in his imagination, her smile was sweet, transforming her features. He had only ever seen her in jeans and a jacket, and she appeared to be slim, her build being what some would call ‘slight’. He had tried working out the shape of her bottom and breasts; only the clothing she wore was baggy, hiding her true form from the world.

Imagining the girl kissing him, James closed his eyes and ran his hand up and down his penis, enjoying the sensation that filled his lower regions. Moving his hips, he felt his scrotum, his mental image being one of her doing just what he was. With the sensation increasing stroke by stroke, James let out a small sigh, squeezing his glans and softly running a finger along his frenulum. Aware that he was close to orgasm, he pulled the covers off him, looking down at his erection, increasing the speed of his hand. Half a minute later, semen jetted from his penis, leaving a string that ran from his naval, up to the lower point of his ribs. He groaned as he released a second and then a third, with smaller spurts as he decreased the speed of his hand. He lay there, thinking about the alluring girl, snapping out of his trance as the feeling of guilt entered his mind. He picked up a tissue, wiped himself off and made his way into the shower.

Walking to the college to meet his friends, James once again thought about the girl. Say hello, a voice within him said. It can’t do any harm, so just do it. With a new found determination, he walked on. His heart was beating furiously. He passed a line of shops and went to turn the corner, where the girl appeared. James, surprised at the girl appearing at that point, had no time to smile. Irritated, he exhaled loudly, looking back at her as she continued on her way. Another encounter had passed with no result. Dolefully, he turned around and continued his journey, wondering if he would ever get to speak to her.


It was Wednesday evening. James was due to meet his friends at the local youth centre. He wore the clothes he considered to be the more attractive, looking at himself in the mirror before descending the stairs and saying goodbye to his parents, who wished him a good time.

The club was busy when James arrived. He purchased a cola at the bar and made off to join his friends, who were gathered in the corner of the room. They greeted him and asked him if he would join them at a party on the other side of town.

‘I suppose so,’ James said.
‘There’ll be loads of birds there,’ said Mal, who was a close friend to James. He too had experienced no luck with girls.

‘Good,’ James said with a grin.
‘We’re going to stop off at The Crown along the way,’ Andy, another friend, said. ‘My brother will get drinks for us.’

‘Cool,’ James said. He seldom drank alcohol, and on the rare occasions that he did, he was careful not to drink too much. He had seen the state that some of his friends got into, and did not wish to be like that.

An hour later, the group left the club and began walking slowly towards the pub, all laughing and joking. James was the quieter member of the group, yet he was the wittier of them, often coming out with comments that would have them rolling in the aisles.

The pub was unusually busy for a Wednesday. James looked around at some of the girls, who were dressed provocatively, the contours of their breasts, bottoms and legs clear to see. James stood beside Andy, who had given his brother some money and had brought drinks across for them, instructing the lads to keep them from view of the bar.

Andy saw some girls that he knew, inviting James across with a flick of his head. James had seen the girls before, and considered Mandy, a tall girl with long black hair, as attractive. She was wearing a tight top that showed her ample breasts off beautifully, and a tiny skirt with black leggings. He was about to speak to her when someone caught his eye.

He looked across the room to see the girl he passed every morning. His heart began beating faster as he looked at her. She was wearing a baggy jumper, and jeans, which were tighter than usual. He liked the look of her legs. I have to speak to her, he thought. What do I say? Will I look like an idiot? Will she speak to me?

He moved slowly away from Andy and turned towards the girl, who glanced at him, smiling briefly before turning to the girl next to her. James’s nerves played games with him as he approached, stopping five metres from her, standing alone. Uncertain of what to do, he thought deeply. Had it not been for the girls she was with, he would have gone across. A minute later, a girl who had been beside her moved away. This is your chance, the voice within his head said. Go and say hello!

Carrying his drink, James walked slowly towards her. Seeing her glance at him, he smiled. “Hi.”

“Hello.” Her voice was soft, and barely audible due to the music and noise from the surrounding throng in the background.

“I see you every morning.”
“I see you as well.”
James found himself stuck for words, finally blurting, “I think you’re pretty.”
The girl laughed. “Thanks, but I’m not. I’m Ruth.”

“You are. I’m James.”
“Thanks, James. I think you’re cute looking.”
“Thanks, Ruth, but girls usually ignore me.”
Ruth smiled coyly. “Well, I’m not ignoring you. Anyway, boys usually ignore me.”

“I would never ignore you.” James had been gaining in confidence with each syllable spoken. “Would you like to sit down?”

Ruth smiled warmly. “Yes, I would. There’s a spare table in the corner.”

They walked across to the vacant space. James allowed Ruth to seat herself before sitting beside her. Seeing Ruth close up, and smile, James considered her to be a highly attractive girl. He smiled as he asked where she worked.

“I don’t. I go to the college on the other side of town. I’m studying art and sports/science.”
“It’s a shame you don’t go to my college.”
Ruth sipped her drink. “Why’s that?”
James blushed. “Because I like you.”
“I like you as well. You’re not judging me.”
“Judging you?”

Ruth sighed and looked down at the table. “All my friends wear cool clothes, but my Mum and Dad won’t let me. Boys think I’m a frump.”

“Well, I don’t. I think you look nice.”
“Thanks,” Ruth beamed. “So do you.”
“Nah, I don’t. Anyway, are you staying here all night?”

Ruth glanced across at her friends. “Probably, which means I’ll be walking home alone as usual. The other girls will all get off with someone.”

James felt sad for Ruth, who to him, seemed to lack self-confidence. She reminded him of himself, only in female form. “I’m supposed to be going to a party, but to be honest, I’m not that keen.”

Ruth chuckled. “So, we’re both going to end up walking home alone.”
“I’ll walk you home,” James said quickly.
“I’d like that. Thanks.”

“It’ll be a pleasure. Shall we go on somewhere from here? We could go to the Rising Sun. We’ll only be able to have soft drinks, but I’m okay with that if you are. It’s nice and quiet in there.”

“Okay. We’ll finish these and have a walk.”
“Good. With it being quieter in there, we won’t have to shout.’
Feeling brave, Ruth took hold of James’s hand. “Good. It’ll be romantic.”


The couple left The Crown half an hour later. Their friends raised their eyebrows, one or two of them winking. Hand in hand they walked to the Rising sun, where they sat with their soft drinks, talking non-stop. It transpired that they had many things in common, and the time passed without them realising. At eleven ‘o’ clock, Ruth announced that she had to go home.

They continued talking all the way back to Ruth’s. James’s heart fluttered when Ruth squeezed his hand. He reciprocated her action, which in turn sent waves of new and alien feelings flooding through the excited young lady.

“We’d better say goodbye here,” said Ruth.
“Is this where you live?”
“No. I live around the corner.”
“Why here, then?”

Ruth let go of James’s hand and turned to face him. “Because my Mum will be looking out for me and I don’t want her to see me kiss you.”

James smiled and placed his hands on Ruth’s shoulders, the pair of them moving closer. Slowly, as they looked into each other’s eyes, their heads moved together and their lips touched. James had kissed girls before, but not properly. Ruth, however, had never kissed a boy; consequently she was nervous and uncertain of exactly what to do. She knew that people opened their mouths and wiggled their tongues around, yet other than that she did not know and felt that following James’s lead would be the favourable option.

Feeling the touch of Ruth’s soft and inviting lips, James felt a wave of excitement envelope him. He kissed her several times with his mouth closed, becoming lost in the sensuousness of her warm lips, their brushing together acting as a commencement of what he wished to come. Holding each other tightly, they opened their mouths in unison. Their tongues touched and gyrated. Ruth found herself overcome with pleasure and held James more tightly as their tongues continued to silently dance. She then felt a tingling between her legs.

James, lost in the moment, moved his hands down Ruth’s back, pulling her against him as their mouths moved and their tongues entwined. Feeling his penis beginning to rise, he hoped that Ruth wouldn’t notice. James was in heaven and wanted the kiss to last forever.

Feeling something hard against her crotch, and the tingling feeling between her legs increasing, Ruth pressed against James, who continued to run his hand up and down her back. Both were very turned on, yet they knew that time was against them. Finally, they broke away. Ruth momentarily looked down at James’s erection before looking into his eyes, smiling.

“So,” James said, “shall would you like meet up tomorrow night?”
“I’d like that.”
“Where shall we meet?”
“Meet me here at seven.”
“Okay. Er . . . Ruth . . . would you be my girlfriend?”

Feeling elated at hearing ‘that’ question for the first time, Ruth beamed and said, “Yes. I would love to be your girlfriend.”

Relief flooded through James, whose heart was beating with a previously unknown ferocity. “Thanks.”

They kissed once again, holding each other tightly, finally breaking away and saying goodnight. Ruth reluctantly walked away, smiling at him as she turned the corner, glancing back at the boy who had treated her as a young woman and was now ‘her boyfriend’. With that sensation between her legs continuing to feel pleasurable, she made her way indoors, quickly said hello to her parents and went upstairs to her room.

Once inside, she touched her crotch and gasped at the feeling that had intensified. She also felt wet. Ruth had heard about her friends’ vaginas becoming wet; only she had never experienced it. She took off her baggy jumper and looked down at her small yet pert breasts, removing her plain white B-cup bra. She ran her hands over her light brown nipples, which were erect, feeling yet more pleasure. Looking down at her jeans, she unbuttoned them and slipped them off, leaving them where they dropped. She walked over to the light-switch and flicked it off, placing her hand upon her vulva as she walked across to her bed, pulling back the covers and slipping inside.

She lay there, thinking about that kiss from James. She softly rubbed the front of her white cotton panties. I could feel his dick, she thought, and began removing her panties. Feeling good, she opened her legs and placed her hand upon the thick pubic hair, parting it with her finger and detecting the wetness. Feeling the inner lips of her pussy, she felt a new wave of pleasure engulf her nether region. She moved her finger up and down, jumping when she touched her clitoris.

Her mother had given her many a lecture that it was wrong for girls to touch themselves, and until that evening she had taken heed. Now, however, she realised that it was not wrong; it was nice. She moved her finger from her hard clit, and down to her vaginal entrance, which was oozing viscous, slippery juice. Without another thought, she inserted her finger and pushed it up into her love tunnel. The feeling was incredible. Still with her finger inside, she put a finger from her other hand onto her clit, and began softly stroking it. Her legs opened yet wider as the sensation intensified. She was moaning softly as her first ever orgasm approached. Having never experienced one, she knew not what to expect. She increased the speed of her movements and could feel her juice running down to the cheeks of her buttocks as she moved her hips around. Suddenly, Ruth felt a compulsion to urinate, but she could not stop and moments later a cataclysmic explosion swept through her. “Aaaaaaah.” She wriggled and writhed as the feeling lingered, lasting for what felt like an eternity. Unable to take any more, she slowed down the actions with her hands, still moving her pelvis from side to side.

Ruth lay there with her finger still inside her drenched pussy, gently panting in her post orgasmic trance. God, that was good. Is that what it feels like when a boy touches it? I hope so. She then thought back to the hard penis that had been pressed against her. Removing her finger, she pulled her arm up and licked her fingers, being surprised at how sweet it tasted. Intrigued, she reinserted her finger, licking the juice once again. Feeling good in herself, she settled down and went to sleep thinking about James.


James woke up the following morning with his usual erection. Rather than wank to an immediate orgasm, he thought back to that wonderful kiss he had shared with Ruth. He couldn’t get her face out of his head. Dreamily, he lay there with his hand upon his erection, hoping that he and Ruth would spend more time kissing and less time talking. He thought back to their conversations, closing his eyes and thinking about her beautiful eyes and that smile that he found so sweet. After half an hour James’s penis was throbbing and precum was flowing readily from the tip. He knew that he had to get up, and sped up his strokes, with his sperm jetting further than normal, the first wad hitting him upon his chin. As the subsequent spurts shot rapidly from his manhood, he imagined Ruth doing it for him, lying there with his hips convulsing. Rather than clean himself off straight away, James closed his eyes, thinking about Ruth and where they could go. It was spring and the weather was relatively warm. I’ll take her for a walk down to the river. There are benches there, so we can kiss for as long as we want. ...

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