This is a fictitious story which I have based on true accounts from friends, along with personal experience. This is not a hard sex story, and although it does contain graphic sexual descriptions; it is the continuation of a romantic tale of first experiences and the feelings experienced by many, many people, when confronted by sexual situations and sensations for the first time. I hope you enjoy.

It was Saturday evening. The previous evening, James and Ruth had spent a pleasant time walking around the town, talking, kissing and gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes. They had spent half an hour in a coffee lounge, huddled up together, giggling when an older couple shot them disparaging looks. James and Ruth did not care. They were in their own world.

After leaving the coffee lounge they make their way through the historical part of the town. Ruth, who enjoyed history, gave James a fun filled lecture on the various buildings and their significance. By the time they reached the Rising Sun, they were completely starry eyed and wrapped up in one another.

Throughout the evening, they both wished to pet heavily as they had when by the river, only with it being a Friday evening, there were more people around. 'It doesn’t matter,' thought James. 'Just being with Ruth is good enough for me.'

Ruth, although wishing to get close to James and be intimate once again, also felt content to just walk and share the occasional kiss. 'He is just so lovely. I so want to lie next to him and feel him all over, but we can do that tomorrow night. Just being with him is a dream.'

At the end of the evening, they kissed goodnight in their usual spot, the hands of both parties wandering and exploring. James had one arm around the back of her shoulder and the other, lower down as he caressed her buttocks, sending torrents of pleasure and desire through her private area. Ruth did very much the same, feeling the same level of excitement as James when she pressed her pelvis against his, feeling his erection. Neither of them went any further. They both knew that they had the following evening to explore their new found sexuality further. Reluctantly, they parted, their eyes not leaving the other until Ruth disappeared from sight, walking up the path to her home. 'Tomorrow night,' she thought. 'I just can’t wait!'


Having left the house early, Ruth stood at ‘their’ corner, waiting excitedly for James to appear. She had worn a tight fitting white T-shirt beneath her jacket, and a loose fitting black silky skirt. She hoped that the shirt would accentuate her breasts, and had bought some sexy underwear, keeping it hidden from her mother, who she knew would disapprove. She planned to keep it at the back of her cupboard, where her mother never looked. James had worn his best jeans and a T-shirt that displayed the logo of a rock band.

Seeing James approach, Ruth ran towards him, the couple embracing and sharing a deeply passionate kiss. Looking at Ruth, James felt like the luckiest man in the world. She looked so sweet and incredibly sexy, her tight shirt showing her beautiful breasts off to perfection. Her long, almost blonde hair waved in the slight breeze.

“Shall we walk by the river on the way?” James said, looking into Ruth’s lustrous blue eyes. “It’ll give my folks and sister time to get out.”

“Okay,” Ruth smiled, kissing him once again, feeling a surge of passion.
“Good. We can put a Muse album on when we get back.”
Ruth chuckled. “You are so romantic.”
“You said you wanted to hear it.”

“I know. I was joking, silly.” Ruth took hold of James’s hand. “Come on. You can tell me all about your day.”

The smitten couple walked along, hand in hand, stopping occasionally to share a meaningful kiss. James reported on the football (soccer) match he had played in, scoring the winning goal. It was the first time that he had scored for the team. Being a specialist defender, he seldom got the chance to score; subsequently he was feeling on top of the world before even meeting Ruth. Now, having ‘his’ girl with him, James found himself experiencing a new and exciting high, which he had no idea could possibly exist.

By the time they reached the river, James and Ruth were completely relaxed and enjoying the warm evening. James spotted a trout, pointing it out to Ruth, who had never before noticed the fish right in front of her.

“You two can fuck off!” a male voice said.

James and Ruth spun around to see the rough looking lad and the slutty girl they had previously experienced an altercation with. James said, “It’s okay. We’re not sitting. We know it’s your bench.”

“It’s our fucking river! I don’t wanna see you here again.”
“Excuse me,” said Ruth, “but this is a –”
“Okay, we’ll go,” James said, cutting Ruth off.
“Good,” the lad sneered. “If I see yer again, we’ll do yer!”

Ruth was about to say something, but James squeezed her hand, surreptitiously shaking his head. They walked quickly away, remaining silent until they were well away from the aggressive duo.

“They can’t do that!” Ruth said angrily.

James kissed her on the cheek. “Don’t worry. Look, there’s more than one stretch of river in town, so we’ll just find somewhere new. Look, I don’t care where we walk, as long as you’re with me.”

Ruth hugged him tightly. “Thanks. I just hate being bullied, that’s all. I get enough of that from Mum and Dad.”

“They bully you?”
“Mentally, yes. They’re always telling me how sex is wrong.”
“What do you think?”
Ruth sighed. “I just want to find out for myself.”

“Well, just do it in your own time.”
“Thanks. I will. They’re not even keen on me having boyfriends.”
“Surely they must realise it’s natural.”

“I’ve told them that I will have one.”
“What did they say?”
Ruth chuckled. “They told me to wait until I’m eighteen. I told them that I wouldn’t.”
“Well, if you want to keep quiet about us, I’ll go along with it.”

Ruth stopped walking and turned to James, kissing him warmly. “You are so nice I keep wondering if I’m dreaming.”

James pulled her closer. “So do I.”

Ruth smiled and began walking again. “I’d like to meet your parents. I hope they don’t look at me and think: ‘He could have done better than that’.”

“Of course they won’t. They’ll wonder how I managed to get such a pretty and sweet girl to look at me without laughing.”

“You, James, are so sweet.” Ruth rested her head upon James’s shoulder, hugging him tightly as they walked slowly to his house, both looking forward to being alone, away from everyone else.


Arriving at James’s house, Ruth complimented him on the garden. He had told her that he often helped his father. Entering the house, James led her through to the kitchen, pouring a glass of wine for them both. James’s parents used boxes of wine, rather than bottles, preferring the value.

Entering James’s bedroom, Ruth smiled. “Wow. You are a tidy person.”

“I got fed up with Mum moaning at me, so this way I don’t get hassle.” James reached across and turned the music on.

Ruth sipped her drink, gazing around the room, which was predominantly cream. James had posters of bands and sportsmen on the walls. “This is nice.”

“So are you.”
Ruth smiled and sipped her drink before placing the glass on the bedside table. “Thanks.”
“No,” James said, “thanks for being my girlfriend.”
Ruth kissed James on the cheek. “It feels great.”

“It does.” James placed his arm around her, kissing her warmly on the lips.
“I think you should put your glass down,” Ruth whispered.
James smiled and reached across her, placing his glass down gently. “There you go.”

The couple looked adoringly into each other’s eyes, their heads moving together and their lips touching and brushing. They placed their hand on the respective legs of their partner as they continued to softly touch lips, finally pressing harder as their feelings accelerated and they became lost in the sheer joy of loving kisses. Their mouths opened and their tongues touched, sending torrents of desire through both parties. Ruth ran her hand through James’s dark hair, while James softly caressed Ruth’s back, detecting her bra-strap.

They lay back on the bed, thoroughly engrossed in the wonderful world they had created. They both felt each other’s thighs, the feelings of infatuation increasing with every excited breath. James, feeling his penis growing, gradually ran his hand from her arm, onto her chest, delicately caressing her breast, detecting her nipple and gently squeezing. Ruth felt overwhelmed by the sensation, a tingling radiating throughout her entire body. Possessed by a mixture of hormones and a yearning for this boy who had treated her more tenderly than she could ever have dreamed of, Ruth ran her hand up James’s leg, bringing it to rest at the top of his thigh, before moving it up, over his crotch and inside his shirt, which she slowly moved up, exposing his chest and feeling his erect nipple.

James groaned and copied Ruth’s move, gliding his hand up onto her bra and slipping it inside. The sensation of James’s hand upon her flesh excited Ruth immeasurably, and she began removing his shirt, breaking away from their kiss to remove both shirts. Their lips moved together again as James ran his hand across her back, struggling to unclip her bra, which was black silk with red lace. As it came away, Ruth felt a new and strange sensation. 'I’ve never been half naked with a boy. I like it.' The surge of emotion continued, increasing in strength. Unashamedly, she moved her hand down to his crotch, feeling the erection that James had acquired. James felt a shudder, and ran his hand up the inside of Ruth’s skirt, instantly escalating the tingling around her vulva. She could feel the wetness inside her silky panties, which matched her now discarded bra.

Feeling a longing to touch James’s penis, Ruth unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his zip, as her partner’s fingers reached the silky panties. They both gasped. James, whilst stroking her pussy through her panties, began kissing and licking her neck. Reaching inside James’s briefs, Ruth opened her legs, her skirt riding up and exposing her smooth legs. Feeling a penis for the first time, Ruth’s excitement increased tenfold and she could feel that her new panties were very wet. She was fascinated with the feel of his erection, but felt cramped. In order to allow her hand to move freely, she began working James’s jeans and briefs down, James lifting his pelvis to aid her in her plight.

Now virtually naked, James felt no inhibitions. The girl of his dreams had her hand upon his six inch penis and it felt like the most natural thing in the world. Slowly, he began easing Ruth’s panties down, feeling female pubic hair for the first time in his life. He ran his fingers through it, thinking: 'This is incredible.'

Ruth, meanwhile, had placed her hand upon James’s pride and joy, delicately wrapping her fingers around it, running her hand up and down his shaft, being surprised at how easily the skin moved up and down. Curious, she let go of his member, and ran her fingers down to his scrotum, gently feeling his mobile testicles, circumspectly rolling them around, feeling surprised at the size of them. She then felt his bush of thick pubic hair before returning her hand to his swollen penis, placing her hand upon the end, where his foreskin had retracted slightly. She felt a wetness on the end, wondering: 'Is that the same as when I get wet?'

James, experiencing feelings that he had never dreamed of, detected the elasticated waistband of Ruth’s skirt, and began to pull it down, Ruth lifting her bottom to aid him, just as he had done for her. Once halfway down, Ruth manoeuvred her legs, ridding herself of the garment, longing for James to touch her. Ruth lay there, softly touching his erection, opening her legs wide, thinking: 'Please touch me.' James, who was softly kissing Ruth’s neck, glided his hand across her tummy, arriving at her pubic hair once again; only this time he slid it further down, feeling her prominent inner lips that were slippery. 'Fucking hell,' he thought, 'I’d heard the guys saying about girls’ pussies getting wet. This is incredible!'

Feeling James’s hand touch her clitoris and minora, Ruth groaned. She thought: 'Oh my God. That’s lovely!' Astounded by Ruth’s wetness, James advanced his hand on down, utilising his finger to detect her vaginal entrance, bending his fingers upwards and inserting it slightly. Hearing Ruth let out a whimper, James advanced his finger in, utterly astounded at how warm, wet and padded it felt. James was in heaven, and moved his finger in and out, feeling the slippery juice squelch.

Ruth, now fully aroused, tightened her grip upon James’s stiff manhood, pulling his foreskin right back. Whilst kissing so passionately, she had no idea of the human mechanics of his genitals, yet what she could feel, she loved. 'It’s so big. It’s enormous. I could never fit that in me.' Hearing James groaning as he kissed and pleasured her, Ruth became completely lost in their young passions. She broke away from their kiss and began nibbling James’s neck, sending him wild with previously undiscovered emotions and feelings that emanated from his groin, travelling to each nerve in his body.

“Ruth, Ruth,” James whimpered, “I’m going to cum.”

Ruth continued with her rhythmic hand action and moved down to his chest, licking and sucking his sensitive nipples. She didn’t mind that he had removed his finger from her pleasure tunnel; she wished to see his sperm emerge from the end of his truly beautiful penis. She looked down in awe, and moments later, James cried out, violently jerking his hips into the air, his intense orgasm hitting him with such ferocity that he screwed his eyes up tightly.

His first burst of semen shot from the end of his glans, landing just in front of Ruth’s face. Ruth continued to move the skin on his throbbing penis, mesmerised as she watched a second rope of thick white cream emerge into the world, this time landing close to the nipple furthest away from her. He shot two more sizable wads of semen, before smaller drops squirted. Watching James writhe uncontrollably, Ruth continued to massage his length, and a final large spurt launched from him, travelling less distance, being impressive, nonetheless.

“Ah, oh, ah,” James murmured. “Oh, Ruth.”

Smiling at her boyfriend, Ruth kissed him. Her nose picked up on the aroma of his semen. 'It smells weird. It’s like bleach or something.' She had heard of her friends having their boyfriends ejaculate into their mouths; however, Ruth did not possess the confidence to taste James’s natural juice.

“Was that good?” she asked, placing her finger upon the sperm that was close to her.
“Christ, yeah. It’s never been like that before.”
Hearing that her James had enjoyed her attention, she smiled. “Good.”
James moved closer to her. “Did you . . .”
“No, but I will. I want to.”

James kissed Ruth with passion, the couple once again becoming locked within their personal paradise. With one hand he fondled ...

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