This is a fictitious story, which I have based on true accounts from friends, along with personal experience. This is not a hard sex story, and although it does contain graphic sexual descriptions; it is the continuation of a romantic tale, depicting the first experiences and the feelings experienced by many, many people, when confronted by sexual situations and sensations for the first time. It also contains first time sex for other characters. For those of you in the US, “fanny” is a pussy in the UK, and other words may differ. I hope you enjoy.

James awoke on Saturday morning, feeling euphoric. ‘I’m a man at long last,’ he thought. ‘Ruth is just so wonderful and I love her. I wish she was here now.’ With his hand upon his usual morning erection, he smiled. ‘I won’t be touching that anymore. I don’t need to.’ Lifting the covers, he looked down at his six inch penis, retracting his foreskin to see precum glistening. The feeling in his groin told him to take it in his hand and stimulate it, but James was strong willed. ‘Nope,’ he thought, ‘my dick is waiting for Ruth!’ he then got out of bed, checked that nobody else was around, and made his way into the shower.


Ruth lay in bed, thinking back to the evening with James. ‘He was so gentle. The feeling of his dick in me was just so magical.’ Aroused by the memory, Ruth put her hand between her legs, moving down her trimmed pubes and softly rubbing her brown floppy lips and inserting a finger into her moist tunnel. ‘It feels nice, but it isn’t the same. I want James in me.’ Removing her hand, Ruth lay back and closed her eyes. ‘We’re out with the group tonight, so making love with James won’t be easy. Maybe we can stop off somewhere.’ Feeling excited at the thought of having sex somewhere outside, Ruth jumped out of bed, threw her dressing gown on and walked towards the shower.


James and Ruth stood passionately kissing at their usual meeting place. Ruth, much to her mother’s disapproval, had bought a shorter skirt and a clingy top, which accentuated her pert breasts. James, on seeing her, was amazed at how sexy she really was. He had always considered her to be outstandingly attractive, yet Ruth looked more stunning than he could have imagined.

Breaking away from their kiss, Ruth said, “So, are you ready for tonight? I can’t wait to see if any of them hit it off. Your mates and mine.”

James sniggered. “My lot will be happy at any attention that comes their way.”
“It’s Andy who’s the big boy, isn’t it?”
“Yes. He’s tall and athletic.”
“I’ll point him out to Mandy.”

“The one with the tits,” James grinned.
“And legs.”
James kissed Ruth, hugging her. “I’m sure he’ll notice.”
Ruth nodded. “He will.”

The couple began walking towards the town, discussing possibilities of where to make love. Ruth, now confident as regards sex, wished to try a different position, only she did not relish the idea of going home with tell-tale signs of her nocturnal activity, such as grass or mud on her.

Placing his hand upon Ruth’s bottom, James could feel that she was wearing a thong once again. He squeezed her peachy buttock. Ruth smiled at him, and feeling naughty, placed her hand upon his groin region and gently cupped it. The pair laughed and exchanged risqué comments, kissing once again.

Entering The Crown, James saw his friends in the corner of the room. Andy and Mal were sitting with five other members of the group. James waved, before walking to the bar with Ruth, both ordering non-alcoholic drinks. Sitting down with the group, James introduced Ruth to his friends, all of whom were polite, making jocular remarks about James, who retorted with comments of his own. Ruth, who had been nervous, now felt relaxed, yet wishing for her friends to hurry up and join her.

Fifteen minutes later, eight of Ruth’s friends arrived, purchasing drinks at the bar before approaching the table occupied predominantly by sixteen year old males. Ruth, relieved that her friends had finally joined her, greeted them and performed the introductions. Mandy, who as ever was wearing tight clothing, immediately took an interest in Andy, while Vicky sat looking at each, sitting like a bird of prey, sizing up her victim. Mal, who was nervous around girls, took an interest in Marie, who was a petite auburn haired girl. Dressed in a loose transparent blouse which allowed her small, lacy bra to show, and a short skirt, Marie was an attractive girl, although not striking. Aware of the interest being shown in her, Marie felt good about herself.

“Well, you lot,” Pete, a spotty yet good looking lad said, “the good news is that my folks are out tonight, and that I have some booze, so in half an hour, we’ll get out of here and make our way back. A few others will meet us there. I will need you all to chip in for the booze, though.’

“Good stuff,” said James, who noticed a familiar looking face. He thought: Oh, no; it’s the scruffy couple. Glancing at Ruth, he could see that she too had noticed. He squeezed her hand in an attempt to provide reassurance.

“Is this okay with your parents?” Ruth nervously asked.
“Of course, just as long as everyone behaves.”
“Pete’s parents are so easy going,” James said to Ruth.

The group spent the next half an hour, laughing, joking and indulging in friendly banter. Ruth, however, received hateful stares from the grubby looking girl who had previously threatened her. Andy, who was not afraid of using his fists, told James and Ruth not to worry, as he was ready for trouble, should it arise.

Getting up to leave, Ruth averted her gaze from the aggressive girl, who continued to glower. The petite auburn haired Marie, who had picked up upon Ruth’s discomfiture, walked beside her friend, whispering in her ear that she liked James and his friends.

All in high spirits, the group wended their way merrily down the street; however, their jollity suffered a setback when a voice bellowed, “I fucking well told ya not to come here again!”

They turned around to see the girl approaching with her boyfriend in tow. He said, “You don’t take the fucking hint, do ya!”

Andy, feeling nervous, stepped forward. “Leave them alone! They’ve done nothing to you!”

“Yes,” said the petite Marie. “Just go back into the pub!”
The girl snarled, “What’s it got to do with you?”

Without warning, the scruffy boy launched himself at Andy, who swerved to his side, lashing out and catching the lad on the side of his head with his fist. The girl, meanwhile, attempted to lunge at Ruth, who moved aside, falling to the ground when the girl’s fist caught her shoulder. Feeling anger building within, Marie moved forward, slapping the girl, who looked incensed. She lunged at Marie, who as fast as lightning, spun around, raised her leg and caught the girl on the side of her head, following her move up with two fast punches to her face.

Seeing the lad about to launch a counter attack upon Andy, she used a similar move upon him. Astounded, the lad snarled at Marie, and threw a punch at her. Marie, enjoying herself, grabbed his arm, pulling him forward. Her fist made harsh contact with his face. As he staggered back, Marie delivered a kick between his legs, kneeing him in the face when he doubled up in agony. With blood pouring from his nose, he fell to the ground, next to his well and truly defeated girlfriend, who looked terrified.

Standing triumphant, Marie said, “You two losers can fuck off! If I ever see or hear of you giving my mates any shit again, I’ll put you both in hospital! Got it – or do you want some more?”

“No, no,” the scruffy lad panted, holding his nose.
Marie poked the girl with her foot. “What about you? Fancy a one on one?”
The girl, whose nose was also bleeding, looked up with a terrified expression. “No.”
“Good. You were lucky tonight, because I’m in a good mood. Bye.”

Mal, who had been about to join in to help Andy, approached Marie. “You’re brill!”
Marie, who had thought Mal to be sweet, said, “Thanks. Karate and Aikido.”
“I think I’m going to have to learn that.”
Marie smiled. “Come along with me sometime.”
“I’d like that.”


Arriving back at Pete’s house, the group helped themselves to drinks, which had been supplied by his brother. James and Ruth stuck together, holding hands and exchanging passionate kisses, uncaring of the comments made by their friends. Andy, who had been treated as a hero by some of the female contingent, was enjoying the attention, yet he could not help looking at Mandy.

Noticing Mandy standing alone, pouring a drink, Andy took a deep breath and walked slowly towards her. ‘I wonder if she’s a virgin,’ he thought. ‘She looks like she does a bit, but I wonder how far she goes.’

Mal, meanwhile, was deep in conversation with Marie, who had taken a shine to him. ‘She’s really sexy,’ thought Mal. ‘I know she hasn’t got a boyfriend, so I might be in luck. I’ll ask her if she wants to go out sometime.

As the evening progressed, the group became merry. The music, although not particularly loud, spurned people on. They laughed and danced, moving from person to person, everyone finding new friends.

Sitting beside Mandy, Andy smiled. “Fancy going out sometime?”
“Yeah, okay.”

Having relaxed after drinking some alcopops, Mandy leaned towards Andy and kissed him. Pleasantly surprised, Andy put an arm around her, reciprocating the kiss, the couple opening mouths and connecting tongues. Uncaring of those around them, they fell back onto the sofa, completely engrossed in one another.

On the other side of the room, Mal and Marie had been talking freely. Sensing that Marie seemed interested in him, Mal invited her out to the hallway, where it was quieter. Sitting on the stairs, they smiled at one another and kissed. Overwhelmed with passion, Mal placed his hand upon Marie’s knee. ‘He’s really nice. God, he’s nice.’

Feeling a pleasant shiver filter through her, Marie pulled him closer, whispering, “Do you want to go somewhere quiet?”

Unable to believe his ears, Mal said, “Yeah.”
Marie ran her hand up and down Mal’s leg. “Let’s go.”
“My sister’s flat. She’s away. She told me I can stay there.”


Meanwhile, Andy and Mandy were engrossed in each other, Andy having developed an erection, and Mandy feeling that she was becoming wet. Surreptitiously touching Andy’s groin, Mandy received a pleasant surprise. ‘Fucking hell, it’s big,’ she thought.

“Shall we go somewhere?” she whispered.
Unable to believe his luck, Andy said, “Okay. We’ll use Pete’s room.”
“What will he say?”
Andy ran his hand up her leg. “He owes me a favour. Come on.”


Mal and Marie kissed as they walked towards their destination. Marie, who had some previous experience with boys, felt comfortable with her new friend. Having loosened up due to the alcohol, she had begun to feel sexy, becoming more adventurous as their journey progressed. She felt Mal’s buttocks and slipped her hand up inside his shirt, enjoying it when he placed his hand upon her breast.

‘Maybe I should try it tonight,’ she thought. ‘We’ve agreed to see each other, so he’s my boyfriend.’

Mal, who had become hard, wondered, ‘I wonder if she’s up for it. Fuck, she’s sexy.’

Entering the flat, Marie smiled and led Mal through to the kitchen, picking two bottles of beer from the fridge. She opened them and handed one to her partner. “Shall we sit down?”

“Okay.” Suddenly, Mal felt nervous. ‘I wonder if she’ll let me feel her fanny.’

Marie took a swig of the beer and placed the bottle upon the table. Feeling confident, she said, “Mal, have you been with a lot of girls?”

Embarrassed, Mal said, “No. I’ve only ever kissed a couple.”

Marie kissed him and slid her hand up his thigh, feeling his erect penis. Inspired by the hard organ, Marie felt a surge of sexual energy. “Want to do a bit more?”


Pressing her lips upon Mal’s, Marie thought, ‘I hope he’s better than Derek Palmer. He hurt me when he fingered me.’ Their kiss was passionate. Mal fondled Marie’s breasts, feeling excited when he found her nipple. Marie felt a wave of delight at Mal’s gentle touch, pulling his shirt up and exploring his chest as Mal’s other hand stroked her thigh, moving progressively higher. Marie opened her legs and squeezed Mal’s penis, before undoing his belt.

Mal, whose hands were continually wandering, struggled to unclip Marie’s bra-strap, finally succeeding as his other hand made contact with her panties. Marie, who had discussed sex with her elder sister on many occasions, felt supremely confident, undoing the button on Mal’s jeans and unzipping him. Mal, meantime, had begun to remove Marie’s blouse, being aided by his partner, who let go of his jeans, raising her arms to aid him.

Seeing Marie’s naked breasts, Mal was in another world. He delicately stroked them, caressing her pink, puffy nipples while Marie forcefully removed his jeans and boxers. Breaking away from their kiss, she looked down at Mal’s hard member, wrapping her hand around it and moving it up and down. Although Marie had felt penises before, she had never actually seen one.

Sucking on Marie’s hard nipple, Mal rubbed at her panties, feeling her raise her hips. Fumbling, he attempted to remove them, when Marie said, “Fuck it! Let’s get naked properly.” To Mal’s amazement, she stood up, unclipped her skirt and lowered it, along with her panties, revealing her bright ginger pubic hair. “I want to play.”

Suddenly, Mal was worried. “I don’t want you to do this cos you’re pissed.”
Marie, who masturbated regularly, touched her groin. “I’m not.”
“You sure?”

Marie knelt down, removing Mal’s jeans and socks, positioning herself between his legs and gripping his five and a half inch erection. Nervously, she retracted his thick foreskin and licked his frenulum, before beginning to run her hand up and down his shaft, whilst stimulating her wet pussy with the other. Not feeling confident enough to perform full oral sex upon him, she was gentle with her strokes, and thirty seconds later Mal ejaculated, his hot cum landing on his chest as Marie watched with wonderment. He groaned softly as he continued to squirt his seed, feeling embarrassed.

“Shit! Sorry.”


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