THE HUNT, Chapter 6: A Coming Storm


We are told by the seamstress that the clothes that Tupac requested for me would be ready in a couple days. I had to laugh at the reaction from the guys. If getting the new clothes meant I was going to be wearing clothes more often, they were all in favor of leaving the village immediately and returning for them at some undefined future date. When I assured them that these new clothes did not change my attitude to when I was dressed, they were fine with remaining in the village for a few more days.

But even so, there was only so much we could accomplish while in the village and the consensus was now that even I was capable of getting into fights with the village men. And that suggested that we were better off spending a good part of each day away from the village where we could be more comfortable, stay out of trouble, and even expand on some new experiences. And, some of those experiences we never grew tired of trying to expand upon were sexual in nature.

After discovering that anal sex was enjoyable for all of us, the options that seemed possible became exciting. While being mated by one of the dogs or Wolf, I might suck one of the men. Sometimes it would be to his climax, while other times it was purposefully to just keep one of them aroused for him to fuck me after the dog. The same thing could happen with them, allowing me to fuck one of them and suck another. The guys seemed to like the combinations as much as the single times. So did I. That’s when I began to envision a time for all three of them to be involved with me at the same time, a cock in my pussy, asshole, plus my mouth. The only times we have done anal was singular, just one man involved, but my mind was certainly considering other potentials.

We left the village to be alone and it seemed to me to be as good an opportunity as any to put another idea into motion. When we reached a quiet spot along a fast moving stream running from the mountains to the lake below, Herve gave me his arm and I swung down from behind him from the horse. It would be nice to have my own horse.

Once my feet hit the ground, I scanned around us, removed my bow and quiver of arrows, laid them all against a fallen tree near the edge of the water, and pulled my dress over my head, then removed my moccasins. The guys were still on their horses, bemused by my deliberation.

Herve laughed as he looked down at me, “In a hurry, Maia?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact. We’ve been in the village for two days and generally behaving ourselves. And I am not used to abstinence, any longer.”

Tupac chuckled, “Generally behaving except for that altercation in the bar, you mean.”

“Okay, to put an exact point on it, behaving ourselves sexually. Satisfied? Now, if you guys aren’t interested, I am sure the dogs will be.”

That got them away from teasing. If the dogs got going with me first, it would be a longer wait for them. Despite the teasing, they were just as anxious as I was to put an end to our days without. It was peculiar to me how quickly all this changed for me. I haven’t been with these men that long, and already sex was a daily occurrence for us. If all of us weren’t fucked every day, at least I was. So, going without for two days seemed a sudden sacrifice.

Without any more teasing or hesitation, the men were off their horses, they were tied securely to trees, and were now standing before me. I stood before them, strong and self-assured. I was no longer timid or indecisive around them. They had fully accepted me as an integral part of the group. And, when it came to the sexual activities we regularly were engaged in, my imagination seemed to frequently trump theirs. They were always interested in what my mind might come up with for us to try. This idea I was pretty sure would be the same and figuratively blow their minds. As I thought about it, though, it might actually blow my mind, if we accomplished it.

Tupac could see it in my eyes and my posture, standing before them, straight, shoulders back, breasts thrust out, feet parted, and my hands on my hips. “We can see you have something in mind, Maia. We all know you have dreamed up some wonderful positions and combinations for us to try and enjoy. Don’t keep us waiting; we can see you have another idea.”

I smiled at them, dropped my hands to my sides and walked to each one, kissing each in turn deeply and heartfelt. “I love you guys. You’ve made me the happiest I could have ever imagined as an adult sharing my life. And, you’re right. Of course, you are. If I have come to know you three, you have certainly come to know me and the way my mind and heart works. But, you might think this is the most bizarre so far.”

They laughed. “Maybe, dear Maia. Maybe. But, at some point we have faith you’ll exceed even whatever this is?” That made me laugh, too. I really did love these guys. I couldn’t be more comfortable and at ease. And, I couldn’t have more trust and respect than I had for these three. Except, how I felt about my parents. This relationship had quickly passed the point of comfort with sex and being a part of a team. It had evolved well beyond that, becoming much deeper for me and in a way tying them even together closer, as a result. I appeared to be a bond that brought all of us together and held us together. Tupac was the leader, without question, but I was the one who provided that something else outside of the command decision needs.

I told them what I had in mind and their mouths gaped open. We had done parts of it but not all together. “I want to try it. Can you imagine, all of us at the same time, together in one activity, being satisfied together?” They had never imagined it, but now they were just as anxious as I was. In moments, they had their clothes stripped off and their cocks were growing as I watched. And, as they realized that I was just fixated on watching their cock grow, they were hard, standing ready for whatever sequence I directed them into. I told them they needed to decide who would use which of my holes this time. Assuming it was as good as I imagined we have more opportunities to rotate positions. That brought smiles to them. They thought this sounded perverse and thrilling, and that I was already looking to experience it more times just reinforced to them how fortunate they were to be in such a relationship.

I was a little surprised as they started moving into initial positions. But, I don’t know why I would be, really. One of the reasons Tupac was such a good leader who held the respect of the others was his willingness to give to the others. This was one of those situations. He elected to be the third man and get my mouth, letting the other two to enjoy the first pleasures of my two holes being used at the same moment, the extra tightness, and stimulation that I expected that to produce. I smiled at him in recognition of his act. I was going to make sure he didn’t miss anything as a result. I had some practice at sucking cock and I was now determined that this would be my very best effort.

Herve lay on his back on the grass and I went to my knees over his mid-section. I knew I was already wet inside and that would help Dreng so I called him up behind me to stick his cock into my pussy before I sat down on Herve’s. They had all enjoyed my holes separately so they understood the intentions I was directing. Dreng came up behind me, slipped his hard cock into my wet and ready pussy, pumped several times and coated himself well with my juices before pulling completely out, moving a little higher to my puckered asshole, moved the head of his cock over it, wetting the outside, before applying pressure. I had him stop so I could sit down on Herve, first. Dreng sat back a little, giving me more room to maneuver and to watch. I reached between my legs, found Herve’s hard cock, held it up, and poked it into my hole and sitting down slowly onto it. I then turned to look over my shoulder at Dreng.

“Now Dreng, fill my ass with your wonderful cock. You might have to press harder this time, though. Herve and you at the same time should make it very tight back there. Don’t worry about me, I want this as much as you.” I then leaned onto Herve, feeling his cock slide inside me as I shifted. Once I was lying on his chest, I smiled at him and stared into his eyes, “God, I love you three. You let me feel so … complete, maybe. You let me feel like a warrior, like the rest of you. But, you also let me feel like a wanton woman and you don’t hold that against me.”

“Hold it against you?!? We think we have to be the luckiest three guys in the whole world.” All the while, I feel Dreng pushing at my asshole. With a push back of my own, he is inside me, past my sphincter and he stops, letting my body adjust to his presence there as we have learned to do in previous efforts at this. As we are all relaxing our bodies, allowing time for adjustment, mostly my adjustment, I kiss Herve, deeply and meaningfully.

I lift my mouth off his and sigh deeply as I push back against the two cocks buried in my body. After a long moan, “Ohhhhhhh … yessssssss … okay, guys … hmmmmmmmmm … fuck me good now.” I look before me and see Tupac on his knees, his hard cock in his hand, slowly stroking it. I smile up at him, “Your turn, good sir. Put that wonderful cock in my mouth and let me pleasure it for you.” He groaned immediately as my mouth closed around it.

It was every bit as good as I had imagined! I came twice as their cocks drove into my three available openings. We ended with all three of them climaxing in the respective holes: my ass, my pussy, and my mouth. I came so hard at the end that I lost hold of Tupac’s cock in my mouth and collapsed onto Herve, Dreng still buried in my ass.

Tupac feels it is time for all us to go back to the East side of the mountains and get a better evaluation of what is occurring there. A few times in the recent past, we have split up to cover more territory. He and Dreng have gone to the other side while Herve and I have roamed to the South investigating any movements there. When we reached the Western entrance to the tunnel, we tied the horses at the mouth of the tunnel, which would take us to the other side of the mountain. Once on the other side, the men were surprised by what they saw in a clearing of the forest below. At the far edge of the clearing were five female slaves gathering kindling and piling it. Standing to the side was a single guard, a single horse tied nearby. I feel their eyes on me and when I turn to look at them, they sit back against the rocks near the mouth of the tight opening to the tunnel.


“You’re the girl we met with your father on this side several years ago, aren’t you? Your father was Rayner.”

“You know that.” I get defensive; I knew what my father did before he changed. Before he took my mother for his wife and created a family after I was born. I also knew that he took as his penance to leave my mother and me to the safety and protection of the village and to try to help other slaves escape, and to lead slavers away from searching along the mountains by creating a route for runaways to the East beyond the river. “Yes, and I am proud that he is my father. So, what?”

“No offense, Maia, I am just piecing it all together. Your abilities in the wild, hunting and tracking skills. But you need to know some things before we go further.” Tupac tells of the stories they have heard about slaves escaping to the East. The escapes are more and more daring, as if they are receiving assistance from others to make their way from the plantations and then seemingly disappear. There is open talk among people that it is a non-slave who has rallied a group of escaped slaves to accomplish this. There is also speculation that this non-slave is Rayner, my father. They have periodically watched from this very location and have encountered virtually no slaves in this section trying to escape. If they are running, they must be going to the East. The last group that was brought through the tunnel talked about a small battle between the closest plantation and a small band of others. In the chaos, slaves scattered in all directions. The group that was brought to the village happened to wander out of the forest, apparently being separated from the others, and becoming confused and lost. I felt a sense of pride and relief. Pride that my father was able to accomplish his promise to divert running slaves away from us. And, relief that my father appeared to still be alive.

They were quiet as I reflected on those two emotions. Staring down at the slaves below as I did. Coming from my reverie, I wondered what else they had for me. I didn’t have long to ponder that.

“Maia, you should also know that the closest plantation, where those slaves are likely to be from, would be the same plantation your mother would have been from.” I am surprised by the strong emotions that rose within me. I fall back against a boulder and stared straight ahead, not truly focused on anything. I am surprised at the anger, even rage, welling up inside me. I wanted to do something, to strike out at that plantation and the owner. Dreng, sometimes very perceptive in his quiet, offered in support, “We could take the five slaves, and kill the guard in the process.”

Tupac and Herve are calmer, more thoughtful about the ramifications. “Yes, that would be something. But, to strike and endanger the others in the village would be pointless.”

Herve adds, “If the guard is found dead when the group does not return, it will raise suspicion about this region, again. And, that may lead to a more thorough search. Maia, your father has sacrificed much and endured much to create a zone of safety for you and the village. Tupac is right; it could lead to endangering the village.”

Dreng, however, is still watching me. He wants to find a solution that will also provide me some satisfaction. “What if the guard’s body disappears?”

At first, I sense that Tupac isn’t amused by Dreng continuing along this line of encouragement. But, one of the strengths of the group is the ability to discuss options until a decision has to be made and then everyone falls in-line with one common focus. But, he allows the discussion to take place. How would that be accomplished? Bury it? That could be opened by animals or the disturbed ground of the grave discovered. I look at Dreng. There has to be an answer and be a win-win for all considerations. We can free more females for the village. I can have some measure of revenge against the owner of the plantation, even if he doesn’t understand the significance of the events. Am I proud of my reaction? Yes and no. I am proud that I have the courage and strength to avenge my mother. On the other hand, I didn’t know I was capable of such reactions. The solution, though, lies in the area of land where father built our cabin. Specifically, the canyon.

I look up at them and I am smiling. They stop their discussion when they see it. My voice is quiet, but my commitment to the idea I have comes through in it, “The body would never be found, if it is dropped into the canyon.”

Tupac is watching me, and then looks off into the horizon in the direction of where the canyon would be, in the direction of the cabin he visited only once. “The canyon … that was just beyond where your cabin was.”

“Yes. Okay, forget my revenge reaction, that isn’t honorable. But the reaction was real and honest. Consider instead the village from a different perspective. The village needs more females, Tupac. The village will become whole only after more families are created. There are many men; they need more women. And, be honest, if it was you, can you say you wouldn’t have reacted the same way?”

He considers me and my words, and then shakes his head. “I would have reacted with even more rage and need for retaliation. You are also correct about the village. But, we don’t gain anything if one of us is hurt in the process.”

I am used as bait. The other three work their way around the small group with the dogs. If the guard hears something, the dogs can be used as a diversion. When they are in place, I wander, stumbling, like I am completely confused and disoriented, from the trees in front of the clearing. I am naked and dirty to give the added impression of having been in the wild for some time. When I am sure, I have been seen by the guard, I fall backward into the edge of forest, where I get up and fall, again. I stay down and wait for the guard. I have my bow and quiver of arrows ready at the location I fall. I wait for the guard as he yells a warning to the women, then turns to approach me. I have never done anything like this. I have killed numerous animals with little emotional response; they were food for our survival. But, this will be different. This was a man, perhaps with a family of his own. I know nothing about him, if he was even a bad man by nature or merely by whom he decided to be employed by.

I do kill him, however. Just like that. I waited and watched him, unafraid if he saw me watching him. I was nothing to him, just a lost slave to be taken control of, again. When he was separated from the women, his line to me away from the women, I stood up steady and determined with the bow and an arrow strung. That alone seemed to confuse him, certainly not what he was expecting. Before he could bring his rifle from his back, I had pulled the arrow, completed my firing routine, and released it. I was surprised how easy and unemotional I was about taking his life from him. I stood over him to make sure he was dead. I have ended the life of many animals with the sharp blade of my knife across the throat. I now was sure this would have been just as simple. But, it was unnecessary.

Tupac brought the horse, loaded the guard onto its back, and tied him with rope found already on the horse. Tupac insists on coming with me to canyon. I initially refused, but he continued, as do I in my objection. I insist that Wolf and I would be fine. Besides, I plan to spend a little time at the cabin after I am done disposing of the guard. I point to a spot to the North in the mountains.

“Father and I always felt that the pass there could be a way over the mountains. Mother got much worse before we could investigate it. The height of summer is the only possible time to try and that is now.”

“Why try? Use the tunnel.”

I laugh, “I want the horse, and you don’t know of another way over.”

“You’re nuts. But, we won’t change your mind, will we?”


“Then, at least let me join you. Herve and Dreng will take the women through the tunnel and watch for us on the other side.” He calls them together and sets the plan. “When we get over the top, we’ll build a fire so you can see where we are coming from so you can meet us. It may take us several days.” He turned to me, “Are you sure it is worth it?”

“It will be when it’s done.”

The women are led up to the tunnel hidden behind the rockslide. Tupac and I lead the horse carrying the dead guard to the North along the mountain slope, through the forest and to the edge of the canyon. I don’t even ask for or wait for assistance from Tupac, but rather unceremoniously untie the ropes holding the body and letting him drop to the ground. I pull him by his foot to the edge of the drop and push it over the edge. I watch the body drop twenty feet to the steep slope below, then tumble and slide down the slope before getting hung up on the trunk of a tree.

It seems almost anticlimactic to me as I stand on the edge of the cliff looking down at the body. Tupac joins me quietly, taking a position alongside me but not intruding on my thoughts or mood, simply there and available. When I turn to him and put my face into his chest, his arms are immediately and tenderly around me, supporting me and comforting me as sobs come from deep inside me and finally wash out through me.

“It’s hard, Maia. Taking another’s life, ending what was once living and interactive … now, nothing … ended, no longer existing. It is hard for soldiers who are killing at a distance, even harder like for you at close range with a more restricted weapon.”

“I was so angry, Tupac. I felt I had to do something … something to extract some measure of retribution, revenge for my mother and all the others who suffered at that plantation. It was a feeling that was overwhelming.”

“And … do you feel better after having done that?”

“No … no, I don’t. I don’t regret it because we were also able to save five women and deliver them to freedom and safety. Acting on revenge doesn’t salve your wounds.”

“Good, that’s a good lesson. And, to be honest, I would have been disappointed if you responded differently. I understand completely the response you had, but the Maia we know is not like that by nature.”

I sank back into his body and let myself be protected and comforted by him as the last of the sobs washed over me. Then he moved us apart slightly and lifted my chin to look me in the eyes, “You wanted to go to the old cabin for the night. I understand the need for memory and a way to pay respects to your mother and the life you were given. Do you want that time to be private? I can wait for you in the forest in the morning.”

I smiled up at him, stretched up, and kissed him on the lips, “Thank you. You are such a dear man for such a rough man.” I smiled at him and returned my face to his chest, but continued softly, “I thought that was what I would want. To quietly feel their presence in that place and feel some amount of satisfaction in having exacted some punishment in their name. But, now I know that’s not what they would have wanted from me. I do want to go there and feel the place for perhaps the last time, but not alone. If you don’t mind, I want your company and support. I would like to be in your arms tonight.” I looked back up into his face, “Thank you, Tupac, for insisting on accompanying me. I am glad you are here with me.”

That night we spent the time in quiet conversation, a dinner of wild turkey that mistakenly crossed our path. I had remained naked but I did clean-up at the creek near the cabin. I was in Tupac’s arms on the bed, a fire in the fireplace. We were kissing and simply being gentle and tender. He was not pushing anything sexual, responding only to my initiation. Wolf, however, had other ideas. I felt his licks on the back of my knee that was stretched along the edge of the bed. The licks moved up my thigh progressively to my ass. My kisses with Tupac were becoming increasingly passionate as I was stimulated by the licking until I felt Wolf put his weight on the edge of the bed to get high enough to reach between my legs. I groaned into Tupac’s mouth.

I rolled over onto my back and Wolf’s tongue found my mound, snaked between my legs, and wound itself onto my pussy. I moaned as my hand roamed over Tupac’s body and settled onto the spot where I felt his stiffening cock under his trousers.

Tupac kissed the side of my face, “That wasn’t what you were planning for tonight, was it?”

“Hmmmmmm …. Noooooooooo … but, I guess ...

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