THE HUNT, Chapter 7: Our Life


Only a half year later, everything had changed. The nearest plantations to the mountain range had been overrun, burned to the ground. With the mountains to the West and the canyon to the North, the rebellious slaves had become too numerous and organized to be recaptured and controlled by the few remaining slavers in the region. The army, for its efforts, has lost too many good men for the profits of others, and for a cause that was losing support in other parts of the Commonwealth. Political speculation was already predicting the end of favor for slavery. Yes, it was also well known that for the wind of societal change to take root firmly, years and more blood may still be required. But, the army had given up on the lands to the East of these mountains. Nobody had any interest in claiming the region despite its fertile land for growing. The slaves have taken over the land for growing what they needed and for trade. Sympathizers in the regional towns and small cities had provided markets and trade routes. There is still outrage, small violence, and political pressure from those wanting to return the regional economy and society to what it was before. Change of this scale would be slow. But, change was happening.

Our village has flourished, largely unmarked and unaffected by the turmoil to the East. It had become a true settlement, the population increasing with larger numbers of runaway slaves and young being brought into their lives. More families are being formed with the influx of women. As a result, life was becoming civilized. Although much more primitive compared to the region to the East, it didn’t take long for the attitudes to change. At least before, if our way of life and attitude didn’t exactly fit in with theirs, they still needed us and gave us some allowance and consideration as a result. It didn’t take long for those considerations for what we had given to be forgotten.

For us, of the ‘Warrior’ group (three men, three canines, and me), we became bored, under-challenged, and unmotivated. Worse, perhaps, we became unappreciated. With less and less apparent need to protect the valley or guide runaways to safety, we left quietly, never to return. Initially, we left to explore to the West putting days, then weeks, and months between us and what was known to us as civilization. Such as it was. Our intention was merely to seek out the region beyond the mountains to the West that Jona had spoken of.

We have encountered new peoples and we had largely left each other alone. We essentially just wandered. We weren’t at all sure what we were looking for or what we were expecting of ourselves, as a group or individually. We spent some time in the area Jona talked about on the other side of the mountains to the West. It seemed remote and it certainly had everything we might want. It was quiet and undisturbed except for occasional sightings of a completely different race of people, which was fine. Actually, it was better than fine because we were clearly coming into their land and they didn’t seem to mind as we kept to ourselves. But, in the back of our minds, it never left us that this was where Jona had been coming. Not that we wouldn’t like to see the man, again, but if he found his way across the southern route, certainly others could just as well in the future, if not now.

It was that thought that kept our eyes on the next range of mountains much further to the West and South. Finally, we made up our minds and headed in that direction. I say we made up our minds, but there was never any real discussion or decision. One day, we simply packed up the horses of our camp and as a group we headed in that direction. Nobody said it, nobody questioned it.

It was nearly an entire year later that we found ourselves on the other side of that range, too. As we rested on the far side of the pass, after spending long days in cold and snow, despite being the summer season in the low lands, we gazed at the new land before us. I think as a group we sighed in unison. Before us was a truly magnificent sight. We had found a deep valley between two mountain ranges. Yes, just in front of us was yet another range of mountains just as formidable as the ones we had somehow managed to struggle over. There was an immediate and unwavering feeling or belief that no matter which direction ‘civilized’ man might attempt to migrate from, these two ranges would stop them for a long time. Only the most hardy and most desperate for escaping to something completely unknown and different would even attempt it. In other words, people as crazy as us.

To the North was a steady narrowing of the valley between the ranges. To the South was the opposite, it opened up into a wide valley. To the North was some of the heaviest forest I have seen with a jagged, raw scar running down the middle of it, which could only be a deep cut, fast running river. Directly below us and spreading to the South was a large, crystal blue lake reflecting the majestic snow covered peaks on the opposite side and the expansive blue sky with billowing white clouds sailing with the winds like ships carried on the sea. I smiled at the thought; I have never seen the sea, but my father had spoken of it, always with wonder and awe in his voice.

Further to the South, at the end of the long lake, is a slower moving river leaving. Apparently, the valley levels off and slightly depressed there to form the lake. There is forest along the slopes of both mountain ranges and meadow near the lake on all sides. Further South still can be seen an expansive prairie and even from this distance we can see the waving tall grass and herds of various species of grazing animals. It felt perfect to me, it looked perfect. But, as was our custom now, we held judgment until we had explored the area and seen what it truly had to offer.

The sun was approaching the tops of the mountains in the distance. It would be getting dark soon. Tupac indicated that we would make camp tonight down along the lake and divided us into tasks with the last of the light available. I think he was still amused every time he heard the words come out of his mouth, but he sends me and Wolf off to find some game or foul for our meal while they get wood, a fire, and unpack the pack horse to set up camp. The lone woman was sent off to kill something, but to us it was a recognition of our strengths and one of mine was my ability with the bow. Silent killing of game allowed for less spooking of the animals in general and resulted in them moving less far after the kill.

A couple days later, we were still in the same location. What was a temporary camp forced on us by impending night had become comfortable. None of us seemed in a hurry to move further. It wasn’t that we were excessively tire, tired of travelling, or lonely for what we had all left far and long behind. We were in no hurry because something felt right about this place … and us in it. I feel at peace here. I feel completely at peace, comfortable, and nurtured. It was as though the surrounding mountains, the waving grasses of the prairies, the towering pines, the soft, languid waters of the lake, and the crashing, churning waters of the river feeding it were all providing life, energy, peace, and safety all at the same time.

On the third day in this place I felt myself being completely and utterly wanton and insatiable for sex and love, a need to be taken by my men and the canines, sometimes hard, sometimes soft and slow (not the dogs, clearly), but always to feel them, to be one with them. We had never stopped being sexual, that’s as much a part of who or what we are as much as strength, reliance on each other, and driving ourselves to not let the others down. But this was different. I couldn’t explain it and as much as I might think I should understand the change, the need, I didn’t really think it mattered. There was no place we had to be, no big event we had to prepare for, and no pressing demands on us. We were far, very far, from all of that. Our pressing issue before us was still unspoken, although I don’t think I was the only one who repeated it frequently to myself: What are we looking for? What do we want for ourselves? I smiled; I know I did, because the question was never, what do I want? It was always ‘we’.

There was another interesting thing happening. After our morning fuck, the dogs all took off down the valley with Wolf. I wondered if his natural instincts weren’t more powerful here, too. An abundance of wildlife to hunt, they were off to take care of themselves. That was fine, they were never pets; they were dogs that aided in the efforts of tracking and defense. So, for the most part, the day was without them. The interesting thing was that I needed, wanted the men more than the dogs. Not that I wouldn’t want to fuck them, too. But, it was as though my body was somehow hungry for man-seed, craving it.

I had dozed under the mid-day sun on a pile of cut grass that Dreng had gathered for a large bed. As I came awake, I was on my stomach. I could hear two of the men somewhere nearby. I stretched and rolled over onto my back. Before fall asleep, after fucking the three dogs by the lake, I had come back to camp and nearly attacked the men. I wanted and got all three of them in my pussy. Like I said, my body was craving their seed and without putting too much thought on it, it seemed to want it where it counted. Not that it really seemed to matter, though. I had been fucking them for all this time, seemingly constantly, and we had come to believe, maybe just accept, that I was infertile. It was something, however, that was never spoken, if it was ever consciously thought.

As I lay on my back, a shadow stopped over me. I opened my eyes and gazed up at Herve. I smiled. It could have been any of them and my reaction would have been the same, they were all my men. Even with the sun behind him, I could see a different look in his eyes, a quietness to his posture and attitude. But, he broke it very un-Herve-like, “God, Maia, you are beautiful.”

I giggled, where did that come from? A feeling was coming over me that I hadn’t felt for some time. “It that right? Are you sure it isn’t just that I am lying her naked with my legs spread?”

He laughed, “Well, that doesn’t hurt, I admit.” But he was shaking his head, “No. Seriously, Maia, you have to be the most beautiful woman I have ever, EVER, seen … with or without clothes.” We both laughed that time. “You have been with us so long and most of that time you have been naked, like now. But … and I know the others feel this way, too … I don’t know how we got so lucky that you came to be with us.”

“Really?” I blushed slightly, but it wasn’t embarrassment, it was more flushed. That was the feeling, teasing, flirting, playful. “Let me think, seems I recall you guys telling that trader way back that you won me in cards.”

“You heard that? We thought you were asleep.”

“It’s probably good he didn’t offer to buy me, then.”

“Oh,” he laughed, “oh, yeah, he did! A lot, in fact. He apparently thought we were serious.”

“Well, at least I might know what I am worth to you guys, if I knew how much he offered.”

“No, you wouldn’t. You couldn’t possibly understand how much you mean to us because we can’t comprehend it ourselves.” How sweet and completely un-Herve-like to try to verbalize all this.

I started to rise and he put his hand out to pull me up. I went right into his arms, surprising him but delightfully, pressing my naked and again horny body into his. Although he was again wearing trousers and his moccasins, he was bare chest. All my men are tight and muscled. I never get tired of putting my hands on them, as I was doing now.

I looked up at him with lust and he saw it. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him down to me and we kissed, pressing my body into his, my mound pressed into this stiffening cock. I parted slightly and spoke into his ear, “Will you do something for me?”

He chuckled, silly questions, “You know I will.”

“Hunt me? Just a short lead, maybe a count of twenty.”

“You are feeling frisky. But you still want to be caught soon.”

“Very soon.” He smiled and I already was.

Tupac and Dreng were at the edge of the forest above our location when they heard my screech. Both of them stood up and searched the space below where they thought it came from. They instinctively had started walking in that direction when they heard it, but this time followed quickly by laughter and giggling. They narrowed their scanning by the sound and found the source with the wild movement of the grass as Herve and I rolled along the ground. They didn’t understand why we were so far from the camp, but they did understand what the noise was all about.

Herve started counting and I took off into the tall grass. That was when I realized how stupid that was. The grass was tall but tall was to my waist, it wasn’t going to cover me fleeing from him. But, no matter, the idea was the chase, not eluding him for days like the real ‘Hunt’. I did confuse him for a moment, however, when I ran ahead far enough to reach some small trees to get behind and duck under them to double back after he passed, realizing that the grass wasn’t flattened. The next minute he had me with one of his arms around my waist and picked me up as he ran alongside. That was my screech. We then fell to the ground and rolled, the two of us tightly in each other’s arms. When we stopped, we were both laughing and didn’t stop until I pulled his head down to mine and we kissed. While kissing, I rolled us so he was on top of me, my legs apart, and my groin raising, pressing into him, pressing into his hard cock inside his trousers.

“Now, Herve, please.” He knelt up, undid his trousers, and let them drop to his knees. He wiggled out of them and resumed his place between my legs, his cock already at the opening to my pussy.

I looked at him with a look of need and want. He smiled at me, “You’re insatiable today. We’ll try to solve that little problem.” With that, he pressed forward and fully into me, our pubic hair mixed together. He watched my face as my body again adjusted to the presence of a nice cock fully penetrated into my pussy. When the ‘O’ shape of my mouth was replaced with a hint of smile, he pulled back and thrust back in. Over and over, until when I came, again, I screamed it out, my legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him into me harder, as if he could possibly get any deeper into my body.

That was followed in similar fashion with each of the other two and later in the afternoon with the dogs as they returned from their activities in the forest. That night I was so exhausted I slept through.

A month later, we were still in the same area. We had moved our camp to the North end of the lake, which was more protected from possible weather and offered a much better view of the prairie to the South from its more elevated position. We had worked hard all day making the camp a little more permanent over time, but it was still a camp. All of us were relaxing in the late afternoon at the lake. I had attempted to teach all of them to swim, but Dreng was the only one who seemed to have real interest in the activity. Dreng and I had found a game of riding the rapids and floating into the lake. As we treaded water and decided we had avoided serious injury against the rocks enough for one day, we started along the shore. He had turned into a very competent swimmer and we made our way very quickly until we were directly off shore from Herve and Tupac who were busy on the sandy beach. We were all naked, of course, since we had all used the time for splashing and frolicking in the water before Dreng and I went to the river.

I stopped when I could touch the sandy bottom and was about chest deep in the water. I assumed Dreng was right behind, but I didn’t know just how ‘right behind me’ he was, when I suddenly felt someone, Dreng, between my legs and lifting me on his shoulders as he stood up. I wasn’t ready for it and he didn’t have the stability to counter my wild flailing. We both went underwater backwards amid my shrieking which caught the attention of the two on shore. Dreng picked me up in his arms and walked me further into shore. I asked to be put down at waist deep water and got their attention.

“How are you guys feeling about this location?” Dreng had continued walking and was knee deep when he stopped and turned to face me.

“It’s good, why.”

“I mean … well, do you think this might be a spot to establish as our home? Would this be a good place to be a family?”

They all looked up at me. I then noticed that Herve and Tupac had been using a stick and were making lines in the sand. Tupac looked at the others, then back to me, “A home? You mean to make this a permanent place for us to live.”

“Yes, I mean … well, you know … if that’s what would be good for you, too.”

The three of them exchanged looks and smiles. I sensed that they were already in some kind of agreement on something and my question fed into it. Tupac spoke for them, again, “Yes, we have come to the same conclusion. I think we are all tired of moving around. This seems perfectly suited to us. ...

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