The Midnight Shade 2

The Midnight Shade stared out the windows all day and all night like usual. Almost like a meditation, it's version of sleep. It's attention was caught however when a car pulled up. A young red head got out of the car. She had big thighs that gave a very small wobble and she also had a large ass. Her tits were an acceptable middle C-cup. Her face had few freckles and her hair came to the bottom of her chin. She was also thin.
"I can't believe she actualy traded me this beautiful of a house for a only a million dollars. Why, it's so beautiful."
She looked a bit like Olivia, a sister with a different father perhaps, the artist she spoke of. The Midnight Shade smiled. She was endure the same thing Olivia did, it would fuck her senseless and then some with this one though. It liked red heads with buxom bodies. They were nortorious sluts and partiers, at least that's what the old man, Jerrod had told it.
Lily twisted and twirled around her new lawn. She sighed with a large smile splayed on her face.
Her first night was wonderful. She spent the whole first day setting up her canvass and art supplies. She had gotten a start on it and painted an old man in the middle of the ocean. The water orange from the setting sun. 
She ate ramen noodles and an apple for dinner. She went into her new grandbedroom with the crimson silk sheets tucked back in place. The Midnight Shade eyed her. All of her movment were flirtatious, even with no body there she acted like a man she was trying to attract was staring at her. 
She jumped on her bed splaying her body out. She took off her red and black plaid pajama pants and then her college shirt. She just had her bra and panties on. Her panties were white cotton ones with a rose in the middle. She couldn't stop moving in the bed. The microfiber silk sheets were just so soft she spread her arms and grasped the bed, feeling the silk between her fingers. Her ass rubbing against it she just had to take off her bra. She unhooked it and threw it on the floor and felt the soft silk on her bare breasts.
They felt amazing. 
Her nipples hardened feeling a bit horney from her new surroundings. She felt the sheets between her legs as her hand glided down her chest and slowly started to rub her clit. She gave a small moan. Her other hand grabbed her perk right breast. Her hand slipped into her panties and kept rubbing her clit. She started to gyrate her hips alittle unable to contain her pleasure she let out a cry of pleasure. She roughly pintched her nipple grinding her teeth. Her hand rose up her chest and drove it through her hair biting her arm as it rose. 
The Midnight Shade fought the urge to just swoop down and fuck her mindlessly. 
She drove two fingernails into her neck as she moaned loudly. She hadn't cum yet, she was driving herself nearly insane by rubbing her clit but she wouldn't stop. Her panties were soaked but she kept rubbing squinting her eyes shut. She opened her mouth as an extremely high pitched squeal from teasing her pussy so much. She puntured the skin on her neck and licked the stray blood from her fingernails.
She wanted a vampire or a monster to fuck her. The Midnight Shade saw this. It couldn't, as much as it wanted to, it couldn't help it anymore. It attacked. 
Lily slid her panties off as fast as she could and started rubbing again. She had no intelligent thoughts. Only bestial thoughts at that point. The only thought in her head was to finger herself but somewhere in the back of her mind there was a voice saying she needed to keep rubbing. She suddenly, and violently screamed a moan, tearing at the sheets and bursted her hips up ...

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