The Neighbor Chapter Three sues is here

Mary walks out of April's room and closes the door .
I am up stairs changing in my room When all of a sudden ,
I see April open her shade .
She flashes me her tits and give a two thumbs up sign .

I think it will be alright moms going to talk to you before she goes to work .

Chapter three,

Morning came I woke up earlier than usual today it was my day off .
I work every other Friday I was having my morning coffee and reading the paper .

I heard a knock on the door I opened it there stood Mary my Neighbor .
Good Morning Mary morning Tony can we please talk sure come on in .

Would you Like a cup of fresh brewed coffee yes please thank you .
Mary is a blond slender with hazel eyes a nice firm bottom and a size 38 d breasts .

Tony the problem I have is this as you know It's been a year scene John passed . April has been very depressed lately She was so looking forward to us five going camping this weekend .

One of her girlfriends canceled the other girlfriend sue is four months pregnant. this leaves April sue and Janet to go camping with out me.

I know we all had planned to go camping but one of the girls at work is sick . I won't be able to go I have to work until Sunday evening .

Anthony do you think you Could take them without me ? .
yes but only if it's alright with you yes it's quite alright with me .

I have only one concern sue is four mounts pregnant and her birthday is Sunday she will be eighteen . I can plan a birthday party for her that should be simple .

Yes but it's a birthday party and a baby shower it's combined .
Tony I will be honest when I was pregnant with April I was the horniest thing on two legs . I just hope that none of that rubbed off on my daughter .

Little did Mary know it already had I will fill you in on sue this girl quiet and shy but her hormones maybe raging . I thought to myself I really hope so I have not been laid in months .

I would appreciate it If you could take the girls camping It would put my mind at ease . I would be glad to Mary it's no problem thanks Tony .

I will take good care of them for you I don't want you to worry about anything . I would be happy to take her and her friends camping up by the ocean this weekend .

Alright then It's all settled I will tell my daughter,.
She took out her cell phone to call April oh darn it all I forgot today's Friday .

April had gotten picked up by her friends their going to school early today. No cell phones on school grounds her girlfriends and her have cheerleader practice today .

Would you please tell her for me I have to work late this evening .
I will not be home I will do that for you you really helped me out of this bind I was in.

I owe you one have a great time this weekend see you all on Sunday night when you return . She gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek she walks out the door starts her car and goes to work .

Wow was it really that easy ? April and her friends will be so surprised .
How do I handle a young woman soon to be eighteen and pregnant with raging hormones ?

Who knows who else will be going ? I thought to myself . Mary never mentioned any other girls names except sue.

How can I handle handle these two teens maybe more plus a birthday party on Sunday . what have i gotten myself into ? .

I hope all will be OK like I told Mary I think My hormones were talking
no me I was thinking with my dick head not with my mind .

Pregnant woman can be horny all the time ,like Mary said oh hell .
If Sue says fuck my pussy I'm horny I 'll just go for it .

The phone rings hello Tony hi its me Mary all set with the girls parents I explained it all . Alright How many all together well there's horny sue ,
and my daughter April .

Then there is Jessica and Jill and maybe Jane but that's the one that called and had to cancel out. Thank you Mary have a good day at work see you Sunday night .

I thought to myself Dam four girls in one trailer I been there it sleeps six.
it's almost like a mobile home I better get my camping gear together .

John ,Mary and April have had this trailer at the same camp site for 14 years. Ever scene I have known them they always use to go up and open it this time of the year in first week in April .

I thought to myself yet again these thoughts, I better pack condoms if sue is horny or the other girls . I do not know what their planning nor do I want to know . I ...

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