The Return to "The Hillbilly Girl" 1

The Return to ‘The Hillbilly Girl’


__Things always change in life, but not my thoughts about Darleen. The wife and I went splitsville, and she moved out. My immediate thought was ‘Darleen’. I drove to where I remembered where the dirt road was. There was the house. On the porch were two people. As I got closer…it was an old man and a girl sitting together in a porch swing. The girl held her hand over her eyes to shade the sun.

The old man reached for a rifle. The girl stood up and started slowly walking out to the road. She started to trot towards me. She turned her head back and I heard her say: “Don’t shoot daddy!”

It was Darleen.

Now she was running full bore at me. She was beautiful beyond words. Her old granny dress and long hair were flying in the wind behind her.

With tears in her eyes she leaped on me, knocking us both back into a big pile of leaves. Her arms wrapped tightly around my neck. She lay on top of me and said right in my ear: “ Oh Berry….you came back. I’m a keep’in ya this time. You ain’t never get’n away…never!” I was over whelmed as my hands felt the girl I really wanted, but also….very concerned about her …..then I felt the cold steel business end of a shot gun in my side.

Darleen grabbed the shot gun and said: “It’s ok daddy, this is Mr. Berry and he’s a friend a mine.” The old man didn’t move until she took both her hands and pushed the gun away. “He was lost one day, and I hep’d him git outta here. Now I love him daddy. Go back on the porch, it’s ‘ok’…..go on.”

The old man, ‘daddy’ gave me a look of death. He muttered: “Well, bring em’ up on the porch so’s I can get a good look at em.” He slowly backed away, walking backwards to the porch. His shot gun at the ready.

Darleen began to giggle and started putting leaves down my shirt. She continued to pile leaves all over me and copped a feel of my dick.

She had gotten more beautiful than ever. Her bra-less tits had grown bigger and fuller. She snuck a kiss in and out her tongue came. Out quick and back in. She stood up with the front of her dress up to her panties as she watched my eyes and grinned.

She jumped up and took off running for my car. I had my keys in my pocket this time. Here she came running back and down we went again. She sat squirming on my dick and said: “Where’s those dang keys, Berry?” I reached in my pocket and took them out. I carefully reached under her dress and placed them in the front of her panties. She grinned real big and said: “You love me too, don’t cha Berry. Say ’yes’ or you ain’t get’in up and I’ll let pa shoot ya.”

I said: “Yep”

She got up and pulled out my shirt tail to let the leaves out. She pushed her pussy in tight to my dick and squirmed on it back and forth a little. After she got most of the leaves out, she jumped up for me to carry her to the porch. With her legs wrapped around me and her head on my shoulder we walked to the porch. Her daddy glared at me. He leaned his shot gun against the house, and looked very sad. I set her down next to him. I grabbed another old chair.

He stared at the floor and spoke. “I guess there’s no use-a fight’n it. I can see you two are in heat. Her ma was younger that she is now, when I snatched her away ta marry me. Mr. Berry, I gotta leave right now, can you look after Darleen fer a few days? I know yer gonna take her away, ain’t cha?”

I assured ‘daddy’ that I was ‘not’ going to take her away, but….he might see me a lot around here. I got him to smile as Darleen hugged him.

He drove away in his old pick up. Darleen started dragging me in the house quickly and said: “Want some ...

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