The Return to "The Hillbilly Girl" 2

The Return to The “Hillbilly Girl” 2

‘Darleen takes her first ride in a Ferrari 'ENZO’

__I woke up to Darleen washing me up in bed. When she saw me open my eyes she crawled up and sat on top of me. She leaned over and said: “Barry,…ya sure do fuck good. “, and started kissing my face.

She made me a country breakfast to die for. Fuller General Store delivered groceries to the house. Her hands were all over me while I ate. I ask her how she liked my car. “It looks like a ‘red turtle’ ta me, but it’s cute, no room to carry anything tho.” I ask her if she wanted to take a ride in it. She sat on my lap and grinned. “You ain’t got no keys, but you know how ta git’em.”

I was so full from her meal, I had to lay down on the old couch. She immediately got on top of me. More kissing my face and then she scooted up. She had no under panties on and kept inching her pussy closer to my face. She grinned as I looked. I see my keys in her hand. She rest’s them on her pussy. I have to go, ‘git’em’. I pulled her pussy to me and bite and drop the keys on the floor. She holds my head and rocks her pussy back and forth on my face. (I think she’s trying to tell me something.)

I grabbed her sweet butt cheeks and rock them as my tongue did the rest. She’s getting out of breath and moaning….”..damn you Barry, yer git’in me hooked on do’in this. Keep a go’in…oh hell yes…faster Barry, that good feel’in is a com’in.”

She gave out a loud long moan as she squirmed and jerked her pussy. She slowly fell into my arms and purred like a kitten.

“Let’s go for a drive, Darleen, and do some shopping,” I said. “..ok“…she mumbled…”..but we got some make up fuck’in ta do when we get back Barry.”

I showed her how to open the raised up doors on the Ferrari ENZO. (..yes my dad had left me lots of money.) I strapped her in as her eyes were wide and all glazed over. She had driven farm tractors and old pickups a little, but this was all new to her. I headed for the main highway. When I pulled out on it, it was clear. I mashed the throttle and nailed us back against the seat.

Darleen started laughing. “Holy Shit!, this turtle can haul ass!” she had to yell because of the big engine right behind our heads. The white lines soon began one white line as I reached about 150 miles per hour. “Yeeeee Hawwwww!”, Darleen yelled. I slowed down to where I could do a long hi speed sideways drift and go over the center grass strip and go back the way we came. Darleen clapped her hands and stomped her feet. “Do that again Barry!!!”

Darleen had never been to an amusement park and ridden all the rides. “Barry’s Jack Rabbit” was her new name for this car.

We arrived at Fuller’s general store. She ran inside and started tickling old man Fuller as he giggled. She said: “This here’s my boyfriend Barry, ( she whispered: he’s got a real big dong).“ They both chuckled. “I bet Millie’s gonna like’em too.” she said. (Millie?…who was Millie?) Millie turned out to be a girl who lived on the farm behind them. Darleen’s only girlfriend. They didn’t see each other much as Millie had to work on the farm all the time. Millie would be putting a new adventure in my life soon.

I bought Darleen new clothes and things and told him ’not’ to put it on their bill. I paid him cash, and slipped him the money for their bill too.

I knew I could never take Darleen out of her life in these hills….so I made other plans for her and I. When we got back to the house, Darleen had to do a fashion show for me with her new clothes. After the last dress I began to undress her as she began to undress me. I laid on top of her beautiful naked body on the old couch. She squirmed and then giggled. She reach under the old couch and damned if she didn’t have my keys again. She dangled them and then put them back under the couch.

I felt her legs wrap around mine as she reached down and put my dick in her tight and wet pussy….

“Take me ta heaven Barry, like ya did before” she moaned. We tried to take our time but our own anxiety got us into a bucking moaning and fucking frenzy. “Oh god …oh Barry…oh jez…” she moaned as I pumped a big load in her. The old couch squeaked a shook as she twisted her body in her version of ’heaven’. “Oh dam…oh yessss….Barry…” she moaned. She held me tight squirming, moaning and all. I finally opened my eyes to see her wonderful smiling face.

Someone was standing watching us. “Damn you Millie, don’t cha ever knock!, you jes scared the crap outta me!” Darleen said.

It was Millie ok. She grinned and said: “I did knock, but you was a hoop ‘in and didn’t hear me!”

Millie was a little fox in her shirt-less, bra-less overalls…..

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___Millie just stood there looking at our naked bodies. She was a slim girl with big tits. A long pony tail and very cute. She stepped forward and started to reach out and touch me. “Millie!”, Darleen said. “I want ya to meet Barry my boyfriend. Hand me ...

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