I awoke slowly, climbing up from the depths of a deep, deep sleep. Rubbing my eyes, they opened to a bright all-white room. I thought maybe I was having trouble focusing but then I realized there was no furniture that I could see and the light seemed to come from the ceiling and walls themselves which shimmered and didn’t look quite solid. I looked down, finding I was also dressed all in white, my entire outfit exactly matching the color of the room. As my head cleared I noticed the couch I was reclining on. It, too, was solid white and seemed to match the rest of the room, shimmering and not quite solid-appearing. I rose to my feet and the couch immediately disappeared, seemingly merging into the wall. What was this place?

I walked across the floor to the wall I was facing. Putting out my hand I pushed into the wall, and I do mean “pushed into.” My hand disappeared into it. I pulled it back quickly. I didn’t know where I was or what I might find on the other side. Something dangerous? I wasn’t taking any chances. As I examined the room further I suddenly realized that there were no windows and no doors. So…how did I get in here and how was I going to get out?

If I had to guess I’d say I walked around for maybe fifteen minutes or so when a man suddenly appeared, walking through the wall opposite. Dressed in a white suit, shirt, tie, socks, and shoes, he spoke slowly but clearly, “Well, Richard, you seem to have caused us quite a dilemma.”

“What? Who are you? Where am I? What is this place? And what kind of dilemma did I cause?”

“What is the last thing you remember?”

“Truthfully, I don’t really remember anything,” I replied. “How about answering my questions? Where am I? How did I get here? And, who are you?”

“Please sit and I’ll explain everything,” he continued. I looked around confused. I couldn’t see any place to sit, so he spoke again, “Just sit and a chair will appear, like this.” He began to sit and a chair immediately appeared, formed out of the wall. I tried it and another suddenly appeared beneath me.

“Let me show you brief film clip to jog your memory.” A portion of the adjacent wall transformed into either a large flat-screen TV or a small projection screen. The film showed a car, an old heap—the driver losing control and veering off the road into a large oak; the fuel tank burst causing a searing fire.

“Oh…OK, I remember that now.” Following what I saw on the wall I narrated as the video progressed. “I saw the smoke in the distance and raced to the scene. There I am, driving like a maniac. Yes…I do remember now jumping from my car before it even stopped. I saw the woman driver…there she is, her head ninety degrees to her body… so I knew right away… she was dead. Then I saw those two little kids in the back seat. I tried the door, see, I’m burning my hands. I’d never felt anything that hot. Then you can see how I kicked in the window, leaned in to grab the kids, and ran like hell. Yeah, I got about thirty feet away when the gas tank exploded, driving hot metal—you know, like shrapnel--into my back and throwing me forward onto my arms. Luckily, I was able to shield the kids. I hope they’re OK.”

“Richard, you were supposed to arrive just after the explosion. Do you recall how fast you were driving on that meandering country lane? We clocked you at just over 100 miles per hour. The mother and her children were supposed to die in that crash. Instead, she died, you died, and, yes, thanks to you the children lived. To answer your questions—I am what you’d call a ‘guide’. You are in an anteroom… where we sometimes hold people before deciding where they should spend eternity. The problem with you is…you’re not supposed to be here for a long time—and we have really strict rules about that. The Chief has had to intercede in this Himself.”

“The Chief? You mean,” I gulped, “…G…God?”

“Well, that’s what you call Him, but we just call Him ‘The Chief.’ It’s not disrespectful—He likes the informality immensely. As I said, The Chief has interceded Himself, which is highly irregular—highly irregular, indeed! He has given very specific instructions about you.

“We obviously can’t just send you back. Your body was horribly burned and everyone you know is aware that you died from that fire. You were 68, but we’re sending you back as a 30 year old man. Instead of being bald you’ll have light brown hair—a full head of it—and you’ll be a bit shorter at 6 feet, 2 inches, and lighter at just over 195 pounds so you’ll be fairly muscular and in much better physical condition than you are now.”

I had been thinking while all this was going on. “Can I ask for a few things? For example, can I be a scratch golfer?”

“Certainly, that’s easy. The Chief loves golf—plays it every day, although I’ll never know why. He gets a hole-in-one every time, and on almost every hole—the rest he gets either an eagle or an albatross. It seems to me that would get boring, but I never argue with The Chief.”

“Uhh, could I…?”

Before I could finish he continued, “Yes, we can give you a large penis, although I’ll never understand the fascination you humans have with that. Would eight-plus inches and fairly thick be OK?”

I nodded before continuing, but before I could get the words out he spoke again. “Yes, we can also make you ejaculate like Peter North. Anything else?”

“Uhh…what kind of job will I have? How will I support myself?”

“Well, this just shows how creative The Chief can be.” He produced something from thin air—“Here is a dollar bill. When you get back you are to go into the nearest convenience store and buy a $1 lottery scratch-off card, any kind. Put it into your left-hand pocket. Now, here is another dollar. With this one you are to buy a Powerball ticket. Put this one in your right-hand pocket. It’s important that you use each one exactly as I described. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I replied, putting the dollars away as instructed, “but… what numbers do I need to pick?”

“Duuuuuh…have faith! Just buy a ticket. Let the computer pick the numbers. It really doesn’t matter. You’ll have a wallet with identification so you’ll know your new name, but the address is a phony so don’t try going there. When you get back you’ll have few memories of your prior life—your name, wife, family, everything dealing with your personal life will all be wiped away. Believe me—it’s much better that way. Good luck.”

Chapter 2

I blinked and when I opened my eyes an instant later I was back. I found myself wearing a light jacket over a golf shirt and sweater vest. My pants were now jeans. A new pair of New Balance 655’s and what I used to call “gym socks” completed my outfit. The date on my watch said “Jan 7.” I checked the pockets and found the special dollars exactly as I had put them. I looked around and realized that I knew this place; I was in downtown Myrtle Beach, the big resort city in South Carolina. I’d come here several times with my wife on vacation, either to swim or play golf. Strange—I could remember that, but everything about my wife was a blank. I walked up Ocean Boulevard, noticing that almost all of the old mom-and-pop motels had been replaced by modern high rise hotels. After walking two blocks I saw a convenience store ahead on the left. I jaywalked across the street. There’s not much traffic there in January.

I stopped just outside, checking my reflection in the glass. I guess I was decent enough looking. I didn’t think women and children would run away screaming when they saw me. I opened the door and entered. Once inside I had to wait on line behind an elderly lady who must have been a regular. The clerk knew her name as she picked about a dozen scratch-offs totaling $20. I pulled out my dollar and asked for a $1 card. “Which one?” the clerk asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. Which one has the biggest prize you can pay here in the store?” He gave me a card that looked a lot like a slot machine. I passed him the dollar. “Oh, before I forget, I need a Powerball ticket. Just one dollar—a quick pick.” Passing the second dollar I picked up the ticket from the counter.
I stood aside, using a paper clip from the counter to scratch the surface. For the big prize of $2500 I would need to find three “bells.” Three “oranges” would pay $100. The rest of the symbols were worthless. The first symbol was an orange. Next was a lemon. Finishing the top row was another lemon. So far this was not going too well. Remember, I thought—faith!

The second row was a bit more promising—cherry, orange, bell. The third row finished with bell, orange, bell. The ticket was worth $ 2,800. When I showed it to the clerk he said I could collect directly from him, but I would need to complete the tax forms for the IRS.

I reached into my pocket for my wallet, learning for the first time from my Virginia driver’s license that my name was George Shaw. I also found a blood donor’s card, two credit cards—Mastercard and American Express-- and my social security card which I needed for the tax form, too. I also felt something in my jacket pocket—my passport. The rest of the wallet was empty, but not for long. I collected fifty-one hundred dollar bills and left. At the door I noticed the Powerball that evening would be for 260 million dollars. I found a nice hotel and checked in using some of my newly won cash; my room was oceanfront on the fourth floor with a king-sized bed. I spent a lot of time in front of a mirror before turning away to admire the ocean. I loved the way the sunlight played off the surface of the water. Returning to the street I wandered farther up the boulevard, stopping for lunch at an oceanfront restaurant and picking up swim trunks at a beachwear store. I spent the afternoon relaxing in the warm water of the indoor pool as I noticed my new body was pretty well toned.

A local bus took me to the nearby mall. The only clothes I had were on my back and I figured they’d be getting pretty ripe soon. I bought a few outfits thinking that God would provide more when the Powerball came in later that evening. Sure enough, at eleven sharp, my ticket won. The announcer stated that the computers showed only one winner. The ticket had been purchased in Myrtle Beach.

I slept well that evening, awakening just after eight a.m. I showered and shaved using some cheap supplies I had obtained from the hotel’s main desk, and dressed. I took a cab to the local Hertz office where I rented a car for a week, taking their expensive insurance because I obviously couldn’t prove I had any. I asked the guy at the desk about the local banks. He named a couple of national behemoths before recommending a small one I’d never heard of, but apparently with branches throughout the entire southeast. I went to the nearest office and, using $500 from my winnings, opened a checking account.
Using the GPS I drove to Columbia, the state capital, in search of the state Powerball office—it took me about two and a half hours. I had been told it would be in the state government complex and after a half-hour search I found it. I walked in and up to the counter. A twenty-something woman asked if she could help me. Checking out her hot body, I knew she could but I wasn’t about to mention that—at least not yet.

“Yes, I certainly hope so,” I replied, staring at her large firm breasts as they pressed against her tight cream-colored blouse; they were framed by long glistening black hair on each side. “I have a Powerball ticket I’d like to redeem. It’s from last night’s drawing.” Nervously, I continued. “It’s the big winner.” I held it up as her eyes lit up big as saucers.

“Umm, I need to get my boss. I’ll be right back.” She hurried away, treating me to an exceptional view of her round tight ass and long slender legs. This woman was great looking from every angle. She returned a few minutes later with an older bald man in tow. He asked to see the ticket; wanted to know where I had purchased it and a whole bunch of other questions that he seemed to think were quite important. When he asked me for an address I produced my license telling him I was in the process of moving and, as yet, had no permanent address. However, I did have a local bank account so I asked for a wire transfer of the funds. The final total was just over $269 million, so over twenty years I’d get $13.45 million and change each and every year. I was pretty sure I could survive on that.

The manager left me to Marie, the hot young clerk, to complete a mountain of paperwork. About half-way through the process I asked her an important question, “How about helping me celebrate? You must know some excellent restaurants in town. I’m planning to stay overnight and I hate to eat alone. Whaddya say?”

“George, that’s a tempting offer,” she said shyly, “but I’m really not supposed to see the clients outside of the office.”

Lowering my voice, I continued, “Well, I’m not going to tell, and you’re not going to tell, and tomorrow morning I’ll be heading back to Myrtle Beach…so who’s to know?” She batted her eyes at me—I noticed for the first time that she had the most beautiful violet eyes with the longest black eyelashes—and whispered very softly, “OK, but you’ll have to meet me away from here so I don’t get into trouble.” She rose, returning several minutes later with my wire receipt. She squeezed my hand as she slipped a piece of paper to me with the receipt. It was the address and time for our meeting this evening. Before I left the office she asked me if they could use me for publicity. I thought about it then shook my head “no.” “I’m a really private person. I know it’s almost impossible to stay that way after winning a lottery, but all that publicity would just make my life miserable. Tell you what, though, I’ll make it up to you at dinner. OK?”
She grinned and nodded as I turned away.

Chapter 3

She had given me her address and phone number which was either very trusting or very foolish. I spent the afternoon sprucing up my wardrobe with a navy blazer, some tan slacks, and a blue and white striped oxford shirt with a button-down collar. I finished with a pair of cordovan penny loafers. (I know…it’s really old-fashioned, but it’s what I like to wear so who gives a damn?)

I picked Marie up at seven. She lived in a modest apartment on the third floor of a building with no elevator. The old me would have been winded, but now I was practically able to run up the stairs. I rang the bell, waiting a few minutes until the door opened. I stood back—shocked at what I saw. Marie stood there wearing nothing but a shiny black bustier complete with long garters connected to black fish-net stockings, and five-inch heels. Her large firm breasts were barely covered and her trimmed pussy was right there staring me in the face, her pussy lips red and swollen; this outfit had to be straight out of Frederick’s of Hollywood or Adam & Eve! The contrast of the bustier against her smooth creamy skin was incredibly erotic. “This is me when I’m not in the office; still interested?” I took a close look, liking what I saw now even more than what I had seen in the lottery office.

“Yeah,” I replied, a big smile forming on my face, “but I guess we’re not going to dinner anytime soon.” Shaking her head in denial she gave me an evil smile as she hooked a finger into my collar and pulled me into her lair. Removing my jacket, she dropped it onto a chair before unbuttoning my shirt and dropping my slacks to the floor. When my boxers joined my other clothes she remarked, “My, you are a big boy, aren’t you?” My cock was rock-hard, just over eight inches long and considerably more than two inches thick. It bounced in the air as the blood pulsed through the arteries. She ran her hand down my well-developed chest to my six-pack abs before gently stroking my organ. “Hmmm, I like it when I make the right decision. I think you’ll be just right for some fun.”

“How’s this for a starter?” I asked as I pulled her into a hot kiss. My tongue pried its way into Marie’s mouth as she melted in my arms. For two strangers we were incredibly hot for each other. Marie gripped my head tightly, holding the kiss for several minutes, as I carried her to her bedroom. She had a variety of sex toys on her dresser. “Oh, I see you are a nasty, nasty girl, Marie.” She giggled as I put her next to her bed. Kneeling, I carefully unclipped her stockings before slowly pulling down the zipper on her bustier—it fell into my hands, revealing her glorious lush body to me for the first time. I was determined it wouldn’t be the last. Her breasts were larger than I thought—D-cups, at least, with half-dollar sized brown areolas and large hard pink nipples. Her waist was small and even her hips were narrow, much more so than her broad shoulders. Her abdomen was mostly flat with just a hint of a tummy ending in a prominent mound just above her sex. This was one fine woman.

While I was admiring her she slipped to her knees to closely examine my cock. She squeezed it, testing it’s hardness before taking my big, heavy scrotum into her hands to rub and massage my testicles. My balls were hairy, but I had trimmed them in the hotel shower yesterday; she seemed to approve. When she licked the tender underside of my cock I thought I’d explode right there; after all, I was technically a virgin, having been “born” just yesterday. She looked up at me, those inviting violet eyes locking onto mine. She smiled broadly just before taking me into her hot wet mouth. Ever so slowly my cock disappeared into that mouth, her eyes never leaving mine. She must have had the longest tongue in the world—it felt like she had wrapped it around my cock, using it to jerk me toward orgasm. But I wasn’t about to cum so quickly. This was too much fun to end now. I pulled her to her feet, locking my lips to hers as our tongues wrestled feverishly.

I broke the kiss to lay her back onto the bed. Kneeling, I spread her legs, leaned forward and inhaled deeply. Her fragrance was intoxicating. I moved farther forward as I extended my tongue to sample her nectar. It was sweeter than the finest liqueur with a slight musky flavor. I pushed her legs over her body, raising her cunt and bringing her rosebud into play. I tickled it with the tip of my tongue. Now it was Marie’s turn to speak, “Ooooohhhh, George, I see you’re a nasty, nasty boy—and I just love nasty boys. Do that some more and I may not let you get away tomorrow morning.” I was never one to turn down an invitation either in my past life or my present one. I licked that sensitive pucker again and again, eventually pushing my tongue into and past her sphincter. I tongue fucked her ass for several minutes causing her to writhe uncontrollably as she gripped the blanket desperately.

Without warning I withdrew, rose, and walked to her dresser. Picking up a toy and some lube I returned. “George, now I know you are a nasty boy. Please…please…put that thing into me,” Marie begged. I lubed up the double-penetration vibrator—the one with two “cocks,” the bigger one for her pussy and the smaller one for her delicious ass. I pushed into her pussy first; it entered easily because she was so very, very wet. Then I angled the second and pushed firmly into her ass. Once both were seated I twisted the switch and watched her jump. Damn! She bounced all over the bed as I fucked both her holes—pounding them-- at the same time. Thinking about her third hole I knelt on the bed and turned her face toward my cock. She inhaled it hungrily.

She started to shake; I was afraid she’d bite my precious cock. Then, suddenly, she stopped, staying perfectly still until it hit and when it did she convulsed repeatedly—her whole body swept up in a fantastic orgasm. When she came down I lay on the bed next to her, pulling her into a loving embrace. “Damn, George, I haven’t cum like that in years, maybe never. I’m exhausted. I need to rest. Then, watch out, brother, ‘cause I’m taking care of you big time.” We rested for almost an hour, Marie sleeping with her head on my shoulder.

I had just nodded off when I felt Marie run her hand up and down my cock, stimulating me to almost instant hardness. She ran her other hand through my hair; I felt her tongue in my ear. “Wakey, wakey; time to get it up.” She laughed at her lame humor. I rolled onto my back, pulling her onto my chest. She rubbed her hard nipples into my chest while she ran her hot wet cunt up and down my thigh. I had never been so aroused, and I’m not kidding. Remember—I WAS born yesterday. I was just about to reach up and kiss her when she beat me to the punch, leaning down to push her long tongue into my mouth. My hands wrapped around her back, moving down to her muscular ass which I massaged lovingly. I was getting hot;…no…I was getting HOT! “Fuck me, Marie…please, I need you now.”

She broke away to straddle my hips. “I’ve never had anything this big in my pussy. I hope it’ll fit,” she said smiling again, showing her straight white teeth. She gripped my hard cock, her fingers barely able to reach around it, rubbing it into her wet slick slit. My cock was oozing pre-cum, as well, when she rose up to impale herself slowly onto me. Marie closed her eyes, concentrating on the pleasure of having her pussy stretched and stretched. She felt really tight to me. Whether it was from the size of her cunt or the size of my organ didn’t matter; the result was the most sensational feeling I’d ever known. For some reason I was able to remember some of my partners from my youth, but still nothing about my former wife.
Marie stopped when she was firmly seated on my erection. “Oh, God, you’re up against my cervix. I’ve never felt so filled. I wonder what it would feel like in my ass.”

“Probably fantastic—just like this feels,” I told her as she began rocking, forcing my hard cock against her pussy walls. Incredibly, hard as it was she was able to bend it in a myriad of directions as it slid into and out of her pussy. I could see Marie’s eyes close again as she threw her entire consciousness into the act of seriously fucking me. Her cunt was extremely hot and oh so smooth like the skin on a baby’s behind. Her muscles squeezed me with every stroke greatly increasing the rapture I was experiencing. So far Marie had done all the work, but now I began thrusting for all I was worth. Higher and higher I pushed, lifting her more than a foot off the bed. Faster and faster we went and as we did I noticed Marie’s breathing becoming increasingly rapid and shallow. I knew I was close and I could see she was closer so I held back as best I could hoping to bring her to another huge orgasm

Suddenly, Marie arched her back, opening her mouth for a silent scream as she froze for a few seconds until it hit. It was another big one as I hoped. Marie convulsed over and over for more than thirty seconds. Now it was time for me. “I’m almost there, Marie. Is it safe to cum in you?”

“Oh, no…please don’t. I’m not on anything.” I pushed her off. She turned quickly and jerked me the rest of the way. My first rope hit her right in her breasts, the remaining were spread all over her abdomen as I gave her the full “Peter North treatment.” When I finished she was covered in my cum. She took one look at herself and ...

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